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TitleHostAirdateDescriptionCatalog Info
Beat the Clock (1969)Jack NarzCab CallowayB+/GSN/TA-1Y
Diamond Head Game, TheBob EubanksBrenda vs. DonA/GSN/TA-1Y
Diamond Head Game, TheBob EubanksCindy vs. KarenA/GSN/TA-1Y
Diamond Head Game, TheBob EubanksFred vs. RickA/GSN/TA-1Y
Diamond Head Game, TheBob EubanksHappy vs. BeaA/GSN/TA-1Y
Diamond Head Game, TheBob EubanksMary vs. BonnieA/GSN/TA-1Y
Diamond Head Game, TheBob EubanksMo vs. IleneA/GSN/TA-1Y
Diamond Head Game, TheBob EubanksSandy vs. DorothyA/GSN/TA-1Y
Joker's Wild, The (CBS)Jack Barry9/29/72020 - Wendy vs. RichardA/GSN/TA-1Y
Joker's Wild, The (CBS)Jack Barry10/3/72022 - Alan vs.PaulA/GSN/TA-1Y
Joker's Wild, The (CBS)Jack Barry10/4/72023 - Alan vs. SallyA/GSN/TA-1Y
Joker's Wild, The (CBS)Jack Barry10/5/72024 - Susan vs. BobA/GSN/TA-1Y
Joker's Wild, The (CBS)Jack Barry11/6/72046 - Mary Ann vs. JimA/GSN/TA-1Y
Joker's Wild, The (CBS)Jack Barry11/7/72047 - Debra vs. TonyA/GSN/TA-1Y
Joker's Wild, The (CBS)Jack Barry11/8/72048 - Dave at BonusA/GSN/TA-1Y
Joker's Wild, The (CBS)Jack Barry11/9/72049 - Bonnie vs. SusanneA/GSN/TA-1Y
Joker's Wild, The (CBS)Jack Barry11/10/72050 - Jerry at BonusA/GSN/TA-1Y
Joker's Wild, The (CBS)Jack Barry11/13/72051 - Robin vs. TedA/GSN/TA-1Y
Joker's Wild, The (CBS)Jack Barry11/27/72061 - Karen vs. Father MichaelA/GSN/TA-1Y
Joker's Wild, The (CBS)Jack Barry12/1/72065 - Joe vs. IsaA/GSN/TA-1Y
Joker's Wild, The (CBS)Jack Barry12/12/72072 - David at BonusA/GSN/TA-1Y
Joker's Wild, The (CBS)Jack Barry12/13/72073 - Robin vs. Ted A/GSN/TA-1Y
Joker's Wild, The (CBS)Jack Barry12/22/72080 - Wendy at BonusA/GSN/TA-1Y
Joker's Wild, The (CBS)Jack Barry1/4/73089 - George vs. ReneeA/GSN/TA-1Y
Joker's Wild, The (CBS)Jack Barry1/5/73090 - Kathy vs. WayneA/GSN/TA-1Y
Joker's Wild, The (CBS)Jack Barry1/8/73091 - Fred vs. EliseA/GSN/TA-1Y
Joker's Wild, The (CBS)Jack Barry1/9/73092 - Nancy vs. MichaelA/GSN/TA-1Y
Joker's Wild, The (CBS)Jack Barry1/10/73093 - Michael vs. WendyA/GSN/TA-1Y
Joker's Wild, The (CBS)Jack Barry1/11/73094 - Rich at BonusA/GSN/TA-1Y
Joker's Wild, The (CBS)Jack Barry1/12/73095 - Stu vs. LoisA/GSN/TA-1Y
Joker's Wild, The (CBS)Jack Barry1/15/73096 - Carmen vs. MichaelA/GSN/TA-1Y
Joker's Wild, The (CBS)Jack Barry1/16/73097 - Terri at BonusA/GSN/TA-1Y
Joker's Wild, The (CBS)Jack Barry1/17/73098 - Phyllis vs. JohnA/GSN/TA-1Y
Joker's Wild, The (CBS)Jack Barry2/15/73119 - Farrell at BonusA/GSN/TA-1Y
Joker's Wild, The (CBS)Jack Barry2/16/73120 - Joe vs. MaryA/GSN/TA-1Y
Joker's Wild, The (CBS)Jack Barry2/19/73121 - Carolyn vs. ChuckA/GSN/TA-1Y
Joker's Wild, The (CBS)Jack Barry2/20/73122 - Glen vs. ShariceA/GSN/TA-1Y
Joker's Wild, The (CBS)Jack Barry2/21/73123 - Bob at BonusA/GSN/TA-1Y
Joker's Wild, The (CBS)Jack Barry2/23/73125 - Bob at BonusA/GSN/TA-1Y
Joker's Wild, The (CBS)Jack Barry2/26/73126 - Bob vs. ChristinaA/GSN/TA-1Y
Joker's Wild, The (CBS)Jack Barry2/27/73127 - Christina vs. JerryA/GSN/TA-1Y
Joker's Wild, The (CBS)Jack Barry2/28/73128 - Christina at BonusA/GSN/TA-1Y
Joker's Wild, The (CBS)Jack Barry3/1/73129 - Bill at BonusA/GSN/TA-1Y
Joker's Wild, The (CBS)Jack Barry3/6/73132 - Ivan vs. NatalieA/GSN/TA-1Y
Joker's Wild, The (CBS)Jack Barry3/7/73133 - Irene vs. PaulA/GSN/TA-1Y
Joker's Wild, The (CBS)Jack Barry3/14/73138 - Chris vs. DarilynnA/GSN/TA-1Y
Jeopardy! (Trebek)Alex Trebek1/3/85Liz/Pam/BobA-/GSN/TA-1Y
Jeopardy! (Trebek)Alex Trebek4/10/85Mike/Monte/MimiA-/GSN/TA-1Y
Jeopardy! (Trebek)Alex Trebek9/17/86Roger/Ira/Linda - Who Cares?A-/GSN/TA-1Y
Jeopardy! (Trebek)Alex Trebek9/19/86Marc/Ed/TimA/GSN/TA-1Y
Jeopardy! (Trebek)Alex Trebek9/29/86Zanete/Tom/Paul A-/GSN/TA-1Y
Jeopardy! (Trebek)Alex Trebek10/3/86Carl/Ty/SharonA-/GSN/TA-1Y
Jeopardy! (Trebek)Alex Trebek10/8/86Carl/Bob/JanetA/GSN/TA-1Y
Jeopardy! (Trebek)Alex Trebek10/22/86Janet/Marji/MichaelA/GSN/TA-1Y
Jeopardy! (Trebek)Alex Trebek12/31/86David/Barbara/JCA-/GSN/TA-1Y
Jeopardy! (Trebek)Alex Trebek1987Brenda/Rick/TomA/GSN/TA-1Y
WipeoutPeter Tomarken9/12/88Pam/Todd/DonnaA/OC/TA-4Y
WipeoutPeter Tomarken9/13/88Tracee/Carole/MichaelA/OC/TA-5Y
WipeoutPeter Tomarken9/14/88Sam/Jean/AnnetteA/OC/TA-6Y
WipeoutPeter Tomarken9/15/88Ron/Alieta/DianaA/OC/TA-7Y
WipeoutPeter Tomarken9/16/88Kenny/Betsy/DottieA/OC/TA-8Y
WipeoutPeter Tomarken9/19/88Valerie/Roy/KathyA/OC/TA-9Y
WipeoutPeter Tomarken9/20/88Pam/Katha/RickA/OC/TA-10Y
WipeoutPeter Tomarken9/21/88Mando/Lisa/RickA/OC/TA-11Y
WipeoutPeter Tomarken9/22/88Dave/Jim/MichelleA/OC/TA-12Y
WipeoutPeter Tomarken9/23/88Bonnie/Kristin/MattA/OC/TA-13Y
WipeoutPeter Tomarken9/26/88Lori/Gavin/KarenA/OC/TA-14Y
WipeoutPeter Tomarken9/27/88Sharon/Steve/SueA/OC/TA-15Y
WipeoutPeter Tomarken9/28/88Heather/Duane/SteveA/OC/TA-16Y
Tic Tac Dough (1978-1986 Syn)Jim Caldwell1985#H-002 - Chellie vs. DragonA/GSN/TA-1Y
Tic Tac Dough (1978-1986 Syn)Jim Caldwell1985#H-003 - Chellie vs. TriciaA-/GSNY
Tic Tac Dough (1978-1986 Syn)Jim Caldwell1985#H-009 - Thomas vs. JoanA/GameTVY
Tic Tac Dough (1978-1986 Syn)Jim Caldwell1985#H-011 - Joan vs. DianeA/GameTVY
Tic Tac Dough (1978-1986 Syn)Jim Caldwell1985#H-015 - Diane vs. WilliamA/GameTVY
Tic Tac Dough (1978-1986 Syn)Jim Caldwell1985#H-022 - Holly vs. MattA/GameTVY
Tic Tac Dough (1978-1986 Syn)Jim Caldwell1985#H-026 - Genny vs. MichelleA/GameTVY
Tic Tac Dough (1978-1986 Syn)Jim Caldwell1986#H-080 - Barry vs. Jamie1stGen/GameTVY
Tic Tac Dough (1978-1986 Syn)Jim Caldwell1986#H-081 - Barry vs. Lee1stGen/GameTVY
Tic Tac Dough (1978-1986 Syn)Jim Caldwell1986#H-082 - Barry vs. Tim (last segment missing)1stGen/GameTVY
Tic Tac Dough (1978-1986 Syn)Jim Caldwell1986#H-083 - Barry vs. Dee1stGen/GameTVY
Tic Tac Dough (1978-1986 Syn)Jim Caldwell1986#H-084 - Barry vs. Joey1stGen/GameTVY
Tic Tac Dough (1978-1986 Syn)Jim Caldwell1986#H-085 - Barry vs. Joey (continued)1stGen/GameTVY
Tic Tac Dough (1978-1986 Syn)Jim Caldwell1986#H-086 - Barry vs. Dragon1stGen/GameTVY
Tic Tac Dough (1978-1986 Syn)Jim Caldwell1986#H-087 - Barry vs. Dragon, then vs. Dana1stGen/GameTVY
Price is Right, TheBob Barker3/30/83Super Ball/Dice Game/Most Expensive/Range Game/Hi Lo/Money GameA/GSN/TA-2Y
Price is Right, TheBob Barker4/5/83Give or Keep/Temptation/Poker Game/Squeeze Play/Penny Ante/Dice GameA/GSN/TA-2Y
Price is Right, TheBob Barker4/26/83Now and Then/Double Prices/Temptation/Range Game/Any Number/Trader BobA/GSN/TA-2Y
Now You See ItMike Meade1985First contestants: Kim vs. MarinoA/OC/TA-1Y
Wheel of FortuneJohn Burgess1985Duane/Christine/JohnA/OC/TA-1Y
Family Feud South AfricaSteve Harvey2020Episode 12 - Chirwa vs. VermuelenA/OCY