Greg’s Video Trading Site

Trading Status: Mostly closed, but always willing to listen to an interesting offer.

UPDATE 2/16/24: Doing some major updates to the non-game show sections, so watch for new additions there over the next week or so.

Now that my entire collection has been digitized, my preferred way to trade is via digital files (through Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.) but I will still trade via disc. No VHS please!

Hi, this is Greg Brobeck (also known as “snowpeck” to some of you out there.) I have a variety of genres of TV shows to choose from, but obviously, the core of my collection is game shows. That said, don’t feel like you have to trade within one category. I have a wide variety of interests, and trades can reflect that. The site is always a work in progress.

My and my husband Nick’s collections have now fully merged. Everything that was in his collection is now listed on my website. I am currently working on grading his shows based on quality. For the most part, shows that are currently not graded will be either an A or a B, but if there’s any questions, feel free to ask. I’ll also warn you if you request something that’s in poor quality.

Also, a note about the Primetime TV section. This is a listing of some of my rarely seen primetime TV shows. Here, you will not find shows that have had extended cable TV rerun life, or that are currently available on DVD. The exceptions to this are if they are versions from original broadcast that differ greatly from the commonly available versions, or that include the original commercials.

1. No trading for cash.
2. No trading for blank tapes or discs. This is simply not worth my time.
3. Please do not include your “want” list in your initial email.
4. Please do include your “have” list or a link to a website that is hosting your list. We will work out the details of the trade once we’ve seen each other’s lists.

Each listing contains some information in parentheses that will look something like this :
(Quality Grade/Network or source).

Quality Key:
1stGen means I recorded the program myself and it is in pristine quality.
A means I did not record it myself, but it is still very good quality.
B means still good quality, but some minor imperfections. This may include slightly soft video or minor audio issues.
C means the show is watchable, but has some more serious quality issues. Video may be degraded and audio may be muffled or soft.
D is only barely watchable and has major quality issues. I would only advise trading for a D rated program when rarity becomes a factor.
There are no F rated programs in my collection.

Source Key:
Most of the tape sources are obvious (GSN=Game Show Network, Nick=Nickelodeon, etc.)
OC, however, means the show is from the original broadcast and includes at least most of the original commercials.
OB also means the show is from original broadcast, but does not include the commercials.
SM means the show is from a studio master recording and was not sourced from a television broadcast.
SM OC means a studio master that also includes original commercials.
KINE means the show is sourced from a 16mm kinescope. Yes, many of GSN’s older shows are also sourced from kinescope, but this note means that some collector along the way dubbed this program from an actual film print.

That about does it. I want to thank the many people with whom I’ve traded over the years (you know who you are, though I may have forgotten.) Happy trading!