Unsold Game Show Pilots

TitleHostProduction DateDescriptionCatalog InfoNew
20 QuestionsJack Clark1975Kelly Garrett, Tony Roberts, Gene Shalit, Anne MearaA/SM
21Jim Lange5/4/82"Tie Pilot"A-/SM
$10,000 Sweep, TheJack Clark1972Interesting Pyramid precursor1stGen/GSN
$50,000 a MinuteMeredith MacRae &
Geoff Edwards
1985Pilot #1 – Shelley Smith vs. Charles Siebert A/SM
$50,000 a MinuteMeredith MacRae &
Geoff Edwards
1985Pilot #2 – Markie Post vs. Ed Begley, Jr. A/SM
ABC Carnival '74Tom Kelly1974Weird show with a carnival setting and Johnny Gilber as the on-camera barker.A-/SM
BabbleTom Kennedy1984Unsold pilot with guests Meredith MacRae, Brad Garrett, Gwynne Gilford, James Hampton, Marcia Wallace, Norm Crosby, Betty White1stGen/GSN,
BamboozleBob Hilton1986Pilot #1 - Elaine Joyce/Stuart Pankin - Similar to To Tell the Truth (so much so that Chuck Barris got sued)B/SM
BamboozleBob Hilton1986Pilot #2 - Marcia Wallace/Paul Kreppel - 2nd half onlyB/SM
BankoWink Martindale1985Format based on BingoA-/SM
Beat the OddsChuck Henry1975Attempt at reviving the 60s game show that introduced the Whammy (represented here as a blue lightning bolt)A-/SMY
Big Money, TheMonty Hall1966Contestants have to decide whether to risk their money to complete tasks such as shooting a bullseye with an arrow from increasingly far away. Elements made it to 50 Grand Slam from the same producer.A/SM
Big SpendersPat Harrington1974Auction-based show, not dissimilar from TPIR's one-bids.A/SM
Body TalkVicki Lawrence1990Pilot #1 – Elaine Joyce/Marcia Wallace vs. Richard Simmons/Bill KirchenbauerA+/Buzzr,
BoggleBill Rafferty1988First try at bringing the popular word game to televisionA/SM
Buck Stops Here, TheJim Peck1985Question and answer game against timeA-/SM
BuzzwordRon Hoon1986Merv's failed show about anagrams. At least the theme lived on.B/SM
Caught in the ActJim Peck1975Anne Meara/Bill Cullen/Anita Gillette/Clifton Davis/Stephanie BraxtonA/SM
Celebrity Double DareBruce Jenner1987Yeesh, this show didn't need celebritiesA-/SM
Celebrity SecretsBob Eubanks1988Two pilots for a revamped All-Star Secrets. Panel: Norm Crosby, Sally Struthers, Ray "Boom Boom" Mancini, Lisa Hartman, Christopher Hewett (Jumpy video on Pilot A)A-/SM
Celebrity Table TennisJohnny Gilbert1971Yep, that's all it is. Features Peter Lawford, Bob Crane, Jo Anne Worley and Greg MorrisA-/SM
Challengers, TheAlan Roberts (Kalter)1974Interesting trivia-based game created by Ron GreenbergA-/SM
Change PartnersArt James1972Rough pitch pilot involving married couples swapping partners and answering trivia questionsA-/SM
Choice is Yours, TheBill Cullen1970Celebrity panelists and regular folks share their opinions on issuesA-/SM
Combination LockRoss King1996Unsold pilot created by John RicciB+/S4C
Comedy CourtroomChuck Barris1986Bizarre show where real court cases are turned into comedy sketches and a jury of audience members determines a verdictA-/SM
Cop OutGeoff Edwards1972Are celebrities being honest or copping out?A/GSN
Critical DecisionsEric Boardman1990A hypothetical situation is presented and three celebrities and two contestants decide which of three responses to the situation is the most popular. Guests: Michael Landon, Donna Mills, William Shatner B/SM
CrosswordGeorge Fenneman1966Possibly the first attempt at turning crossword puzzles into a game showB/Color Kine
Decisions, DecisionsBill Cullen1979Game that eventually became Hot Potato's bonus round - 2 pilotsB/SM
Decisions/DecisionsAlex Trebek1982Couples try to agree on the answers to questionsA-/SM
Dollar a SecondBob Eubanks1981Attempt to revive a 1950s show1stGen/GSN
Double CrossJack Barry1975Precursor to Bullseye, some elements would also make it to The Joker's Wild and Play the PercentagesA-/SM
Easy StreetBob Eubanks1981Shopping game involving the prices of items in the pastA-/SM
Engaged to Be MarriedJim McKrell1983Newlywed Game clone involving engaged couplesA-/SM
Everything's RelativeJim Peck1980Pilot for a revival of the 60s show where families see how well they know each otherB/SM
Exit List, TheMike Greenberg2011Unsold ABC primetime pilot based on a Dutch show where couples answer questions in a giant maze.A/SM
Family FolliesJeremy Beadle1985Pilot about proving who's right and who's wrong in family disagreements.A/SM
Fast FriendsBob Goen1984Another weird one from Jay Wolpert combining trivia with making friends. Somehow this made it to air for a series in the UK.B/SM
Flash FrameBob Eubanks1984Four pilots for this show involving pop culture triviaA-/SMY
GambitBob Eubanks1990Revival attemptA/SM
Get Rich QuickSteve Edwards1977Guests are Robert Urich, Lynnie Greene, John Ritter, & Debralee Scott 1stGen/GSN,
Going, Going, Gone!Richard Lewellen1959Sort of a cross between Let's Make a Deal and Treasure Hunt. A-/SMY
Here's HawaiiTom Kennedy1960?Mix of variety and games outdoors on the Hawaiian islands.A-/Kine
Honeymoon Game, TheJim McKrell1970Jack Barry’s third attempt at the Joker’s Wild format, and would have been the world’s first 90 minute game showA-/SM
I PredictMonty Hall1987PitchfilmA-/SMY
It Had to Be YouEd McMahon1966Precursor to He Said, She Said with civilian couples1stGen/Buzzr
JumbleRichard Kline1989Based on the newspaper puzzle game, Bill Kirchenbauer vs. Alaina ReedA/SM
JumbleRichard Kline1989Pitch film for the aboveA/SM
KeynotesKevin O'Connell8/5/86Pilot #3 - Music-based game that got picked up in the UKB/SM
King of the HillRobert Earle1975Card Sharks precursorA/SM
Let's Get PersonalChuck Woolery1982Pilot for NBC where two contestants play a game involving personality traits. Jack Campion is one of the contestants, while Sally Julian, Larry Anderson and Timothy Stack figure into the skits.A/SM
Lucky NumbersAlex Trebek1985Two unsold pilots for this tweaked version of High RollersA/SM
Make Your MoveRobert Earle1965Pilot for NBC involving capturing treasure on a game board that the contestants can't see.A-/Kine
MalcolmAlex Trebek1983Do I need to describe this one?A-/SM
MatchmatesMichael Burger1985Couples try to match answers.A-/SM
Monday Night QuarterbackJerry Kramer1971Dick Martin/John Hall vs. Peter Lawford/Myron Pottios1stGen/GSN
Money in the BlankKevin O'Connell1987Pyramid meets Three on a MatchA-/SM
Money WordsMike Darrow1974Battleship with words.A/SM
Name That TunePeter Allen1989Attempted revival of the venerable formatA/SM
OddballJamie Farr1986Attempted revamp of "Get the Message"A/SM
On a RollDavid Sparks1986Pilot #1 – Sharon vs. TimA+/Buzzr
On a RollDavid Sparks1986Pilot #2 - Dinah vs. Bret1stGen/Buzzr
On a RollDavid Sparks1986Pilot #3 - Sharon vs. BretA/SM
Origins Game, TheBurt Ward1971Players have to determine which origin stories are true or false. Fimation tried to get this one off the ground for years and never quite made it. This is an office runthrough hosted by Batman's Burt Ward.A-/SM
Origins Game, TheDick Patterson1976Attempt number two, this time with kids playingA/SM
Origins Game, TheBob Eubanks1982Back to adults this time, and the stories are told by a weird floating head with the aid of animationA/SM
Origins Game, TheBob Eubanks19822nd pilot for the Eubanks version.A/SM
Party LineGene Rayburn1983Pilot for what eventually became Bruce Forsyth's Hot StreakA-/SM
Pass or PlayDick Liberatore1977Interactive quiz show for the QUBE cable systemA/SM
Pass the LineCliff Saber1954A panel has to finish a story with drawingsA/Kine
People on TVJimmy Cefalo1990Players answer questions about celebrities.B+/SM
Photo FinishJohn Mahjor1990Quiz show involving photos.B/SM
Phrase ItJack Narz1980Edited pitch for a show that combines elements of Password and Wheel of Fortune. Celebs are Don Galloway, Anne Lockhart, Steve Kanaly, Barbara Feldon, Wesley EureA/SM
Pie in the SkyBob Goen1984Jay Wolpert tries to cash in on the Trivial Pursuit craze.B/SM
Play for KeepsSonny Fox1955Pilot #1 – Basically big-money “Winner Take All” 1stGen/Buzzr
Play for KeepsSonny Fox1955Pilot #2 – Basically big-money “Winner Take All” A+/Buzzr
Pot O GoldArt James1977Combine movie and TV trivia with Plinko?B/SM
Pressure PointClint Holmes1990Neat little trivia show that would have fit in with Reid/Land's other shows on TNNA-/SM
Punch LinesBill Cullen1979Eye Guess plus a wall of comedians. Joyce Bulifant vs. Fred Grandy.A/SM
PunchlinesJeremy Kewley1986Eye Guess plus a wall of comedians. This one was done for AustraliaB/SM
Puzzle RouletteJim Lange11/25/87Attempt to bring back Catch Phrase with the addition of rouletteA-/SMY
PuzzlersPat Sajak1980Pilot #1 - Renee/Alan/Chrstianne – odd Goodson/Todman pilot, but Pat’s personality shines through!A/SM
PuzzlersPat Sajak1980Pilot #2 - Laurie/John/AprilA/SM
Quick as a FlashBill Cullen1952Unsold pilot from early in Bill's TV careerA-/Kine
Riddlers, TheDavid Letterman1977JoAnne Worley, Robert Urich, Joyce Bulifant, Michael McKean, Debralee Scott1stGen/GSN,
Run for the MoneyBill Rafferty1987Pilot for what became "Going for Gold" in the UKA/SM
SafecrackersGeoff Edwards1975PIlot that combines word games with a safe full of money. Guests are James Darren, McLean Stevenson, Elaine JoyceB/SM
Says WhoGeoff Edwards1971Betsy Palmer, Anne Meara, Bill Cullen, Peter Lawford1stGen/GSN
Scrabble Challenge, TheJohn O'Hurley2002Boring, boring pilot where two players just play Scrabble. That's it.A/SM
Second GuessAlex Trebek1986Couples race towards luxurious prizes.B/SM
Second GuessersJack Carter1970Studio audience members try to guess answers to questions given by people on the street1stGen/GSN
Shoot for the StarsMonty Hall1976Celebrities, a rotating plate of 28 balls and questions with numerical answers. Celebs are Jo Anne Worley, Nipsey Russell, Jack Klugman, Rue McClanahan, Pat HarringtonA-SM
Shoot the WorksGeoff Edwards1976Pilot #1, eventually became Shoot for the Stars. Anne Meara vs. Rick HurstB/SM
Shoot the WorksGeoff Edwards1976Pilot #2 - Anita Gillette vs. Bill Cullen1stGen/GSN
Simon SaysBob Barker1971Odd pilot involving a “computer” and random facts about audience membersB/SM
Smart Alecks, TheAllen Ludden1977Inventors show off their inventionsB/SM
Spell BindersBill Anderson1978Neat game involving spelling. Kind of wish this one had been picked up. Celebs are Debralee Scott & Charles Nelson Reilly.A/SM
Split SecondRobb Weller1990Attempt to revive the 70s and 80s game of lightning fast questions and answers.A/SM
Star ClusterJim McKrell1986Contestants try to predict how celebrities answered personal questions. Features Abby Dalton, Bob Ridgeley, Linda Blair, Shelley Taylor Morgan, Jm. J Bullock and Doug Davidson.A-/SM
Star PlayTom Kennedy1988Celebrities play word games using charades. Kind of a cross between Tom's previous shows Body Language and You Don't Say. Celebs are Carol Burnett, Willie Aames, Deidre Hall, Robert Guillaume, Valerie Harper and Pat Harrington.A/SM
Star WordsNipsey Russell1983Pilot #1 - Patty Duke Astin and Charles Nelson Reilly; April vs. JeffA/SM,
Star WordsNipsey Russell1983Pilot #2 - Patty Duke Astin and Charles Nelson Reilly; Annette vs. Jim1stGen/Buzzr
Star WordsNipsey Russell1983Pilot #3 - Patty Duke Astin and Charles Nelson Reilly; April vs. Jeff1stGen/Buzzr
Strike a MatchRandy Hamilton1987Pilot from Merv Griffin that eventually became a popular online word game.B/SM
Suit YourselfJim Peck1990Intersting game that combined playing cards and trivia.A/SM
Take Your ChoiceFred Allen1954Comedy quiz show where contestants select questions for their partners to answer.1stGen/Buzzr
TKOPeter Tomarken1989Pilot #4A+/Buzzr
TV's the GameTom Dreeson1983Contestants try to match audience opinion questions about TV shows.A/SM
Talking PicturesAllen Ludden1968Concentraton meets Hollywood SquaresA-/SM
Talking PicturesMonty Hall5/11/76See above, 2nd try at this one almost a decade laterA-/SM
TemptationJed Allan1981Really bad audience participation show.C/SM
Top SecretWink Martindale1987Pilot #1 - This one ALMOST made CBS's scheduleA/SM
Top SecretWink Martindale1987Pilot #3, slated as "short version"A/SM
Travel BuffMark Kriski1997Geography-themed quiz show.A/SM
Travel BuffScott Morgan1997Geography-themed quiz show.A/SM
Tricky BusinessBill Rafferty7/29/86Pilot #2 - Sort of a reworking of Every Second CountsA-/SM
Twenty OneJim Lange1982Pilot for a revivalA-/SM
TwistersJim Perry1982Jackpot meets shuffleboard1stGen/GSN
We've Got Your NumberJack Barry1975From a videotape source (as opposed to the color kinescope circulating) A-/SM
What Do You Want?Groucho Marx1961Show similiar to You Bet Your Life.A/Kine
Word GrabbersJim Lange1976Celebrities try to complete statements. Early TV appearance of David Letterman. Partial.A/SM
You Bet Your LifeRichard Dawson1988Pilots 1 and 3B+/SM