20 Years of Must-See TV (2002/1stGen/NBC/TA-4)
50 Years of Funny Flubs and Screw-Ups (1998/1stGen/CBS/TA-4)
50 Years of NBC Late Night (2002/1stGen/NBC/TA-4)
50 Years From Television City (2002/1stGen/CBS/TA-4)
50 Years of Television (1997/1stGen/HBO/TA-4)
The 70s: The Decade That Changed Television (1stGen/ABC/TA-4)
The 100 Most Memorable TV Moments (1stGen/TV Land/TA-4)
The 100 Most Unexpected TV Moments (1stGen/TV Land/TA-4)
ABC 50th Anniversary Celebration (2003/1stGen/ABC/TA-4)
ABC Bloopers Part I (2003/1stGen/ABC/TA-4)
ABC Bloopers Part II (2003/1stGen/ABC/TA-4)
All ABC Bloopers (2003/1stGen/ABC/TA-4)
All Star TV Censored Blooperpaooza (1996/1stGen/NBC/TA-4)
All-Star Ultra TV Censored Bloopers (1995/1stGen/NBC/TA-4)
America’s Teenagers: Growing Up on Television (1998/1stGen/ABC/TA-4)
The Andy Griffith Show Reunion (1993/1stGen/TLC/TA-4)
Andy’s Fun House – odd Andy Kaufman special (1979/1stGen/TV Land/TA-4)
Behind the Laughs: The Untold Stories of America’s Favorite Comedies (1998/1stGen/FOX/TA-4)
Bing Crosby and the Sounds of Christmas – 12/14/71 special (OC/198)
Biography: Barbara Eden (1stGen/A&E/TA-4)
Biography: Carroll O’Connor (1stGen/A&E/TA-4)
Biography: Peter Boyle (1stGen/A&E/TA-4)
Biography of the Year: 2004 (1stGen/A&E/TA-4)
The Bob Hope Special – 10/5/72 NBC special (OC/193)
Bob Hope Special -2/13/78 (1978 /A/OC/NBC/131)
The Bob Newhart Show 19th Anniversary Special (1991/1stGen/Nick/TA-5)
Brady: An American Chronicle (1995/Nick/TA-4)
The Brady Girls Get Married (1981/Fox Family/TA-5)
Bradymania (1993/1stGen/Fox Family/TA-4)

CBS: The First 50 Years (1998/1stGen/CBS/TA-4)
CBS at 75 (2003/1stGen/CBS/TA-4)
Carol Burnett Showstoppers (1stGen/CBS/TA-4)
The Carol Burnett Show Reunion (2004/1stGen/CBS/TA-4)
The Christmas Toy – 12/6/86 – Muppets Christmas special (A/OC/198)
Classic TV Bloopers (2001/1stGen/ABC/TA-4)

A Couple of Dons – 9/8/73 special (OC/190)
Dick Van Dyke and the Other Woman (B/OB/136)
The Dick Van Dyke Show Revisited (2004/1stGen/CBS/TA-4)
The E! True Hollywood Story: All in the Family (1stGen/E!/TA-4)
The E! True Hollywood Story: Anissa Jones (1stGen/E!/TA-4)

The E! True Hollywood Story: The Andy Griffith Show (1stGen/E!/TA-4)
The E! True Hollywood Story: The Brady Bunch (1stGen/E!/TA-4)
The E! True Hollywood Story: Cheers (1stGen/E!/TA-4)
The E! True Hollywood Story: The Facts of Life (1stGen/E!/TA-4)
The E! True Hollywood Story: Gilligan’s Island (1stGen/E!/TA-4)
ESPN 15 Years (1stGen/OC/TA-4)
Eunice – Carol Burnett “Family” special (1981/B-/OB/TA-4)
Everybody Loves Raymond – The First Six Years (1stGen/OC/TA-4)
Frank Sinatra – Ol’ Blue Eyes is Back – 11/16/73 special (OC/195)
Funny Flubs and Screw Ups 3 (1998/1stGen/OC/TA-4)
Great Women of Television Comedy (1stGen/OC NBC/TA-4)
The Greatest Commercials of All Time (1999/1stGen/TBS/GS-91)
Happy Days Reunion (1992/1stGen/TLC/TA-4)
Happy Days 30th Anniversary Reunion (2004/1stGen/ABC/TA-4)
Henry Fonda and The Family – 2/6/62 special (A-/SM?/222)
The Honeymooners 50th Anniversary (2002/1stGen/CBS/TA-4)
The Honeymooners: The Really Lost Debut Episodes (1stGen/TV Land/TA-4)
The Honeymooners Valentine Special (2-13-78/A/OC/ABC/131)
I Still Dream of Jeannie – TV Movie (1stGen/Fox Family/TA-5)
I Love Lucy 50th Anniversary Special (2001/1stGen/CBS/TA-4)
Inside TV Land: The Andy Griffith Show (1stGen/TV Land/TA-4)
Inside TV Land: The Dick Van Dyke Show (1stGen/TV Land/TA-4)
Inside TV Land: Get Smart (1stGen/TV Land/TA-4)
Inside TV Land: The Honeymooners (1stGen/TV Land/TA-4)
Inside TV Land: The Pitch (1stGen/TV Land/TA-4)
Inside TV Land: Primetime Politics (1stGen/TV Land/TA-4)
Inside TV Land: Taboo TV (1stGen/TV Land/TA-4)
Intimate Portrait: Mary Tyler Moore (1stGen/Lifetime/TA-4)
Jack Benny’s Bag – 11/16/68 (A/OC/142)

Jack Benny’s First Farewell Special – 1/18/73 (A/OC/141)
Jack Benny’s Second Farewell Special – 1/24/74 (A/OC/141)
The Jackson Five Goin’ Back to Indiana – 9/16/71 special (OC/191)

Lassie Unleashed: 280 Dog Years in TV (1stGen/Syndicated/TA-4)

The Laverne & Shirley Reunion (1995/TLC/TA-4)
Laverne & Shirley Together Again (2002/1stGen/ABC/TA-4)
Love, American Style – 1998 pilot (1999/1stGen/ABC/TA-5)

Lucy Calls the President – opening missing (1977/A/OC/CBS/132)
Lucy Moves to NBC – 2/8/80 (A-/OC/NBC/GS-369)
M*A*S*H 30th Anniversary Reuinion (1stGen/Fox/TA-4)
M*A*S*H’s Most Memorable Moments (1983/A-/OC/133)
Mary & Rhoda – TV Movie (1stGen/ABC/TA-5)
Mary Tyler Moore’s How to Survive the 70s (2/22/78 A-/OC/163)
The Mary Tyler Moore Show Reunion (2002/1stGen/CBS/GS-102)
Memories of M*A*S*H (1991/1stGen/CBS/TA-4)
More Classic TV Bloopers (2002/1stGen/ABC/TA-4)

NBC 75th Anniversary (2002/1stGen/NBC/TA-4)
NBC Fall Preview – 1966 “Two in a Taxi” (B-/16mm/GS-440)
NBC’s Funniest Outtakes (2002/1stGen/NBC/TA-4)
NBC’s Funniest Outtakes 2 (2003/1stGen/NBC/TA-4)
One Hit Wonders – TV Tunes (1stGen/VH1/TA-4)
A Salute to Television’s 25th Anniversary – 9/10/72 special (A/OC/172)
Saturday Night Live 25th Anniversary (1stGen/NBC/TA-4)
Seasons’ Greetings From the Honeymooners (1985/1stGen/TV Land/TA-4)
The Star Trek Dream – 9/29/75 – KTVU special hosted by Trek expert Bob Wilkins (A-/SM/151)
Star Trek – The Superstars, The Superfans – 2/27/77 – KTVU special hosted by Trek expert Bob Wilkins (A-/SM/151)
A Thanksgiving Reunion With The Partridge Family and My Three Sons (1977/B/OB/ABC/128)
Those Nick at Nite Promos: 10 Years of Better Living Through Television (1995/1stGen/Nick/TA-5)
TV Guide’s 50 Best Shows of All Time (2002/1stGen/ABC/TA-4)
TV Guide Looks at Christmas (1997/1stGen/N-8)
TV The Fabulous 50s – 3/5/78 special (A/OC/215)
The T.V. Show – TV parody special which includes the first appearance of “Spinal Tap” (1979/1stGen/TV Land/TA-4)
TV’s All Time #1’s (1997/1stGen/Fox/TA-4)
TV’s ALl Time Classic Comedy (1994/1stGen/Fox/TA-4)
TV’s All Time Funniest Holidays (1996/1stGen/Fox/TA-4)
TV’s All Time Funniest Christmas Moments (1996/1stGen/Fox/TA-4)
TV’s Censored Bloopers #6 – 11/12/83 special (A/OC/214)
TV’s Most Romantic Couples (1999/1stGen/TA-4)
WATE 30th Anniversary Special (1983/B-/D196)
WJHL 50th Anniversary Special (2003/1stGen/TA-4)