Game Shows E – G

Every Second Counts (Bill Rafferty, 1984-1985, Syndicated)
Car win! (/OB/NM-100B.06)

Everybody’s Talking (Lloyd Thaxton, 1967, ABC)
2/6/67 – Jerry/Michael/Pat – Premiere episode (A/Kine/GS-352)
Imogene Coca/Chad Stuart/Audrey Meadows (B/Kine OC/GS-264)
5/29/67 – Roger Smith, Vivian Vance, Godfrey Cambridge (B-/Kine/GS-441)

Eye Guess (Bill Cullen, 1966-1969, NBC)
Only known surviving episode (B+/GSN/GS-155, /GSN/NM-79.12)

The Face is Familiar (Jack Whittaker, 1966, CBS)
Pearl Bailey, Mel Brooks (A/GSN/GS-244)

Face the Music (Ron Ely, 1980-1981, Syndicated)
Premiere episode (A/USA/GS-251)
Jo Ann/Andy/Sharlene (A/USA/GS-439)
Antonio/Carol/Jose (1stGen/FAM/TA1)

Family Challenge (Ray Combs, 1995-1996, Family Channel)
Premiere episode (1stGen/GSN/GS-111)

Family Feud (Richard Dawson, 1976-1985, ABC)
Pilot: Speir vs. Madvig (B-/SM/GS-168, /SM/NM-37.06)
7/12/76 – Moseley vs. Abromowitz – First episode (1stGen/GSN/GS-107, /GSN/NM-35.14, /GSN/NM-122.01)
8/7/76 – Ep #20 – The infamous “teabag” fast money round! Hilarious!; Baedeker vs. Silvers  (/GSN/NM-26.09)
8/12/76 – Ep #24 – Zeitsoff vs. Delnero (/GSN/NM-145.01)
8/13/76 – Ep #25 – Zeitsoff vs. Pendergast (Last ep taped at Vine Street Theater) (/GSN/NM-145.02)
8/16/76 – Ep #26 – Zeitsoff vs. Burke (First ep taped at ABC Prospect) (/GSN/NM-145.03)
9/27/76 – Ep #56 – Watson vs. Walls; Richard has a terrible cat story in the intro (/GSN/NM-145.08)
9/28/76 – Ep #57 – Watson vs. Moltar; Heartbreaking 199 point Fast Money loss (/GSN/NM-145.09)
10/14/76 – Ep #69 – DeVries vs. Collen; Richard tries to end the game prematurely when a family only has $198 (/GSN/NM-139.01)
1977 – Episode with Richard showing a picture of a small child watching FF (/GSN/NM-15.06)
1977 – York vs. Lewis – Name an animal with 3 letters in its name– “Alligator?” (1stGen/GSN/GS-37)
5/16/77 – Mark Goodson appears with the results of the kissing poll; Fraley vs. Garcia (/GSN/NM-10.01)
8/4/77 – Coop vs. Braun (rematch episode due to technical error) (/GSN/NM-121.05)
1977 – Fitch vs. Genter (A-/GSN/GS-543)
10/19/77 – Episode where the Speir family from the pilot is brought back to fill in; Linton vs. Speir (/GSN/NM-46.02)
1977 – GSN goofed after Fast Money and aired the ORIGINAL ADS in this ep! (/GSN/NM-47B.02)
1978 – Kamel vs. Della Penna – A question has to be thrown out because no one has any answers (1stGen/GSN/GS-114)
1978 – Proffitt vs. Williams – Lillian demonstrates her piano skills (1stGen/GSN/GS-116)
1978 – Petricca vs. Risser – The strike buzzer isn’t working today (1stGen/GSN/GS-73)
1978 – Erdos vs. Walter (1stGen/GSN/GS-19)
1978 – Fox vs. Rogers (1stGen/GSN/GS-89)
1979 – 1st episode where $300 wins the game (/GSN/NM-80B.10]
1979 – Sammy Davis Jr. hosts a question! (Fair quality) (/GSN/NM-115.07]
1979 – Farrens vs. Storm – Staffer Caryn Lucas fills in for a couple of rounds (1stGen/GSN/GS-107, /GSN/NM-122.05)
1979 – Norman Fell Family vs. Susan Richardson Family (1stGen/GSN/GS-44)
1979 – Saltzberg vs. Pitter – Howard Felsher hosts a round (1stGen/GSN/GS-92)
11/79 – Hatfields vs. McCoys special (1stGen/GSN/GS-107, /GSN/NM-122.06)
1979 – Bosheff Vs. Murphy – Christmas show (1stGen/GSN/GS-135)
1980 – Tanaka vs. Sullivan – Crazy Karen from PYL is a contestant (1stGen/GSN/GS-107, /GSN/NM-122.02)
1980 – Roach vs Soliday (1stGen/Buzzr/TA1)
1980 – Roach vs. Claytor (1stGen/Buzzr/TA1)
1980 – Wallin vs. McKenna (1stGen/Buzzr/TA1)
1980 – Wallin vs. Rosenthal (1stGen/Buzzr/TA1)
1980 – Wallin vs. Gjevre (1stGen/Buzzr/TA1)
1980 – Gjevre vs. Goodrich (1stGen/Buzzr/TA1)
1980 – Trejo vs. Song – The “September” lady makes up for it in a big way! (B/GSN/S-4)
1981 – Vallance vs. Curry – Richard gives Gene Wood a new look (1stGen/GSN/GS-107, /GSN/NM-122.03)
1981 – Johnson vs. Buttice – Richard’s future wife is a contestant (1stGen/GSN/GS-107, /GSN/NM-122.04)
1983 – Thomas vs. Robbins (1stGen/GSN/GS-139, /GSN/NM-124.02)
1983 – Friday ep of Love in the Afternoon week- All My Children vs. General Hospital (/GSN/NM-120.12)
1984 – Adventure Heroes vs. Heroines (1stGen/GSN/GS-16)
1985 – Final episode (1stGen/GSN/GS-88, /GSN(SM)/NM-32.07; 1stGen/GSN/NM-80A.15, 1stGen/GSN/122.07)
(Episode is GSN, Unaired speech is SM)

Primetime All-Star Specials
All Star: Love Boat, Eight is Enough, Three’s Company, Soap (1stGen/GSN/GS-12, /GSN/NM-111.02)
All Star: Ropers, Angie, Waltons, Dukes of Hazzard (1stGen/GSN/GS-12, /GSN/NM-111.03)
All Star: Love Boat (1stGen/GSN/GS-12, /GSN/NM-111.04)
All Star: Crimefighters (1stGen/GSN/GS-12, /GSN/NM-111.05)

Family Feud (Richard Dawson, 1977-1985, Syndicated)
1977 – Nogy vs. Benson – First Nighttime show (1stGen/GSN/GS-108, /GSN/NM-53.01)
1977 – Schwinn vs. Finkel (1stGen/GSN/GS-108, /GSN/NM-53.05)
1980 – “Name Something Made of Leather……” incident (/GSN/NM-31.04)
1982 – Osborn vs. Lundy (/GSN/NM-107.04)
2/3/83 – Christopherson vs. Woody (A-/OC/GS-545)
1983 – 2 episodes from the “Battle of the Emcees Week” (/GSN/NM-44A.12, NM-44A.13)
1983 – Leave it to Beaver vs. Your Hit Parade (1stGen/GSN/GS-128)
1983 – Hawaiian Eye vs. Gilligan’s Island – 2 episodes (1stGen/GSN/GS-84)
1983 – Lost in Space vs. Hawaiian Eye (1stGen/GSN/GS-84)
1983 – Brady Bunch vs. Your Hit Parade (1stGen/GSN/GS-44)
1983 – Leave it To Beaver vs. Petticoat Junction (1stGen/GSN/GS-44)
1983 – Brady Bunch vs. Petticoat Junction (1stGen/GSN/GS-44, /GSN/NM-110.01)
1984 – Friday ep of Saints vs. Sinners week (with soap stars) (/GSN/NM-102.09)
1985 – Lochte vs. Purcifull (/OB/NM-130B.06)

Family Feud (Ray Combs, 1988-1992, CBS)
7/4/88 – Premiere episode (1stGen/GSN/GS-68 /GSN/NM-37.04)
7/5/88 – Holtrust vs. Brown (1stGen/GSN/GS-303)
7/6/88 – Holtrust vs. Hegman (1stGen/GSN/GS-92)
7/8/88- 5th episode with a $5,000 win (missing closing credits) (/GSN/NM-101.04)
7/11/88- 6th episode (/GSN/NM-101.05)
1988 – Robinson vs. Geren (1stGen/GSN/GS-139)
7/88- Standard episode (/GSN/NM-101.06)
10/88 – Robinson vs. Geren; Future MLB player Robert Geren is a contestant (/GSN/NM-124.03)
1988 – Thomas vs. Garces (/GSN/NM-124.08)
1988 – Brown vs. Lozano (/GSN/NM-124.10)
2/14/89 – Valentine’s Day episode with Ray giving out “kisses” (/GSN/NM-123.04)
2/89 – Piano player jives it up during the opening of this show (/GSN/NM-123.06)
1989 – McFarlin vs. Goodson (no relation 🙂 (/GSN/NM-121.11)

Family Feud (Ray Combs, 1988-1994, Syndicated)
1988 – Syndicated Premiere (A/GSN/GS-171)
1989 – Syndie episode with Ray’s jokes after the first player gets 200 points! Funny! (/GSN/NM-61.02)
1989 – Super Bowl Rematch with the Bengals vs. 49ers (3 eps) (/GSN/NM-48.01, NM-48.02, NM-48.03)
1991 – Armed Forces week finals with the Army vs. Marines (/GSN/NM-120.07)
TPIR vs. The Young and the Restless – (1stGen/GSN/GS-291)
9/21/92 – Haberman vs. Jamerson – Season 5 premiere, first syndicated show with the Bullseye round (B/GSN/S-4)
1992 – Celebrity lookalikes (A+/Buzzr)
1993 – Girillo vs. Pratt (A-/OB/GS-548)
1993 – NFL Matchup- 2 episodes with AFC vs. NFC quarterbacks  (/GSN/NM-48.04, NM-48.05)
1994 – Episode with Price is Right vs. Young and Restless  (/GSN/NM-44A.09)
1994 – Thursday episode of final week (/GSN/NM-31.03)
1994 – Ray Combs’ last episode, complete with a 5 zero fast money player! (/OB/NM-37.05)

Family Feud (Richard Dawson, 1994-1995, Syndicated)
9/12/94 – Richard’s first show back – from GSN’s tribute marathon (1stGen/GSN/FF94)
Williams vs. Conway – Only second half of hourlong show (A/OB/GS-167)
Carol Burnett vs. Betty White – Only second half (A-/OB/GS-297)

Family Feud (Louie Anderson, 1999-2002, Syndicated)
Premiere episode – Dubra vs. Spoeri (1stGen/OC/GS-11, /OB/NM-63.03)
Kessler vs. Gillespies (1stGen/OC/GS-11)
Lindahl vs. DeHaan (1stGen/PAX/GS-48)

Family Feud (Richard Karn, 2002-2006, Syndicated)
Paik vs. Owens (1stGen/OC/GS-48)
2003 – Johnson vs. Johnson – Karn’s second season premiere (1stGen/OC/GS-214)

Family Feud Challenge (Ray Combs, 1992-1993, CBS)
Pilot #3 – Del Campo vs. Campbell/Del Campo vs. Kakadelas (A+/Buzzr)
Young & the Restless vs. Guiding Light – First half only (A+/Buzzr)
1992 – Calderwood vs. Shanks/Egan vs. Shanks (A/GSN/GS-422)
1992 – Terwilliger vs. Brown/Sidoti vs. Terwilliger (A-OB/GS-374)
Rec. 12/92 – Fitzsimmons vs. Raho/Fisher vs. Fitzsimmons (A-/GSN/GS-373)

Family Fortunes (Bob Monkhouse, 1980-1983, UK)
1982 – Kerwood vs. Saunders (A-/Challenge/GS-511)

Family Fortunes (Max Bygraves, 1983-1985, UK)
Dalby vs. Johnson – the infamous “turkey” episode (A/Challenge/GS-387)

The Family Game (Bob Barker, 1967, ABC)
Weldon/Hart/Getz (/KIN/NM-82.07)
11/9/67 (rpt. from 9/7/67) – Hoffman/Dexter/Lewis (A-/SM slate/GS-408)

Fantasy (Peter Marshall & Leslie Uggams, 1982-1983, NBC)
Guests: Sylvester Stallone & Jed Allen (A/GSN/GS-378)

Fast Draw (Johnny Gilbert, 1968, Syndicated)
Anita Gillette vs. Robert Alda (B-/SM/GS-264)

Faux Pause (Sean Donnellan & Mary Gallagher, 1997-1998, GSN)
Hot Potato (1stGen/GSN/GS-136)

Figure it Out (Summer Sanders, 1997-1999, Nickelodeon)
1998 – Lori Beth Denberg hosts while Summer plays the game (1stGen/Nick/042)
1998 – Family Style – First contestant trains water skiing squirrels (1stGen/Nick/047)
1998 – General episode with Joe Namath (1stGen/GAS/GS-172)
General Family Style episode (1stGen/Nick/GS-208)

Finders Keepers (Wesley Eure, 1987-1988, Nickelodeon)
Erin/Kelly vs. Adam/Amy (A/GAS/GS-170)
Tom/Carly vs. Donny/Teresa – Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker are the subjects of the first drawing (A/GAS/GS-345)
Jason/Debbie vs. Joe/Janine (A/GAS/GS-345)

Finders Keepers (Larry Toffler, 1988-1989, Nickelodeon)
Marnie/Mike vs. Bradley/Bonnie (A/GAS/GS-170)
Joe/Biana vs. Ryan/Lauren (1stGen/GAS/GS-172)

Finders Keepers (Neil Buchanan, 1991-1996, UK)
One episode (B-/Challenge/GS-166)

Flamingo Fortune (JD Roberto/Michael Young, 1995-1999, Florida)
First contestant – Andy Plivka (A/OC/GS-184)

Friend or Foe (Kennedy, 2002-2003, GSN)
1st episode aired (1stGen/GSN/GS-120)
Halloween Show (1stGen/GSN/GS-127)
Mark Walberg hosts – April Fool’s Special (1stGen/GSN/GS-130)

The Fun Factory (Bobby Van, 1976, NBC)
Fun word: Scorpio (1stGen/GSN/GS-35)

Fun House (J.D. Roth, 1988-1991, Syndicated/FOX)
1988 – Becky/Josh vs. Phillip/Sonia – Chocolate day (A-/OB/GS-169)
1990 – Stacy/Jesse vs. Jessica/Chris – FOX Premiere (B-/OB/GS-169)

Funny You Should Ask (Lloyd Thaxton, 1968-1969, ABC)
Dean Jones, Rose Marie, Stu Gillam, Marty Allen, Meredith MacRae (A-/Kine OC/GS-264)
Milton Berle, Rose Marie, Stu Gillam, Jan Murray, Janis Page (A-/Kine OC/GS-264)

Gambit (Wink Martindale, 1972-1976, CBS)
Karen & Bill/Mike & Angela/Nancy & Jim (C+/SM/GS-155, C+/SM/NM-33.08)

The Game Game (Jim McKrell, 1969-1970, Syndicated)
1969 – Donna Jean Young/Scoey Mitchlll/Nancy Kulp – “How Changeable Are You?” (1stGen/GSN/GS-109)
1969 – Show 0311 – Doug McClure, Jessica Walter, Burt Reynolds – “How Impulsive Are You?” (A/SM/GS-410)
1969 – George Carlin, Jacqueline Susann, Andrew Prine – “How Well Do You Make Decisions?” (A/GSN/GS-410)

Gameshow Marathon (Ricki Lake, 2006, CBS)
The Price is Right (1stGen/OC/GS-239)
Let’s Make a Deal – interrupted with weather bulletin (1stGen/OC/GS-239)
Press Your Luck (1stGen/OC/GS-239)

The Generation Gap (Dennis Wholey/Jack Barry, 1969, ABC)
2/69 – David Henesy from Dark Shadows plays the game, The Ohio Express guests (A+/SM OC/GS-247)

Get the Message (Frank Buxton/Robert Q. Lewis, 1964, ABC)
Peggy Cass and Phyllis Newman vs. Orson Bean and Howard Keel (1stGen/GSN/GS-112, /GSN/NM-29.01)
Arlene Francis and Barbara Cook vs. Douglas Fairbanks and Marty Ingels (1stGen/GSN/GS-322)

Get the Picture (Mike O’Malley, 1991, Nickelodeon)
Jessica/Jack vs. Hagan/Jeff (B/OC/GS-542)
Adam/Ashley vs. Padraic/Kelli (A/GAS/GS-170)
Rochelle/Matthew vs. Megan/Andy – Rap star Mike O’Malley and DJ Henry J (1stGen/GAS/GS-172)
Karen/Scott vs. Kasey/Ralph (1stGen/GAS/GS-172)
Mindy/Nicholas vs. Elizabeth/Brian – Marc Summers appears in a cameo (A-/GAS/GS-345)

Give-n-Take (Jim Lange, 1975, CBS)
9/26/75 – Show #15 w/ slate- Kinda fun show where you try to keep yourself under $5000 in retail merchandise (/SM/NM-82.10)

Go! (Kevin O’Connell, 1983, NBC)
Bonnie Urseth, Michael J. Fox (B/GSN/GS-155)
Days of Our Lives vs. Another World – 5 episodes (B/CBN/GS-244)

Go Go Stop (Jesse Tobin, 2004-2009, Australia)
Aussie kids game show – Danielle/Sebastian/Monique (A/OB/GS-214)

The Gong Show (Chuck Barris, 1976-1978, NBC)
Unaired Premeire Show with John Barbour (A-/GSN/GS-160, /GSN/NM-35.04)
6/14/76 – Anson Williams, Phyllis Diller, Jamie Farr – First aired episode (A-/SM/GS-401)
6/15/76 – Anson Williams, Phyllis Diller, Jamie Farr – Acts include a Phyllis Diller impersonator, and Phyllis loves it! (A-/SM/GS-402)
1976 – Jamie Farr, Mitzi McCall and Charlie Brill (/GSN/NM-65.01)
1976 – Jo Anne Worley, Arte Johnson and Jaye P. Morgan (/GSN/NM-11.01)
Ruth Buzzi, Rip Taylor, Dionne Warwick (1stGen/GSN/GS-6)
Arte Johnson, Jaye P. Morgan, Steve Martin – 9 episodes (1stGen/GSN/GS-8, GS-9, GS-43, GS-52, GS-76)
Anson Williams, Dionne Warwick, Jamie Farr (1stGen/GSN/GS-11)
Rip Taylor, Susan George, Peter Lawford – 2 episodes (1stGen/GSN/GS-23)
Jaye P. Morgan, Jack Burns, Kaye Stevens – 2 episodes (1stGen/GSN/GS-45)
Arte Johnson, Jaye. P. Morgan, Scatman Crothers – 4 episodes (1stGen/GSN/GS-28, GS-83, GS-116)
Arte Johnson, Jaye P. Morgan, Allen Ludden – 5 episodes (1stGen/GSN/GS-53, GS-83, GS-89)
Arte Johnson, Jaye P. Morgan, Anson Williams – 3 episodes (1stGen/GSN/GS-59, GS-75)
Jamie Farr, Jaye P. Morgan, Allen Ludden (1stGen/GSN/GS-66)
Jaye P. Morgan, Arte Johnson, Barbara McNair (1stGen/GSN/GS-69)
Ruth Buzzi, Rip Taylor, Dionne Warwick – 4 episodes (1stGen/GSN/GS-71, GS-111)
Arte Johnson, Jaye P. Morgan, Jamie Farr – 3 episodes (1stGen/GSN/GS-82, GS-108)
Jaye P. Morgan, Arte Johnson, Abbe Lane – 2 episodes (1stGen/GSN/GS-87, GS-93)
Jaye P. Morgan, Jamie Farr, Michelle Lee (1stGen/GSN/GS-111)
Arte Johnson, Jaye P. Morgan, Steve Martin – The panel keeps making fun of Lin Bolen (1stGen/GSN/GS-323)
Phyllis Diller, Jamie Farr, Jaye P. Morgan (/GSN/NM-43.06)
Show #342 – Pearl Bailey, Jaye P. Morgan, Pat Paulsen – 25th Anniversary Marathon (1stGen/GSN/GS-137)
Show #369 – Pat McCormick, Jaye P. Morgan, Louis Nye – 25th Anniversary Marathon (1stGen/GSN/GS-137)
Show #207 – Steve Garvey, Jaye P. Morgan, Arte Johnson – Paul Ruebens performs – 25th Anniversary Marathon (1stGen/GSN/GS-137)
Show #400 – Jamie Farr, Dionne Warwick, Anson Williams – Mare Willingham is a contestant – 25th Anniversary Marathon (1stGen/GSN/GS-137)
Show #193 – Arte Johnson, Jamie Farr, Jaye P. Morgan – 25th Anniversary Marathon (1stGen/GSN/GS-137)
4/26/77 – All-Star Gong Show Special – NBC primetime special – 25th Anniversary Marathon (1stGen/GSN/GS-137)
1977 – Jaye P. Morgan, Peter Lawford, Iris Turner – first few seconds missing (A-/OC/S-4)
Phyllis Diller, Jamie Farr, Jaye P. Morgan – the “Popsicle Twins” episode (A-/GSN/GS-389)
7/21/78 – Carl Ballantine, Patty Andrews, Jamie Farr – series finale (A-/OC/S4, also 1stGen/GSN/GS-88, /GSN/NM-80A.14)

The Gong Show (Gary Owens/Chuck Barris, 1976-1980, Syndication)
Elke Sommer/Rex Reed/Phyllis Diller – Premiere; includes a promo; w/slate (B/SM/GS-266)

Grand Prix All-Star Show (Michael Young & Teri Ann Linn, 1982, Syndicated)
Jennilee Harrison, Jay Johnson, David Cassidy (A/OC/GS-340)

Greed (Chuck Woolery, 1999-2000, FOX)
11/4/99 – 2 hour series premiere (/OC/NM-100B.01]
11/11/99 – Daniel Avila and company win $1 million (/OC/NM-100B.02)
11/18/99 – Daniel Avila goes for $2.2 million and comes one answer short (/OC/NM-100B.03)
4/14/00 – First team ever to take the $50,000 bribe on the $500K ques. /OC/NM-88.05)
5/11/00 – Super Greed ep with Phyllis Harris and team winning $2 million and then bailing out before the last question (/OC/NM-87.06)
5/26/00 – College Rivalry ep. with a HILARIOUS insult on Chuck Woolery! (/OC/NM-93.01)
6/16/00 – Episode with a $200,000 miss and a $200,000 win (/OC/NM-99.01)
6/23/00 – Stupid answer involving the Kodak logo, Chuck shows it on screen like it was a newscast! (/OC/NM-99.02)
6/30/00 – Episode with lots of wrong answers and a $200,000 win (/OC/NM-99.03)
7/14/00 – Final Episode (not mentioned) – Several misses and a $200,000 win (has weather crawls, ugh!) (/OC/NM-99.04)