Game Shows P – S

TitleHostAirdateDescriptionCatalog Info
ParanoiaPeter Tomarken4/14/00Premiere – has a $80,000 and a $61,500 win, Mike Klauss wins the infamous E-machine 1stGen/OC
Parent Game, TheClark RaceMike & Sherry/Chuck & Marina/Louis & Tracy - Aired pilot A/GSN
Parent Game, TheClark RacePaul & Candice/Ernie & Sandy/Chuck & Carol A/GSN
Parent Game, TheClark RaceBruce & Jarine/Doug & Jackie/Dwayne & Kathleen A-/GSN
Parent Game, TheClark RaceMelville & Wendy/Jim & Pat/Holly & Carolyn A-/GSN
Pass the BuckBill Cullen3/4/78Premiere; $5,000 winA/SM,
Pass the BuckBill Cullen4/4/782nd episode – Starts with Barbara and Ellen leftA/SM,
Pass the BuckBill Cullen5/4/783rd episode – Ellen/Pat/Linda/BarbaraA/SM,
Pass the BuckBill Cullen4/6/784th episode – Tobey vs. the end gameA/SM,
Pass the BuckBill Cullen005 - Toby/Jeff/Maureen/Steve A/SM,
Pass the BuckBill Cullen006 - Toby at Fast Bucks A/SM
Pass the BuckBill Cullen007 - Bianca at Fast Bucks A/SM
Pass the BuckBill Cullen008 - Jeff/Jean/Bianca A/SM
Pass the BuckBill Cullen009 - Jeff/BiancaA/SM
Pass the BuckBill Cullen010 - Jean/David/Linda/JoyceA/SM
Pass the BuckBill Cullen011 - Linda/JoyceA/SM
Pass the BuckBill Cullen012 - Sandy/LoisA/SM,
Pass the BuckBill Cullen013 - Sandy/Lois/Michael/LynnA/SM
Pass the BuckBill Cullen014 - Michael/Mary/LynnA/SM
Pass the BuckBill Cullen015 - Michael/Pat/James/KarenA/SM,
Pass the BuckBill Cullen016 - James at Fast BucksA/SM
Pass the BuckBill Cullen017 - Michael/Pat/James/KarenA/SM
Pass the BuckBill Cullen018 - Michael/James/KarenA/SM,
Pass the BuckBill Cullen019 - James vs. Steve A/GSN
Pass the BuckBill Cullen020 - Michael at Fast Bucks A-/GSN
Pass the BuckBill Cullen021 - Michael/Ellen/Barry/Karen A/GSN
Pass the BuckBill Cullen022 - Barry/KarenA/SM,
Pass the BuckBill Cullen023 - Annette at Fast BucksA/SM,
Pass the BuckBill Cullen024 - Margie/TonyA/SM,
Pass the BuckBill Cullen025 - Bill/Tony/SusanA/SM
Pass the BuckBill Cullen026 - Tina at Fast BucksA/SM,
Pass the BuckBill Cullen027 - Susan/Tina/Roger/GeorgiA/SM
Pass the BuckBill Cullen028 - Roger at Fast BucksA/SM
Pass the BuckBill Cullen029 - Linda/Alice/John/DianeA/SM
Pass the BuckBill Cullen030 - Linda/AliceA/SM
Pass the BuckBill CullenMichael vs. Marilyn 1stGen/GSN
Pass the BuckBill CullenJean/David/Linda/Joyce A/GSN
Pass the BuckBill Cullen062 - Valerie/Lenny/Nicki/Matthew - FinaleA/SM
Password/Password Plus/Super PasswordAll versions of Password now have their own page!
(Super) Pay CardsArt JamesPaul/Celeste/Jack A-/RPT
(Super) Pay CardsArt James1981 - Lois vs. Ed A/SM?
(Super) Pay CardsArt James#115 - 1981 - Margo vs. Stan A/SM
(Super) Pay CardsArt JamesEli vs. David A-/OB
(Super) Pay CardsArt JamesHelen vs. Mitchell A-/OB
(Super) Pay CardsArt JamesLaurie vs. Don A-/CHCH
(Super) Pay CardsArt JamesMark vs. Ann Marie B/OB
PDQDennis JamesStubby Kaye/Dick Patterson/Gisele McKenzie A-/Kine
Penny to a MillionBud Collyer1955Pilot episodeA-/Kine
Penny to a MillionBill Goodwin1955Sue/Carl/Arthur/Virginia A/Kine
Penny to a MillionBill Goodwin1955Eleanor/Wayne/Arlene/ReneA/Kine
Penny to a MillionBill Goodwin1955Johnny/Phyllis/Charles/Cecile A-/Kine
Perfect Match, TheDick Enberg1967Sherry/Ariane/Lynne/Rowen/Neal/Earon – Premiere episode? A/GSN
Perfect Match, TheDick Enberg1967Sharon/Arden/Sue/Larry/Art/Bill 1stGen/GSN
Perfect Match, TheDick Enberg1967Diane/Sue/Andrea, Rick/Gary/Dick A/GSN
Perfect Match, TheDick Enberg1967Chris, Jodi, Candy, Ron, Byron, ZacharyA-/GSN
Perfect Match, TheDick Enberg1967Susan, Merle, Gloria, Terry, Tom, RichardA-/GSN
Perfect Match, TheDick Enberg1967Carol, Molly, Sandy, Steven, Bruce, NeilA-/GSN
Perfect Match, TheDick Enberg1967Emily, Sharon, Barbara, Dennis, Jim, JohnA-/GSN
Perfect Match, TheDick Enberg1967Sonya, Sheri, Terry, Jim, Ed, RonA-/GSN
Perfect Match, TheDick Enberg1967Andrea, Erin, Dottie, Bick, Gordon, MarkA-/GSN
Perfect Match, TheDick Enberg1967Rita, Joan, Gerry, Irwin, Vic, TomA-/GSN
Perfect Match, TheDick Enberg1967Donna, Karen, Jo Ann, Rick, Lloyd, JohnA-/GSN
Perfect Match, TheDick Enberg1967Darlene, Kathy, Kay, Bruce, Paul, AndyA-/GSN
Perfect Match, TheDick Enberg1967Michelle, Darlene, Pat, Seth, Paul, RodA-/GSN
Perfect Match, TheDick Enberg1967Suzi, Rebecca, Carole, Wayne, Neil, DennisA-/GSN
Perfect MatchBob GoenScott & Cari/Gino & Jessie/Ken & Bertha A-/OC
Perfect MatchBob GoenMike & Claire/George & Leslie/Louis & Marla A-/OC
PersonalityLarry BlydenJack Cassidy, Flip Wilson, Joan Rivers A/GSN
PictionaryBrian Robbins1989Premiere episodeB/OC
PictionaryAlan ThickeJackie Zeman/Steven J. Cannell/Susan Ruttan/Corbin Bernsen - 2 shows with Aaron Solomon as a contestant A/OC
PictionaryAlan ThickeTerry Murphy/Windsor Harmon/Anna Marie Goddard/Richard Simmons A/OB
PictionaryAlan ThickeMelba Moore/Brooke Lee/Ben Stein/Jm J. Bullock A/OB
Picture ThisJerry Van DykeRare episode A/Kine
PicturekaCory AlmeidaJack/Joey vs. Kaitlyn/Alexis A/Hub
PicturekaCory AlmeidaJohnny/Lea vs. Melanie/AmandaA/Hub
PicturekaCory AlmeidaRebecca/Chris vs. Taylor/TyA/Hub
PitfallAlex TrebekJane vs. Mona A/OB
PitfallAlex TrebekEpisode with Alex dancing during the Pitfall round B/OB
PitfallAlex TrebekHere’s a dumb contestant, she forgets her Pitpass TWICE B-/OB
PitfallAlex TrebekBill vs. Eileen A-/OB
PitfallAlex TrebekSharon vs. Sunny A-/OB
PitfallAlex TrebekVivienne vs. Dan A-/OB
PitfallAlex TrebekVonnie vs. Paul A/OC
Place the FaceBill Cullen2/11/54Xavier Cugat A-/Kine
Play the PercentagesGeoff Edwards1/7/80Premiere A-/GSN,
Play the PercentagesGeoff Edwards#02 – Greci vs. Aronson A/USA
Play the PercentagesGeoff Edwards#03 – Greci at Bonus Game A/USA
Play the PercentagesGeoff Edwards#04 – Greci vs. Hawkins A/USA
Play the PercentagesGeoff Edwards#05 – Hawkins vs. Williams A/USA
Play the PercentagesGeoff Edwards#06 – Hawkins vs. Katz A/USA
Play the PercentagesGeoff Edwards#07 – Hawkins vs. Fox A/USA
Play the PercentagesGeoff Edwards#08 – Fox vs. Barnes A/USA
Play the PercentagesGeoff Edwards#09 – Fox at Bonus Game A/USA
Play the PercentagesGeoff Edwards#10 – Gold at Bonus Game
Play the PercentagesGeoff Edwards#11 – Gold at Bonus Game A/USA
Play the PercentagesGeoff Edwards#12 – Smets at Bonus Game A/USA
Play the PercentagesGeoff Edwards#13 – Burns vs. Kirk A/USA
Play the PercentagesGeoff Edwards#14 – Burns vs. Williams A/USA
Play the PercentagesGeoff Edwards#15 – Williams vs. Samuels A/USA
Play the PercentagesGeoff Edwards#16 – Williams vs. Byrne A/USA
Play the PercentagesGeoff Edwards#17 – Williams vs. Birnstein – Geoff gives away an answer! A/USA
Play the PercentagesGeoff Edwards#18 – Birnstein vs. Mott A/USA
Play the PercentagesGeoff Edwards#19 – Birnstein vs. Cohen A/USA
Play the PercentagesGeoff Edwards#20 – Birnstein vs. Palmer A/USA
Play the PercentagesGeoff Edwards#21 – Palmer at Bonus Game A/USA
Play the PercentagesGeoff Edwards#22 – Palmer vs. Smith A/USA
Play the PercentagesGeoff Edwards#35 – Phelan vs. Faunce – Bob Hilton announces A/USA
Play the PercentagesGeoff Edwards#36 – Faunce vs. Pittman A/USA
Play the PercentagesGeoff Edwards#37 – Egelhoff vs. Hickman A/USA
Play the PercentagesGeoff Edwards#38 – Egelhoff at Bonus Game A/USA
Play the PercentagesGeoff Edwards#39 – Petsch vs. Jennison A/USA
Play the PercentagesGeoff Edwards#40 – Jennison vs. Rolnik A/USA
Play the PercentagesGeoff Edwards#41 – Rolnik vs. Bonus Game – First show with solo format A/USA
Play the PercentagesGeoff Edwards#42 – Phil vs. Kate A/USA
Play the PercentagesGeoff Edwards#43 – Phil vs. Rich A/USA
Play the PercentagesGeoff Edwards#44 – Rich at Bonus Game A/USA
Play the PercentagesGeoff Edwards#45 – Warren vs. Barb A/USA
Play the PercentagesGeoff Edwards#46 – Warren vs. Brad A/USA
Play the PercentagesGeoff EdwardsBob vs. Ted B+/USA
Play the PercentagesGeoff EdwardsTom at the bonus round B/USA
Play the PercentagesGeoff EdwardsLarry vs. Tom A/USA
Play the PercentagesGeoff EdwardsLots and lots of hilarious clips and exchanges, including one w/ Dan Enright A-/SM
Play Your HunchMerv GriffinPilot - Sweeny vs. Thorsten A-/Kine
Play Your HunchMerv Griffin7/30/58Sheppards at Bonus A/GSN,
Play Your HunchMerv Griffin4/15/60Lovejoys vs. Danforths – debut of Nighttime version 1stGen/GSN
Play Your HunchMerv Griffin8/26/60Mauney vs. Stromquist - Jaye P. Morgan A/GSN
Play Your HunchMerv Griffin6/20/62Braun vs. Nitz - Primetime A/Kine
Poker RoyaleKevin Nealon1st episode 1stGen/GSN
Poker RoyaleKevin Nealon2nd episode 1stGen/GSN
Poker RoyaleKevin Nealon3rd episode 1stGen/GSN
Poker RoyaleKevin Nealon4th episode 1stGen/GSN
Poker RoyaleKevin Nealon6th episode 1stGen/GSN
Pop 'N' Rocker Game, TheJon BaumanJohn/Wendi/Merrill A-/OC
Power of 10, TheDrew Carey8/7/07Jamie Sadler A/OC
Power of 10, TheDrew Carey8/8/07Louise Palmer A/OC
Power of 10, TheDrew Carey8/15/07Kathleen Decker A/OC
Power of 10, TheDrew Carey8/22/07Dewey Norman A/OC
Power of 10, TheDrew CareyBrian vs. Jim Lee A/OC
Power of 10, TheDrew CareyTony vs. Brenda A/OC
Powerball: The Game ShowBob Eubanks2000First $1M win!B/OB
Powerball: The Game ShowBob Eubanks2002Final episode with yet another tearful farewell from Bob Eubanks A/OC
Powerball Instant MillionaireTodd Newton2002First episodeA/OC
Press Your LuckThis show has its own page!
Price is Right, TheAll versions have their own page!
Professor Yes ‘n’ NoBill CullenShow #11 A/Kine
PyramidAll versions of Pyramid have their own page!
QuicksilverRon MaestriFirst episode A-/OB
QuicksilverRon MaestriAngie/Ann/Buck B+/USA
QuicksilverRon MaestriLuanne/Gary/Nancy B+/USA
Quiz Kids, TheJim MacKrell1978John/Andrea/David/Irene/JoelB/OB
Quiz Kids ChallengeJonathan PrinceAdam/Ralph/Christine vs. Jenean/Tim/Stacy A-/GSN
Quiz Kids ChallengeJonathan PrinceAdam/Ralph/Christine vs. Judd/Teresa/Mary A/GSN
Quiz Kids ChallengeJonathan PrinceAziki/David/Taos vs. Larry/Alexandra/RuthA/GSN
Quiz Kids ChallengeJonathan PrinceTim/Shamola/Aaron vs. Claudia/Jerry/ChristieA/GSN
Quiz Kids ChallengeJonathan PrinceToby/Susie/Justin vs. Tom/Tracie/MikeA/GSN
Reel Game, TheJack Barry5/3/71Show 06150 – Jack Barry hosts this rarity – final episode A/SM OC
Reel-to-Reel Picture Show, ThePeter MarshallLainie Kazan vs. Abe Vigoda A-/OB
Relatively SpeakingJohn BynerMeredith MacRae, Jamie Farr, Melanie Rogers, Henry Polic II - Guest: Gary OwensA/OC
Relatively SpeakingJohn BynerAnne Bloom, Jamie Farr, Meredith MacRae, Paul Kreppel - Dr. Joyce Brothers is a guestA-/OB
Relatively SpeakingJohn BynerAnne Bloom, Tom Poston, Marcia Wallace, Bill Kirchenbauer - Guest is Tammy WynetteA/OC
Relatively SpeakingJohn BynerAnne Bloom, Pat Harrington, Sally Struthers, Bill Kirchenbauer - Guest is Jack LaLanneB-/OB
Relatively SpeakingJohn BynerAnne Bloom, Steve Allen, Charlotte Rae, Robb Weller - Louis Nye is a guestA-/OB
Relatively SpeakingJohn BynerAnne Bloom, Jamie Farr, Sally Struthers, Dick Martin - Louie Anderson is a guestB-/OB
Remote ControlKen Ober1987Chuck/Dina/Dan – Premiere episode A/MTV
Remote ControlKen Ober1987Mike/Kelly/Tom – Triple yank A/MTV
Remote ControlKen Ober1987Lisa/George/Laura – Pies in the face! A/MTV
Remote ControlKen Ober1988Stuart/Denise/Steve A/MTV
Remote ControlKen Ober1988Tom/Suzanne/Roge – Salute to dairy products A/MTV
Remote ControlKen Ober1988Albert/Sheila/Tom – Adam Sandler appears A/MTV
Remote ControlKen Ober1988Ted/Lisa/David – Bob Eubanks drops by A/MTV
Remote ControlKen Ober1988Victor/Laurie/Skip – LL Cool J appears A/MTV
Remote ControlKen Ober1988Brandon Cruz/Butch Patrick/Danny Bonaduce A/MTV
Remote ControlKen Ober1988Tom/Leslie/Carl – Salute to Cindy Brady A/MTV
Remote ControlKen Ober1988Phil McConkey/Steve Sax (fake)/Sidney Green – Sports stars episode A/MTV
Remote ControlKen Ober1988Dizzy Dean Davidson/Lorraine Lewis/Charlie Benante – Salute to Metal A/MTV
Remote ControlKen Ober1988Eric/Leigh/Arthur – “Lost episode from 1975” A/MTV
Remote ControlKen Ober1988Weird Al Yankovic/Julie Brown/LL Cool J A/MTV
Remote ControlKen Ober1988Joe/Keith/Kimberly – Christmas show A/MTV
Remote ControlKen OberTed/Michelle/Scott – aired as part of Ken Ober tribute1stGen/MTV
Remote ControlKen OberAndy/Stacy/Robert – aired as part of Ken Ober tribute1stGen/MTV
Remote ControlKen OberBill/Aelyse/Steve A-/MTV
Remote ControlKen OberBoomer/David/Ron A-/OB
Remote ControlKen OberDizzy Dean/Lorraine/Charlie A-/MTV
Remote ControlKen OberJason/Gina/Jim A/MTV
Remote ControlKen OberJoe/Angie/Vern A-/MTV
Remote ControlKen OberMike/Andrea/Paul A-/MTV
Remote ControlKen OberNancy/Kevin/Carol B+/SM
Remote ControlKen OberPaul/Andrea/Erik A-/MTV
Remote ControlKen OberFinal episode B/MTV
Rhyme and ReasonBob Eubanks1975Nispey Russell, Richard Dawson, Jaye P. Morgan, Jack Cassidy A+/SM
Rodeo DriveLouise DuArt1990Kate/Paul/Midori A/OC
Rodeo DriveLouise DuArt1990Anita/Jeremy/VickyB-/OB
RuckusThe Amazing Jonathan19918 random episodes A/GSN
Rumor Has ItBrian O'Connor1993Gina/Linda/Anthony B/VH1
Russian RouletteMark L. WalbergFirst aired episode 1stGen/GSN
Russian RouletteMark L. WalbergHalloween Show 1stGen/GSN
Russian RouletteMark L. WalbergTodd Newton hosts – April Fool’s special 1stGen/GSN
Russian RouletteMark L. WalbergFirst Celebrity edition 1stGen/GSN
Russian RouletteMark L. WalbergCassie/Richa/Sharlene/Mike A/GSN
Russian RouletteMark L. WalbergDarren/Amy/Gordon/Julie A/GSN
Russian RouletteMark L. WalbergFrank/Laura/Jiliana/Joe - Christmas show A/GSN
Russian RouletteMark L. WalbergKen/Crystal/Nicole/Chris A/GSN
Russian RouletteMark L. WalbergSteve/Dan/Elizabeth/Isaac A/GSN
Russian RouletteMark L. WalbergVincent/Al/Gerald/Cheryl A/GSN
Russian RouletteMark L. WalbergKristin/(La)Rae/Ed/Tim - Former Blockbusters champ LaRae Dillman playsA-/GSN
Sale of the CenturyThis show has its own page!
Say When!!Art JamesGuest vs. Morensen B/SM,
Say When!!Art JamesWallace vs. Roels B/Kine
ScattergoriesDick Clark1992Anne-Marie Johnson, Wolfgang Puck & Barbara Lazaroff, Chuck Woolery, "Ice", Brett ButlerB/SM
ScattergoriesDick Clark1993Brian Austin Green, Anne-Marie Johnson, Chuck Woolery, Eleni Calevas, Kelsey Grammer – Premiere episode B+/OC
ScattergoriesDick Clark1993Brian Austin Green, Anne-Marie Johnson, Chuck Woolery, Eleni Calevas, Kelsey GrammerA/OB
ScattergoriesDick Clark1993Judge Wapner, Beverly Johnson, Jerry Mathers, Sweet Lou Dunbar, Jenna Von Oy – HILARIOUS, ridiculous answers in this episode! Recommended! 1stGen/OB
ScattergoriesDick Clark1993Lou Rawls, Angela Watson, Marc Summers, Jill Goodacre, Richard Kline - 2 episodesA/OB
ScattergoriesDick Clark1993Betty White, Mark DeCarlo, Nicole Eggert, Adam West, Robin QuiversA-/OB
Scholars' BowlDiana Morgan4/94Lee High School (Nick’s alma mater) vs. Greeneville High, TN 1stGen/OB
Scholars' BowlDiana Morgan1996Championship Game, with quite a bit of cheering at the end!!1stGen/OB
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1984PILOT with Laura Chambers winning $25,000! C/SM
ScrabbleChuck Woolery7/2/84Vanessa vs. Jack - First show A/OC
ScrabbleChuck Woolery7/3/84Jeff vs. Claude A/OC
ScrabbleChuck Woolery7/4/84Mary Jo vs. Jack at Sprint Round – Jack gets his 3rd and 4th sprint wins – 1st time a 10 second penalty occurs A/OC
ScrabbleChuck Woolery7/5/84Hugh vs. Kimie A/OC
ScrabbleChuck Woolery7/6/84Sharon vs. Lois A/OC
ScrabbleChuck Woolery7/9/84Ken vs. Robin A/OC
ScrabbleChuck Woolery7/10/84Joan vs. Jack A/OC
ScrabbleChuck Woolery7/11/84Lori vs. Harvey – Great sprint round is decided with less than one second left! A/OC
ScrabbleChuck Woolery7/12/84Kathy vs. Maggie at Sprint Round A/OC
ScrabbleChuck Woolery7/13/84Bobbi vs. Don A/OC
ScrabbleChuck Woolery7/16/84Jim vs. Annie A/OC
ScrabbleChuck Woolery7/17/84Marion vs. Lance A/OC
ScrabbleChuck Woolery7/18/84Lanette vs. Jim – Quick 3-0 blitz in 1st game A/OC
ScrabbleChuck Woolery7/19/84Annie vs. Bill at Sprint Round A/OC
ScrabbleChuck Woolery7/20/84Paul vs. Lilli – Chuck’s daughter appears A/OC
ScrabbleChuck Woolery7/23/84Adrian vs. Laura A/OC
ScrabbleChuck Woolery7/24/84Beverly vs. Chuck – Annie becomes the first 10 game winner A/OC
ScrabbleChuck Woolery7/25/84Robin vs. Mike at Sprint Round – “Wippers”? A/OC
ScrabbleChuck Woolery7/26/84Kimberly vs. Martin A/OC
ScrabbleChuck Woolery7/27/84Carl vs. Lisa A/OC
ScrabbleChuck Woolery7/30/84Eric vs. Pebbles A/OC
ScrabbleChuck Woolery7/31/84Lysa vs. Jerry A/OC
ScrabbleChuck Woolery2/8/84David vs. Jamie A/OC
ScrabbleChuck Woolery8/3/84Heidi vs. Richard A/OC
ScrabbleChuck Woolery8/6/84Melanie vs. Bill A/OC
ScrabbleChuck Woolery8/7/84Kirstin vs. Melanie at Sprint Round A/OC
ScrabbleChuck Woolery8/8/84Bruce vs. Lisa – Clock error in Sprint Round A/OC
ScrabbleChuck Woolery8/9/84Danny vs. Wendelin A/OC
ScrabbleChuck Woolery8/10/84Rick vs. Cynthia at Sprint Round A/OC
ScrabbleChuck Woolery9/26/84Jerry vs. Lori A/OC
ScrabbleChuck Woolery9/27/84Bob vs Rhonda A/OC
ScrabbleChuck Woolery9/28/84Dean vs. Lori at Sprint Round A/OC
ScrabbleChuck Woolery10/1/84Barbara vs. Steve A/OC
ScrabbleChuck Woolery10/2/84Dean vs. Barbara at Sprint Round A/OC
ScrabbleChuck Woolery11/84Phyl vs. Rick A-/OB
ScrabbleChuck Woolery19841984 - John at Sprint A-/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery12/84Kimberley vs. Jason - Teen Christmas week B/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery12/25/84Shanah vs. Jeremy; Aaron vs. Theresa – Christmas Day A-/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1985Irving vs. Tricia; Shelly vs. Paul B/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1985CLIP: Sang can’t seem to play the Sprint round right here, it’s terrible, but hilarious! C/OB
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1985Dale vs. Jaynie - Chuck’s birthday A/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1985Gary vs. Juanita B/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1985Craig vs. Denese A-/OB
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1985Annie vs. Jeff - Tournament finals B/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1985John vs. India - Spelling format A-/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1985John vs. Karen - Spelling format A-/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1985Bill vs. Debbie - Spelling format A-/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1985Cindi vs. Rick - Spelling format A-/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1985Mitchell at Sprint - Spelling format A-/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery2/14/86Scott at Scrabble Sprint A/OC
ScrabbleChuck Woolery3/86Lois vs. John A/OC
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1986Armond at Sprint A/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1986Bill vs. Bob A-/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1986Donna vs. Jon A-/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1986Joan vs. CurtisB/OB
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1986Kevin vs. Kathy A-/OB
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1986Linda vs. Richard A-/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1986Nancy vs. Dixie A-/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1986Beverly vs. Rick A/OC
ScrabbleChuck Woolery9/29/86Cayce vs. Eric - First day of tournament B/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1986Annie vs. Jeff; Al vs. Sunny – Tournament Finals A/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1987Pat vs. Paul A/OB
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1987Michelle vs. Chuck B/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1987Patty vs. Harvey A-/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1987Tanya vs. Tony A-/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1987Regina vs. Bruce A-/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1987Ollie vs. David A/OB
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1987Jane vs. DavidA/OB
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1987Delilah vs. Steve A/OB
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1987Avis vs. Ken A-/OB
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1987Dianne vs. Chuck; Kate vs. Bernie – Home Game plug B/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1987Jill vs. Doug; Ruth vs. Scott A-/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1987Denise vs. Scott; Joy vs. Rick A-/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1987Marlo Jo vs. Gary; Marlyse vs. Doug – opening cut off A-/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1987Game Show Hosts Week - John Davidson vs. Peter Tomarken - Chuck plays in the 2nd game while Marc Summers hosts! A-/OB
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1987Game Show Hosts Week - Jamie Farr vs. Tom Kennedy A-/OB
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1987Game Show Hosts Week - John Davidson vs,. Jamie Farr B-/OB
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1987Game Show Hosts Week - Jamie Farr vs. Bill Rafferty B-/OB
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1988Alvie vs. Lou A-/OB
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1988Linda vs. MichaelA-/OB
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1988Anny vs. Cary - beginning missingA-/OB
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1988Carol vs. Joe A/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1988Brooke vs. Brett - Teen Week A-/OC
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1988Kristie vs. Sol - Teen Week A-/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1988Tiffany vs. Sol - Teen Week A-/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1988Game Show Hosts Week - Wink Martindale vs. Jamie Farr A-/OB
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1988Game Show Hosts Week - Jim Lange vs. Vicki Lawrence A-/OB
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1988Game Show Hosts Week - Wink Martindale vs. Bill RaffertyA-/OB
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1988Nicole Eggert vs. Danny Ponce, Scott Neimes vs. Soleil Moon Frye - Celebrity Teen Week B-/OB
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1988Shannen Doherty vs. Scott Neimes, Gary Coleman vs. Nicole Eggert - Celebrity Teen WeekB-/OB
ScrabbleChuck Woolery11/88Days of Our Lives Week - 2 episodes B/OB
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1989Soap Stars Week - Full Week A-/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1989Amy vs. Sol - Teen Week - A/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1989Heather vs. Hang - Teen Week A/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1989Jessica vs. Jake - Teen Week A/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1989Kelly vs. Chief - Teen Week A/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1989Kim vs. Victor - Teen Week A/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1989Nichole vs. Hang - Teen Week A/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1989Michael vs. Patty A/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1989Parnell vs. Natasha A/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1989Stormy vs. Ed A/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1989Susan vs. Lorcan A/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1989Susi vs. Joel A/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1989Shauna vs. Rick A/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1989Annie vs. Bryan A/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1989Annie vs. Brian A/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1989Annie vs. Ed A/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1989Linda vs. Billy A/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1989Fran vs. Pooh A/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1989Liz vs. Jeff A/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1989Elizabeth vs. Mark A/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1989Lori vs. Jim A/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1989Shauna vs. Basel A/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1989Shirley vs. Rick A/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1989Wendy vs. Hymie A/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1989Lisa vs. Jim A/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1989Nyla vs. Mark A/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1989Nyla vs. John A/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1989Jill vs. Craig A/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1989Jill vs. John A/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1989Sherri vs. John A/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1989Dorian vs. Louis A/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1989Laura vs. Keith A/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1989Renee vs. Phil A/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1989Lauri vs. Daniel A/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1989Lauri vs. David A/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1989Birgit vs. Gary A/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1989Sheri vs. David A/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1989Jill vs. Don A/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1989Cindy vs. Gary A/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1989Trisha vs. Phil A/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1989Trisha vs. Daran A/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1989Felice vs. Michael A/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1989Peggy vs. Jim A/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1989Margaret vs. Dave A/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1989Margaret vs. Harvey A/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1989Sheila vs. Harvey A/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1989Sheila vs. Don A/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1989Jackie vs. Gilbert A/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1989Janet vs. Vartan A/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1989Eve vs. Brian A/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1989Lorri vs. Steven A/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1989Lorri vs. Toby A/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1989Lorri vs. Eric A/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1989Alice vs. Tom A/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1989Alice vs. Mitch A/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1989Stacy vs. Dio A/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1989Stacy vs. Jim A/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1989Shannon vs. Jim A/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1989Alanna vs. Jim A/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1989Beth vs. Jim A/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1989Beth vs. Jerry A/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1989Beth vs. Sam A/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1989Jennifer vs. John A/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1989Jennifer vs. Steve A/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1989Jenniver vs. Don A/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1989Jennifer vs. Ron A/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1989Sheila vs. Ron A/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1989Audra vs. Don A/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1989Debbie vs. Carlos A/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1989Shari vs. John A/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1989Alana vs. Jeremy A/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1989Alana vs. Payman A/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1989Pattie vs. John A/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1989Danette vs. John A/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1989Danielle vs. Brian A/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1989Danielle vs. Mycal A/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1989Lorri vs. Walter A/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1989Lorri vs. Brian A/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1989Azalee vs. Eric A/USA,
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1989Lysa vs. EricA/USA,
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1989Tricia vs. Eric A/USA,
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1989Adrienne vs. EricA/USA,
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1989Carla vs. Gill A/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1989Joanne vs. Robert A/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1989Joanne vs. Stephen A/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1989Jill vs. Stephen A/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1989Jill vs. Orman A/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1989Marci vs. Robert A/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1989Marci vs. Jeffrey A/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1989Janeen vs. Ron A/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1989Janeen vs. Dean A/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1989Mary vs. Dean A/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1989Ellen vs. Jeff A/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1989Ellen vs. David A/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1989Jeanne vs. Tommy A/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1989Sandy vs. Joel A/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1989Cindy vs. Derek A/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1989Cindy vs. Gary A/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1989Nilke vs. Tony A/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1989Jacqui vs. Tony A/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1989Sharyne vs. The Bunny A/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1989Sarone vs. Larry A/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1989Stephanie vs. Grady A/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1989Brenda vs. Robin A/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1989Gwendolyn vs. Joe A/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1989Lauri vs. Kent A/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1989Lauri vs. Doug A/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1989Jill vs. Randy A/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1989Mary vs. Jim A/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1989Nicci vs. Cary A/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1989Tricia vs. Cary A/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1989Tricia vs. David A/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1989Joan vs. David A/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1989Jonelle vs. Stan A/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1989Carolee vs. Stan A/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1989Carolee vs. Bill A/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1989Maggie vs. Bill A/USA
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1989Amy vs. Ron A-/OB
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1990M’Lee vs. Ron A/OC
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1990Bucky vs. Joy A/OC
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1990Mary vs. Zak; Cathy vs. Terry – 5th to last show A-/OC
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1990Janet vs. Terry; Tracia vs. Tommy – 4th to last show A-/OC
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1990Tracia vs. Tom; D’Arlyn vs. Chip – 3rd to last show A-/OC
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1990Tracia vs. Joe; Debbie vs. Darren – 2nd to last showA-/OC
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1990Debbie vs. George - Finale A-/OC
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1993Deb vs. George - Revival Premiere, George was champ on the 1990 finaleA/OB
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1993Deb vs. KyleA/OB
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1993Joanne vs. RyanA/OB
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1993Lori vs. ChrisA/OB
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1993Yvette vs. SandyA/OB
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1993Priscilla vs. Ralph GarmanA/OB
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1993Priscilla vs. DennisA/OB
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1993Pam vs. MikeA/OB
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1993Jannette vs. MikeA/OB
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1993Caryn vs. Blake A-/OB
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1993Cheryl vs. Milt A-/OB
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1993Christy vs. JohnA-/OB
ScrabbleChuck Woolery1993Jean vs. PeterA-/OB
Second ChanceJim PeckTaped 11/9/76 Pilot of this PYL forerunner, with the same Maggie Browne and the same Jack Campion! A/SM
Second ChanceJim PeckBob/Davenia/Marion A-/OC
Second ChanceJim PeckJean/Joseph/BobA-/OC
Sense and NonsenseBob Kennedy1954Various episode of this DuMont rarity A-/Kine
Seven KeysJack NarzKTLA episode – First contestant: Bob A/Kine
Seven KeysJack NarzKTLA episode – First contestant: Vern B/SM
Seven KeysJack Narz7/62ABC episode – First contestant: Gloria C/SM
Shadow StumpersBrent GuntsRare episode B/Kine
ShenanigansStubby Kaye1965Debbie vs. Kenny B/Kine OC
Shop Til You DropPat Finn1991Denise/Tom vs. Jon/Natalie B/Lifetime
Shop Til You DropPat Finn1993Rebecca/Kyle vs. Donna/David A/Lifetime
Shop Til You DropPat Finn1996Kevin/Lori vs. Misty/Brian A/Fam
Shop Til You DropPat Finn1996Linda/George vs. Terese/Phil A/Fam
Shop Til You DropPat Finn1996Misty/Brian vs. Lori/Kevin A/Fam
Shop Til You DropPat Finn1996Tammy/Mark vs. Lynaire/BarryA/Fam
Shop Til You DropPat Finn2000Diana/Ben vs. Elvis/Jessica A/GSN
Shop Til You DropPat Finn2000Rebecca/Joey vs. Michelle/RyanA/GSN
Shop Til You DropPat Finn2000Veronica/Ernesto vs. Cecila/BryanA/GSN
Shop Til You DropPat Finn2000Yolanda/Aron vs. Debra/KevinA/GSN
Shop Til You DropJD Roberto2003Alaine/Cynthia vs. Sam ScottA-/Pax
Shop Til You DropJD Roberto2004Shawn/Dustin vs. Olina/KarinaA-/Pax
Shopping SpreeRon PearsonAlice vs. Antionette A/Fam
Shopping SpreeRon PearsonGenoa vs. Gigi and Julian A/Fam
Shopping SpreeRon PearsonGloria vs. Pui A/Fam
Shopping SpreeRon PearsonHellura vs. Kathryn A/Fam
Shopping SpreeRon PearsonJanet vs. Suzanne A/Fam
Shopping SpreeRon PearsonSharlene vs. Gigi A/Fam
Shopping SpreeRon PearsonVirginia vs. Maureen A/Fam
Show MeJack Narz1962Celebrities try to demonstrate a secret word to contestants without saying it. Local show on KTLA.A/SM
Show Me the MoneyWilliam ShatnerFirst contestant: Paulara Hawkins A/GSN
ShowoffsBobby Van#128 - Dr. Joyce Brothers/Dick Gautier vs. Karen Morrow/Mike Farrell 1stGen/Buzzr
ShowoffsBobby VanDr. Joyce Brothers/Dick Gautier vs. Karen Morrow/Mike Farrell A-/OB
ShuffleWink MartindaleKeenie/Patrick/Alisa/Raquel B/FAM
ShuffleWink MartindaleLiz/Babs/Brian/Sandy A-/FAM
ShuffleWink MartindaleAnnalisa/Forry/Jeff/Sharen B/FAM
ShuffleWink MartindaleMarty/Carolyn/Alan/Martha A-/FAM
Singing Bee, TheJoey Fatone7/17/07Opening song: Celebration A/OC
Singing Bee, TheJoey Fatone10/2/07One Hit Wonders A/OC
Singing Bee, TheJoey Fatone10/9/07Lennon/McCartney songs A/OC
Singing Bee, TheJoey Fatone10/30/07Spooky Songs A/OC
Singing Bee, TheJoey Fatone12/28/07TV Themes A/OC
Small TalkWil ShrinerDave/John/Barbara A/Fam
Small TalkWil ShrinerJoan/Patty/BertA/Fam
SmushKen OberBill/Abby/Melanie/Paul A/USA
SmushKen OberChris/David/Nick/Carolita A/USA
SmushKen OberDerek/Jane/Maryam/Allen A/USA
SmushKen OberGazall/Eric/Bill/Will A/USA
SmushKen OberJack/Chuck/Rob/Melissa A/USA
SmushKen OberJen/Jerome/Jeremy/Scott A/USA
SmushKen OberJohn/Char/James/Dayve A/USA
SmushKen OberJohn/Shawn/Mischa/Brass A/USA
SmushKen OberJon/Jenny/Paul/Dionne A/USA
SmushKen OberJosh/Kriss/Ken/Steve A/USA
SmushKen OberMarty/Dara/Brennan/Ben A/USA
SmushKen OberMike/Rick/Michael/Shay A/USA
SmushKen OberNick/Janelle/Nadine/John A/USA
SmushKen OberPaul/Lori/Elyse/Bill A/USA
SmushKen OberRead/Jessica/Tom/Steven A/USA
SmushKen OberRob/Melissa/Jack/Chuck A/USA
SmushKen OberScott/Tony/Steve/Alexis A/USA
SmushKen OberTim/Gail/Joshua/Kelly A/USA
SmushKen OberTim/Liz/Megan/Brooke A/USA
SmushKen OberTodd/Steve/Chris/Edi A/USA
SmushKen OberWill/Mike/Kate/Michael A/USA
SpellroundRuth Talley1965Planned Parenthood vs. Murfreesboro Optimist Club B-/Kine
Split PersonalityTom PostonPilot episode B-/Kine, 1stGen/Buzzr
Split Second (Kennedy)Tom Kennedy5/19/72Mari/Craig/Michael - B&W A-/OB
Split Second (Kennedy)Tom Kennedy5/22/72Michael/Pat/Phil - B&W A-/OB
Split Second (Kennedy)Tom Kennedy5/23/72Michael/Karen/Dean - B&W A-/OB
Split Second (Kennedy)Tom Kennedy5/24/72Michael/Bruce/Susan - B&WA-/OB
Split Second (Kennedy)Tom Kennedy5/74 Neil/Joan/Stuart - B&WA-/OB
Split Second (Kennedy)Tom Kennedy5/74Wayne/Robin/Jeff - B&WA-/OB
Split Second (Kennedy)Tom Kennedy5/8/75Marvin/Shari/Valliant B/OB
Split Second (Kennedy)Tom Kennedy6/27/75Finale A/OB,
Split Second (Hall)Monty Hall001 - Cathy/Jim/Ricki1stGen/GameTV
Split Second (Hall)Monty Hall002 - Jackie/Jo/Judy1stGen/GameTV
Split Second (Hall)Monty Hall003 - Jo/Lesley/David1stGen/GameTV
Split Second (Hall)Monty Hall004 - Jo/Bette/Jim1stGen/GameTV
Split Second (Hall)Monty Hall005 - Linda/Gerry/Marsha1stGen/GameTV
Split Second (Hall)Monty Hall006 - Gerry/Cynthia/Tom1stGen/GameTV
Split Second (Hall)Monty Hall007 - Gerry/Tim/Murray1stGen/GameTV
Split Second (Hall)Monty Hall008 - Gerry/Tim/Murray1stGen/GameTV
Split Second (Hall)Monty Hall009 - Raquel/Martin/Sindi1stGen/GameTV
Split Second (Hall)Monty Hall010 - Martin/Farida/David1stGen/GameTV
Split Second (Hall)Monty Hall011 - Farida/Curtis/Ilene1stGen/GameTV
Split Second (Hall)Monty Hall012 - Curtis/Katharine/Pat1stGen/GameTV
Split Second (Hall)Monty Hall013 - Pat/Kris/Jo Ellen1stGen/GameTV
Split Second (Hall)Monty Hall014 - Chris/Alice/Bev1stGen/GameTV
Split Second (Hall)Monty Hall015 - Chris/Judy/Janet1stGen/GameTV
Split Second (Hall)Monty Hall016 - Barbara/Mike/Rebecca1stGen/GameTV
Split Second (Hall)Monty Hall017 - Lauren/Owen/Sandra1stGen/GameTV
Split Second (Hall)Monty Hall018 - Sandra/Gaye/Diana1stGen/GameTV
Split Second (Hall)Monty Hall019 - Gaye/Richard/Diana 1stGen/GameTV,
Split Second (Hall)Monty Hall020 - Gaye/Roger/Carroll 1stGen/GameTV,
Split Second (Hall)Monty Hall021 - Gaye/Glenne/Norine 1stGen/GameTV,
Split Second (Hall)Monty Hall022 - Gaye/David/Lucile 1stGen/GameTV,
Split Second (Hall)Monty Hall023 - David/Lori/Patricia1stGen/GameTV,
Split Second (Hall)Monty Hall024 - Catherine/Gene/Beverly 1stGen/GameTV,
Split Second (Hall)Monty Hall025 - Catherine/Martti/Stephanie 1stGen/GameTV,
Split Second (Hall)Monty Hall026 - Catherine/David/Tricia 1stGen/GameTV,
Split Second (Hall)Monty Hall027 - Catherine/Jeffrey/Mary 1stGen/GameTV,
Split Second (Hall)Monty Hall028 - Susan/Carl/Leasa 1stGen/GameTV,
Split Second (Hall)Monty Hall029 - Ellen/Steve/Claudette 1stGen/GameTV,
Split Second (Hall)Monty Hall030 - Claudette/John/Jennifer 1stGen/GameTV,
Split Second (Hall)Monty Hall031 - Jennifer/Dean/Stephanie 1stGen/GameTV,
Split Second (Hall)Monty Hall032 - Stephanie/Ray/Marcia 1stGen/GameTV,
Split Second (Hall)Monty Hall033 - Stephanie/Eric/Linda 1stGen/GameTV,
Split Second (Hall)Monty Hall034 - Sharon/Marv/Dianne 1stGen/GameTV,
Split Second (Hall)Monty Hall035 - Marv/Joyce/Gail 1stGen/GameTV,
Split Second (Hall)Monty Hall036 - Marv/Cindy/Laura 1stGen/GameTV,
Split Second (Hall)Monty Hall037 - Marv/Sandra/Elaine 1stGen/GameTV,
Split Second (Hall)Monty Hall038 - June/Larry/Lezlie 1stGen/GameTV,
Split Second (Hall)Monty Hall039 - Deborah/Sandy/Nili 1stGen/GameTV,
Split Second (Hall)Monty Hall040 - Lisa/Michael/Dianne 1stGen/GameTV,
Split Second (Hall)Monty Hall041 - Dianne/John/Patricia 1stGen/GameTV,
Split Second (Hall)Monty Hall042 - Dianne/Robert/Shelley 1stGen/GameTV,
Split Second (Hall)Monty Hall043 - Gail/Harvey/Wendy 1stGen/GameTV,
Split Second (Hall)Monty Hall044 - Harvey/Lorraine/Debbie1stGen/GameTV,
Split Second (Hall)Monty Hall045 - Tricia/Barry/Rose1stGen/GameTV
Split Second (Hall)Monty Hall046 - Rose/Eric/Debbie 1stGen/GameTV,
Split Second (Hall)Monty Hall047 - Eric/Lisa/Myra 1stGen/GameTV,
Split Second (Hall)Monty Hall048 - Eric/Valerie/Sharon 1stGen/GameTV,
Split Second (Hall)Monty Hall049 - Eric/Catherine/Ron 1stGen/GameTV,
Split Second (Hall)Monty Hall050 - Eric/Lori/Betty 1stGen/GameTV,
Split Second (Hall)Monty Hall051 - Stephanie/Kwame/Therese 1stGen/GameTV,
Split Second (Hall)Monty Hall052 - Therese/Steven/Ellie 1stGen/GameTV,
Split Second (Hall)Monty Hall053 - Therese/John/Rita 1stGen/GameTV,
Split Second (Hall)Monty Hall054 - Therese/Calvin/Dawn 1stGen/GameTV,
Split Second (Hall)Monty Hall055 - Calvin/Doina/Jo Ann 1stGen/GameTV,
Split Second (Hall)Monty Hall056 - Calvin/Angela/Cathy 1stGen/GameTV,
Split Second (Hall)Monty Hall057 - Glenn/Sam/Ellen 1stGen/GameTV,
Split Second (Hall)Monty Hall058 - Glenn/Steve/Elaine 1stGen/GameTV,
Split Second (Hall)Monty Hall059 - Glenn/Stan/Denya 1stGen/GameTV,
Split Second (Hall)Monty Hall060 - Rhonda/Tony/Elizabeth 1stGen/GameTV,
Split Second (Hall)Monty Hall061 - Elizabeth/Slade/Louise 1stGen/GameTV,
Split Second (Hall)Monty Hall062 - Diane/Bob/Susan 1stGen/GameTV,
Split Second (Hall)Monty Hall063 - Bob/Jennifer/Tatra 1stGen/GameTV,
Split Second (Hall)Monty Hall064 - Tatra/Steve/Shelley 1stGen/GameTV,
Split Second (Hall)Monty Hall065 - Kathleen/Terry/Shirley 1stGen/GameTV,
Split Second (Hall)Monty Hall066 - Shirley/Ken/Judy 1stGen/GameTV,
Split Second (Hall)Monty Hall067 - Maureen/Don/Terry 1stGen/GameTV,
Split Second (Hall)Monty Hall068 - Susie/Zack/Irene 1stGen/GameTV,
Split Second (Hall)Monty Hall069 - Lucille/Harold/Andrea 1stGen/GameTV,
Split Second (Hall)Monty Hall070 - Harold/Lisa/Kris1stGen/Buzzr
Split Second (Hall)Monty Hall071 - Rhonda/Michael/Terry 1stGen/GameTV,
Split Second (Hall)Monty Hall072 - Nancy/Bill/Janice 1stGen/GameTV,
Split Second (Hall)Monty Hall073 - Francy/Michael/Kelly 1stGen/GameTV,
Split Second (Hall)Monty Hall074 - Maryann/Rod/Barb 1stGen/GameTV,
Split Second (Hall)Monty Hall075 - Maryann/George/Grainne 1stGen/GameTV,
Split Second (Hall)Monty Hall076 - George/Susan/Harriet 1stGen/GameTV,
Split Second (Hall)Monty Hall077 - Aldona/Tom/Della 1stGen/GameTV,
Split Second (Hall)Monty Hall078 - Rita/Rocco/Rene 1stGen/GameTV,
Split Second (Hall)Monty Hall079 - Anne/David/Pam 1stGen/GameTV,
Split Second (Hall)Monty Hall080 - Karen/Luciano/Mary 1stGen/GameTV,
Split Second (Hall)Monty Hall081 - Diane/Brian/Susan 1stGen/GameTV,
Split Second (Hall)Monty Hall082 - Brian/Diane/Ruth 1stGen/GameTV,
Split Second (Hall)Monty Hall083 - Brian/Laurie/Linda 1stGen/GameTV,
Split Second (Hall)Monty Hall084 - Brian/Barbara/Melissa1stGen/GameTV,
Split Second (Hall)Monty Hall085 - Brian/Veronica/Ellen 1stGen/GameTV,
Split Second (Hall)Monty Hall086 - Rose/Stephen/Mark 1stGen/GameTV,
Split Second (Hall)Monty Hall087 - Rose/Stephanie/Melanie 1stGen/GameTV,
Split Second (Hall)Monty Hall088 - Maggie/Rob/Anne1stGen/GameTV,
Split Second (Hall)Monty Hall089 - Louise/Henry/Karen1stGen/GameTV,
Split Second (Hall)Monty Hall090 - Cathy/Keith/Yvonette1stGen/GameTV,
Split Second (Hall)Monty Hall091 - Keith/Jane/Judy1stGen/GameTV,
Split Second (Hall)Monty Hall092 - Jill/Chuck/Ilana 1stGen/GameTV,
Split Second (Hall)Monty Hall093 - Ilana/John/BJ 1stGen/GameTV,
Split Second (Hall)Monty Hall094 - Mary/Kevin/Elaine1stGen/GameTV,
Split Second (Hall)Monty Hall095 - Vicki/Jeff/Julie 1stGen/GameTV,
Split Second (Hall)Monty Hall096 - Vicki/Jeff/Reesa 1stGen/GameTV,
Split Second (Hall)Monty Hall097 - Vicki/Steve/Alex 1stGen/GameTV,
Split Second (Hall)Monty Hall098 - Steve/Pat/Joe 1stGen/GameTV,
Split Second (Hall)Monty Hall099 - Steve/Patricia/Gill 1stGen/GameTV,
Split Second (Hall)Monty Hall100 - Lisa/Marty/Elizabeth1stGen/GameTV,
Split Second (Hall)Monty Hall101 - Marty/Mimi/Susan 1stGen/GameTV,
Split Second (Hall)Monty Hall102 - Mimi/Jeffrey/Ann 1stGen/GameTV,
Split Second (Hall)Monty Hall103 - Mimi/Clive/Leah 1stGen/GameTV,
Split Second (Hall)Monty Hall104 - Mimi/Ann/Beth 1stGen/GameTV,
Split Second (Hall)Monty Hall105 - Mimi/Andrew/Tracey 1stGen/GameTV,
Split Second (Hall)Monty Hall106 - Elaine/Kelly/Nancy 1stGen/GameTV,
Split Second (Hall)Monty Hall107 - Nancy/Stewart/Sue 1stGen/GameTV,
Split Second (Hall)Monty Hall108 - Catherine/Erle/Dothlyn 1stGen/GameTV,
Split Second (Hall)Monty Hall109 - Barbara/Randy/Anna 1stGen/GameTV,
Split Second (Hall)Monty Hall110 - Randy/Juliana/Annette 1stGen/GameTV,
Split Second (Hall)Monty Hall111 - Randy/Cheryl/Marilyn 1stGen/GameTV,
Split Second (Hall)Monty Hall112 - Randy/Sandra/Sue1stGen/GameTV
Split Second (Hall)Monty Hall113 - Randy/Aldona/Jan1stGen/GameTV
Split Second (Hall)Monty Hall114 - Jan/Marty/Andrea1stGen/GameTV
Split Second (Hall)Monty Hall115 - Andrea/Jeff/Julie1stGen/GameTV
Split Second (Hall)Monty Hall116 - Andrea/Doug/Glenda1stGen/GameTV
Split Second (Hall)Monty Hall117 - Francine/Gordon/Suzanne 1stGen/GameTV
Split Second (Hall)Monty Hall118 - Alana/Cesar/Cathleen1stGen/GameTV
Split Second (Hall)Monty Hall119 - Cesar/Judith/Terri - Bonus round missing from GameTV’s tape1stGen/GameTV
Split Second (Hall)Monty Hall120 - Cesar/Leslie/Barbara1stGen/GameTV
Split Second (Hall)Monty Hall121 - Barbara/Art/Rebecca1stGen/GameTV
Split Second (Hall)Monty Hall122 - Rebecca/Nick/Elizabeth1stGen/GameTV
Split Second (Hall)Monty Hall123 - Mildred/Dan/Stephanie1stGen/GameTV
Split Second (Hall)Monty Hall124 - Mildred/Richard/Connie1stGen/GameTV
Split Second (Hall)Monty Hall125 - Mildred/Jean/Terissa1stGen/GameTV
Split Second (Hall)Monty Hall126 - Mildred/Derek/Deborah1stGen/GameTV
Split Second (Hall)Monty Hall127 - Mildred/Merrill/Ellen1stGen/GameTV
Split Second (Hall)Monty Hall128 - Ellen/John/Debbi1stGen/GameTV
Split Second (Hall)Monty Hall129 - Ellen/Chris/Virginia1stGen/GameTV
Split Second (Hall)Monty Hall130 - Lindsay/Chuck/Angela1stGen/GameTV
Sports ChallengeDick Enberg1/23/71Brooklyn Dodgers vs. New York Yankees - Mystery Guest: Bob Feller – First episode 1stGen/ESPNClassic
Sports ChallengeDick EnbergBrewers vs. Steelers - Mystery Guest: Don Meredith A/ESPN Classic
Sports ChallengeDick EnbergBrewers vs. Cowboys - Mystery Guest: Lance AllworthA/ESPN Classic
Sports ChallengeDick EnbergPhillies vs. Browns - Mystery Guest: Ernie BanksA/ESPN Classic
Star GamesBruce Jenner1985Love Boat vs. General Hospital vs. Roots 1stGen/TV Land
StarcadeGeoff EdwardsS2E06 - Jimmy vs. Will A/OB
StarcadeGeoff EdwardsS2E23 - Damon/Vicky vs. Brenda/Arnie A-/TBS OC
StarcadeGeoff EdwardsS3E02 - Emily vs. David A/G4
StarcadeGeoff EdwardsS3E03 - Steve vs. Sean A/G4
StarcadeGeoff EdwardsS3E07 - Marcello vs. Dorian A/G4
StarcadeGeoff EdwardsS3E16 - Tim/Dottie vs. Tom/Derek A/G4
StarcadeGeoff EdwardsS3E21 - Roger vs. Gary A/G4
StarcadeGeoff EdwardsS3E23 - Jean/David vs. Christine/Michael A/G4
StarcadeGeoff EdwardsS4E14 - Randy/Anne vs. Marco/Noe A-/OB
StarcadeGeoff EdwardsS4E15 - Mike/Mike vs. Greg/Danve A-/OB
StarcadeGeoff EdwardsS4E16 - Royce vs. Rob A-/OB
StarcadeGeoff EdwardsS4E17 - Phil/Phillip vs. Mark/Paul A-/OB
StarcadeGeoff EdwardsS4E18 - Tony vs. Mike A-/OB
StarcadeGeoff EdwardsS4E25 - Eric vs. Tom A-/OB
StarcadeGeoff EdwardsS4E27 - Everett vs. Kennedy A-/OB
Straight To the HeartMichael Burger1989Random episodeA-/OC
Street SmartsFrank Nicotero2000 - Derrick vs. Stephanie A/GSN
Street SmartsFrank Nicotero#1030 - 2000 - Angelica vs. George A/OB
Street SmartsFrank Nicotero#1049 - 2000 - Shannon vs. Matt - Beach episode A/OB
Street SmartsFrank Nicotero#1058 - 2000 - Randy vs. Ashley A/OB
Street SmartsFrank Nicotero#1068 - 2000 - Sarah vs. Tim A/OB
Street SmartsFrank Nicotero#1070 - 2000 - Tricia vs. Rodney A/OB
Street SmartsFrank Nicotero#1078 - 2000 - Dominique vs. John A/OB
Street SmartsFrank Nicotero#1087 - 2000 - Christopher vs. Ayiesha A/OB
Street SmartsFrank Nicotero#1102 - 2001 - Erika vs. Slick A-/OB
Street SmartsFrank Nicotero#1103 - 2001 - Amber vs. Chris A/OB
Street SmartsFrank Nicotero#1112 - 2001 - Denny T. vs. Amber - Revenge Week A/OB
Street SmartsFrank Nicotero#1126 - 2001 - Devery vs. Jacob A/WGN
Street SmartsFrank Nicotero#1137 - 2000 - Thi vs. Mike A/OB
Street SmartsFrank Nicotero#1168 - 2001 - Randy vs. Kimberly A/OB
Street SmartsFrank Nicotero2001 - Rachael vs. Kedrick A/GSN
Street SmartsFrank Nicotero2001 - Scott vs. Jennifer A/GSN
Street SmartsFrank Nicotero#2002 - 2001 - Donna vs. Joshua A/OB
Street SmartsFrank Nicotero#2005 - 2001 - Mike vs. Nicole A/OB
Street SmartsFrank Nicotero#2008 - 2001 - Nicole vs. Pat A-/OB
Street SmartsFrank Nicotero#2009 - 2001 - James vs. Diane A/OB
Street SmartsFrank Nicotero#2013 - 2001 - Patricia vs. Scott A-/OB
Street SmartsFrank Nicotero#2023 - 2000 - James vs. Deenie A/OB
Street SmartsFrank Nicotero#2024 - 2001 - Ricky vs. Pam A/OB
Street SmartsFrank Nicotero#2025 - 2002 - Red vs. Dana A/OB
Street SmartsFrank Nicotero#2029 - 2001 - Gina vs. Jack A/OB
Street SmartsFrank Nicotero#2035 - 2001 - Noel vs. Jim A-/OB
Street SmartsFrank Nicotero#2040 - 2001 - Caitlin vs. Joe - Halloween A/OB
Street SmartsFrank Nicotero#2043 - 2002 - Hector vs. Raffett A-/OB
Street SmartsFrank Nicotero#2047 - 2002 - Thaddeus vs. Kim A/OB
Street SmartsFrank Nicotero#2056 - 2001 - Adrienne vs. Frankie A-/OB
Street SmartsFrank Nicotero#2061 - 2001 - Jeff vs. Serenity A-/OB
Street SmartsFrank Nicotero#2062 - 2001 - Greg vs. Stephanie - David Brenner A-/OB
Street SmartsFrank Nicotero#2069 - 2002 - Senta vs. Jayson A-/OB
Street SmartsFrank Nicotero#2076 - 2001 - Michael vs. Mitzi - Time Warp Week A/OB
Street SmartsFrank Nicotero#2080 - 2001 - Terry vs. Linda - Time Warp Week A/OB
Street SmartsFrank Nicotero#2081 - 2001 - Tina vs. Gary - Time Warp Week A/OB
Street SmartsFrank Nicotero#2082 - 2001 - Daron vs. Tammy - Time Warp Week A/OB
Street SmartsFrank Nicotero#2083 - 2001 - Linda vs. Mike - Time Warp Week A/OB
Street SmartsFrank Nicotero#2089 - 2002 - Alicia vs. Mariano A/OB
Street SmartsFrank Nicotero#2096 - 2002 - Lisa vs. Jermaine A-/OB
Street SmartsFrank Nicotero#2098 - 2002 - Danis vs. Chris - Salute to WWTBAM A/OB
Street SmartsFrank Nicotero#2099 - 2002 - Angela vs. Billy Jack A-/OB
Street SmartsFrank Nicotero#2115 - 2002 - Earl vs. Sheila A-/OB
Street SmartsFrank Nicotero#2116 - 2002 - Raheem vs. Laura - Salute to Green A/OB
Street SmartsFrank Nicotero#2118 - 2002 - Brandy vs. Jeff - Salutes Rock n Roll A-/OB
Street SmartsFrank Nicotero#2120 - 2002 - Joe vs. Jason - Salute to Blondes A/OB
Street SmartsFrank Nicotero#2122 - 2002 - Dontae vs. Marjorie A/OB
Street SmartsFrank Nicotero#2123 - 2002 - Forrest vs. Yazmily A-/OB
Street SmartsFrank Nicotero#2124 - 2002 - Edith vs. Winrich - Revenge Week A/OB
Street SmartsFrank Nicotero#2125 - 2002 - Rhon vs. Clare - Revenge Week A/OB
Street SmartsFrank Nicotero#2128 - 2002 - Food Network’s Mary Sue Milliken and Susan Feniger A-/OB
Street SmartsFrank Nicotero#2130 - 2002 - Russell vs. Michelle - Revenge Week A-/OB
Street SmartsFrank Nicotero#2133 - 2002 - Cameron vs. Jaime A-/OB
Street SmartsFrank Nicotero#2135 - 2002 - Devin vs. Eric A/OB
Street SmartsFrank Nicotero#2136 - 2002 - Dan/Shawn vs. Amanda/Liz A-/OB
Street SmartsFrank Nicotero#2139 - 2002 - Xena vs. Brandon - Salute to 3rd Grade A-/OB
Street SmartsFrank Nicotero#2142 - 2002 - Jenny vs. Dave A/OB
Street SmartsFrank Nicotero#2150 - 2002 - Wanda vs. Desmond A/OB
Street SmartsFrank Nicotero#2151 - 2002 - Sharlene/Sharlet vs. Kerry/Kim - Revenge Week A/OB
Street SmartsFrank Nicotero2002 - Deeski vs. Babe - Revenge Week A-/OB
Street SmartsFrank Nicotero#2160 - 2002 - Brian vs. Tiffany A/OB
Street SmartsFrank Nicotero#3005 - 2002 - Adam vs. Alaina - Back to School A/OB
Street SmartsFrank Nicotero2002 - April vs. Chris – Back to School Week 1stGen/GSN
Street SmartsFrank Nicotero#3079 - 2003 - David vs. Andrea - Revenge Week A/OB
Street SmartsFrank Nicotero#3107 - 2003 - Jm J. Bullock vs. Sally Struthers A/OB
Street SmartsFrank Nicotero#3116 - 2002 - Mark L. Walberg vs. Mark DeCarlo A/OB
Street SmartsFrank Nicotero#3118 - 2003 - Derek vs. Nubia - Revenge Week A/OB
Street SmartsFrank Nicotero#3124 - 2003 - Nita vs. Terrell - Revenge Week A/OB
Street SmartsFrank Nicotero#3126 - 2003 - Coleen vs. Alex - Revenge Week A/OB
Strike it RichJoe Garagiola001 - Al/Fran vs. Ginny/Louis A/Amazon
Strike it RichJoe Garagiola004 - Phil/Cynthia vs. Pam/Frank A/Amazon
Strike it RichJoe Garagiola005 - Phil/Cynthia vs. Paula/Scott A/Amazon
Strike it RichJoe Garagiola009 - Kevin/Cissy vs. Tami/Bob A/Amazon
Strike it RichJoe Garagiola011 - Andy/Denise vs. Marian/Steve A/Amazon,
Strike it RichJoe Garagiola020 - Bill/Toni vs. Melanie/Larry A/Amazon
Strike it RichJoe GaragiolaTim/Mary Ann vs. Bob/Megan A/OB
Strike it RichJoe Garagiola029 - Bob/Megan vs. Ellie/Scott A/Amazon
Strike it RichJoe Garagiola057 - Bob/Val vs. Debra/Steve A/Amazon
Strike it RichJoe Garagiola063 - Aaron/Sarah vs. Janice/John A/Amazon
Strike it RichJoe Garagiola066 - Bob/Cathy vs. Sandra/Rob A/Amazon
Strike it RichJoe Garagiola067 - Bob/Cathy vs. Delores/Glynn A/Amazon
Strike it RichJoe Garagiola098 - Toby/Kelly vs. Nancy/Ken A/Amazon
Strike it RichJoe Garagiola099 - Toby/Kelly vs. Joel/Vince A/Amazon
Strike it RichJoe Garagiola100 - Vince/Joel vs. Kathie/Quig A/Amazon
Strike it RichJoe Garagiola101 - Vince/Joel vs. Linda/Paul A/Amazon
Strike it RichJoe Garagiola102 - Paul/Linda vs. Julie/Kurt A/Amazon
Strike it RichJoe Garagiola103 - Paul/Linda vs. Dana/Michael A/Amazon
Strike it RichJoe Garagiola113 - James/Kristin vs. Mary Kay/Chris A/Amazon
Strike it RichJoe Garagiola114 - James/Kristin vs. Gayle/Ken A/Amazon
Strike it RichJoe Garagiola128 - Don/Susan vs. Fran/Al A/Amazon
Strike it RichJoe GaragiolaDan/Jeri vs. Fred/Linda A-/OB
Strip PokerGraham ElwoodAlicia/Ginger vs. Lawrence/Richard A-/USA
Stump the StarsPat Harrington10/15/62Yvonne DeCarlo vs. Art Linkletter A/Kine
Stump the StarsPat Harrington11/19/62Hedy Lamarr vs. Ricardo Montalban A/Kine
Stump the StarsPat Harrington11/26/62The cast of the Dick Van Dyke Show A/Kine
Stump the StarsMike Stokey12/31/62Dan Dailey vs. Janet Blair A/Kine
Stump the StarsMike Stokey2/18/63Gordon MacRae vs. Sheila MacRae A-/Kine
Stump the StarsMike Stokey3/18/63Sir Cedric Hardwicke, David Wayne, MacDonald Carey, and Gretchen Wyler vs. Ross Martin, Hans Conried, Beverly Garland, and Sebastian Cabot A/Kine
Stump the StarsMike Stokey4/8/63Nanette Fabray, Dane Clark, Bert Lahr, and Alice Ghostley vs. Sebastian Cabot, Beverly Garland, Ross Martin, and Hans Conried A/Kine
Stump the StarsMike Stokey4/15/63Joseph Cotten, Patricia Medina, Eli Wallach, and Celeste Holm vs.Sebastian Cabot, Beverly Garland, Ross Martin, and Robert Clary A/Kine
Stump the StarsMike Stokey5/6/63Jackie Coogan vs. Frank Gorshin A/Kine
Stump the StarsMike Stokey5/13/63Marilyn Maxwell vs. Dennis Weaver A/Kine
Stump the StarsMike Stokey5/20/63Cast of PT 109 A/Kine
Stump the StarsMike Stokey5/27/63Nick Adams vs. Paula Prentiss A/Kine
Stump the StarsMike Stokey6/10/63Cast of Operation Bikini A/Kine
Stump the StarsMike Stokey6/17/63Connie Stevens vs. Allan Sherman A/Kine
Stump the StarsMike Stokey7/15/63Don Murray vs. Anna Maria Alberghetti A/Kine
Stump the StarsMike Stokey8/19/63Ed Begley vs. Jeanne Crain A/Kine
Stump the StarsMike Stokey9/9/63Dean Jones vs. Roger Smith A/Kine
Stumpers!Allen Ludden1976First episode B+/OC
Stumpers!Allen Ludden1976Last episode B+/OB
SweetheartsCharles Nelson Reilly1988Tony Orlando/Roz Ryan/Richard Simmons A-/OB