Unsold Game Show Pilots

TitleHostProduction DateDescriptionCatalog Info
$10,000 Sweep, TheJack Clark1972Interesting Pyramid precursor1stGen/GSN
$50,000 a MinuteMeredith MacRae &
Geoff Edwards
1985Pilot #1 – Shelley Smith vs. Charles Siebert A/SM
$50,000 a MinuteMeredith MacRae &
Geoff Edwards
1985Pilot #2 – Markie Post vs. Ed Begley, Jr. A/SM
BabbleTom Kennedy1984Unsold pilot with guests Meredith MacRae, Brad Garrett, Gwynne Gilford, James Hampton, Marcia Wallace, Norm Crosby, Betty White1stGen/GSN
BamboozleBob Hilton1986Pilot with similarities to To Tell the Truth (so much so that Chuck Barris got sued)B/SM
BankoWink Martindale1985Format based on BingoA-/SM
Bedtime StoriesAl Lohman &
Roger Barkley
1979Pilot episodeA/SM
Body TalkVicki Lawrence1989Pilot #1 – Elaine Joyce/Jacklyn Zeman vs. Richard Simmons/Bill KirchenbauerA+/Buzzr
Buck Stops Here, TheJim Peck1985Question and answer game against timeA-/SM
Caught in the ActJim Peck1975Anne Meara/Bill Cullen/Anita Gillette/Clifton Davis/Stephanie BraxtonA/SM
Celebrity Double DareBruce Jenner1987Yeesh, this show didn't need celebritiesA-/SM
Combination LockRoss King1996Unsold pilot created by John RicciB+/S4C
Cop OutGeoff Edwards1972Are celebrities being honest or copping out?A/GSN
CrosswordGeorge Fenneman1966Possibly the first attempt at turning crossword puzzles into a game showB/Color Kine
Deal or No DealPatrick Kielty2004Unsold ABC pilot for what ended up being the long running hitA-/SM
Decisions, DecisionsBill Cullen1979Game that eventually became Hot Potato's bonus round - 2 pilotsB/SM
Dollar a SecondBob Eubanks1981Attempt to revive a 1950s show1stGen/GSN
GambitBob Eubanks1990Revival attemptB-/SM
Get Rich QuickSteve Edwards1977Guests are Robert Urich, Lynnie Greene, John Ritter, & Debralee Scott 1stGen/GSN
Honeymoon Game, TheJim McKrell1970Jack Barry’s third attempt at the Joker’s Wild format, and would have been the world’s first 90 minute game showA-/SM
King of the HillRobert Earle1975Card Sharks precursorA/SM
Lucky NumbersAlex Trebek1985Two unsold pilots for this tweaked version of High RollersA/SM
MalcolmAlex Trebek1983Do I need to describe this one?A-/SM
Monday Night QuarterbackJerry Kramer1971Dick Martin/John Hall vs. Peter Lawford/Myron Pottios1stGen/GSN
Money in the BlankKevin O'Connell1987Pyramid meets Three on a MatchA-/SM
OddballJamie Farr1986Attempted revamp of "Get the Message"A/SM
On a RollDavid Sparks1986Pilot #1 – Sharon vs. TimA+/Buzzr
Party LineGene Rayburn1983Pilot for what eventually became Bruce Forsyth's Hot StreakA-/SM
Pass the LineCliff Saber1954A panel has to finish a story with drawingsA/Kine
Play for KeepsSonny Fox1955Pilot #2 – Basically big-money “Winner Take All” A+/Buzzr
PuzzlersPat Sajak1980Laurie/John/April – odd Goodson/Todman pilot, but Pat’s personality shines through!A/SM
Quick as a FlashBill Cullen1952Unsold pilot from early in Bill's TV careerA-/Kine
Riddlers, TheDavid Letterman1977JoAnne Worley, Robert Urich, Joyce Bulifant, Michael McKean, Debralee Scott1stGen/GSN
Run for the MoneyBill Rafferty1987Pilot for what became "Going for Gold" in the UKA/SM
Says WhoGeoff Edwards1971Betsy Palmer, Anne Meaa, Bill Cullen, Peter Lawford1stGen/GSN
Second GuessersJack Carter1970Studio audience members try to guess answers to questions given by people on the street1stGen/GSN
Shoot the WorksGeoff Edwards1976Pilot for what eventually became Shoot for the Stars1stGen/GSN
Simon SaysBob Barker1971Odd pilot involving a “computer” and random facts about audience membersB/SM
Smart AlecksAllen Ludden1977Inventors show off their inventinonsB/SM
Star WordsNipsey Russell1983Patty Duke Astin and Charles Nelson ReillyA+/Buzzr
TKOPeter Tomarken1989Pilot #4A+/Buzzr
Talking PicturesAllen Ludden1968Concentraton meets Hollywood SquaresA-/SM
Top SecretWink Martindale1987This one ALMOST made CBS's scheduleB/SM
Twenty OneJim Lange1982Pilot for a revivalA-/SM
TwistersJim Perry1982Jackpot meets shuffleboard1stGen/GSN
We've Got Your NumberJack Barry1975From a videotape source (as opposed to the color kinescope circulating) A-/SM