Double Dare (Nickelodeon)

TitleHostAirdateDescriptionCatalog Info
Double Dare (Nickelodeon)Marc Summers1986The Express vs. the High Flyers – 1st taped episode B/OB
Double Dare (Nickelodeon)Marc Summers1986Goobers vs. Raisinettes A-/OC
Double Dare (Nickelodeon)Marc Summers1986Beamers vs. NavigatorsC/OB
Double Dare (Nickelodeon)Marc Summers19861 - Raiders vs. MetsA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Nickelodeon)Marc Summers19862 - ODD3B - Hamsters vs. DestroyersA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Nickelodeon)Marc Summers19863 - ODD4B - Spaz Balls vs. StoogesA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Nickelodeon)Marc Summers19864 - Psychos vs. PunksA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Nickelodeon)Marc Summers19865 - Tricksters vs. Mad HattersA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Nickelodeon)Marc Summers19866 - Dynamics vs. PsychedelicsA+/Amazon,
Double Dare (Nickelodeon)Marc Summers19867 - Dynamite Duo vs. Odd CoupleA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Nickelodeon)Marc Summers19868 - Bundys vs. Mind BendersA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Nickelodeon)Marc Summers19869 - Hatters vs. JaguarsA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Nickelodeon)Marc Summers198610 - Swatches vs. HeadroomsA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Nickelodeon)Marc Summers198611 - Nuts vs. DaredevilsA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Nickelodeon)Marc Summers198612 - Raiders vs. RamsA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Nickelodeon)Marc Summers198613 - Bangles vs. Wizards (First aired episode)A+/Amazon,
Double Dare (Nickelodeon)Marc Summers198614 - Untouchables vs. Double TroubleA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Nickelodeon)Marc Summers198615 - ODD7E - Raiders vs. DynamicsA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Nickelodeon)Marc Summers198616 - ODD-18F - Bandits vs. MastersA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Nickelodeon)Marc Summers198617 - ODD 20F - Poppers vs. BreakersA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Nickelodeon)Marc Summers198618 - ODD21F - Dodgers vs. CrusadersA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Nickelodeon)Marc Summers198619 - Knights vs. GigglesA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Nickelodeon)Marc Summers198620 - ODD 23G - Devils vs. MashersA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Nickelodeon)Marc Summers198621 - ODD24G - Geeks vs. NerdsA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Nickelodeon)Marc Summers198622 - ODD26H - Cougars vs. CheetahsA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Nickelodeon)Marc Summers198623 - ODD28H - Panthers vs. LoopersA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Nickelodeon)Marc Summers198624 - Cobras vs. BearsA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Nickelodeon)Marc Summers198626 - Whiz Kids vs. EliminatorsA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Nickelodeon)Marc Summers198627 - ODD30I - Wildcats vs. RockersA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Nickelodeon)Marc Summers198628 - ODD31I - Ron Jons vs. RamettesA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Nickelodeon)Marc Summers198629 - Prosecutors vs. AvengersA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Nickelodeon)Marc Summers198630 - Whippets vs. PinheadsA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Nickelodeon)Marc Summers198631 - ODD34J - Warriors vs. CheetahsA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Nickelodeon)Marc Summers198632 - Phamtoms vs. PanthersA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Nickelodeon)Marc Summers198633 - KAs vs. CruisersA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Nickelodeon)Marc Summers198634 - Sheckers vs. BrainiacsA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Nickelodeon)Marc Summers198635 - ODD39K - Quackers vs. EnergizersA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Nickelodeon)Marc Summers198636 - Indians vs. BravesA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Nickelodeon)Marc Summers198637 - Prep Boys vs. SlimesA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Nickelodeon)Marc Summers198638 - Dipsticks vs. AirheadsA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Nickelodeon)Marc Summers198640 - Fantastics vs. KnightsA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Nickelodeon)Marc Summers198641 - Village People vs. FalconsA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Nickelodeon)Marc Summers198642 - Fabulous T-Birds vs. Pickle HeadsA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Nickelodeon)Marc Summers198643 - High Fives vs. InvinciblesA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Nickelodeon)Marc Summers198644 - Radsters vs. DizziesA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Nickelodeon)Marc Summers198645 - Psychedelics vs. Bodacious Befreckled BearsA+/Amazon,
Double Dare (Nickelodeon)Marc Summers198646 - Devastation Combination vs. Terrible TwosA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Nickelodeon)Marc Summers198647 - Panthers vs. No NamesA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Nickelodeon)Marc Summers198648 - Whatchamacallits vs. AirheadsA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Nickelodeon)Marc Summers198649 - Young Ones vs. TurkeysA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Nickelodeon)Marc Summers198650 - Apaches vs. BulldogsA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Nickelodeon)Marc Summers198651 - Equalizers vs. WeirdosA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Nickelodeon)Marc Summers198652 - Conquerers vs. WarriorsA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Nickelodeon)Marc Summers198653 - Achievers vs. ChiefsA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Nickelodeon)Marc Summers198654 - Crazy Crack-Ups vs. Wrecking CrewA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Nickelodeon)Marc Summers198656 - ODD60Q - Eagles vs. Care BearsA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Nickelodeon)Marc Summers198657 - ODD61Q - Hillbillies vs. PatriotsA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Nickelodeon)Marc Summers198658 - ODD62R - Comets vs. Blue HawksA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Nickelodeon)Marc Summers198660 - ODD64R - Monkeys vs. LionsA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Nickelodeon)Marc Summers198661 - Sportsters vs. RebelsA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Nickelodeon)Marc Summers198662 - AJs vs. StoogesA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Nickelodeon)Marc Summers198663 - The Corncobs vs. The Ghouls (Halloween)A+/Amazon
Double Dare (Nickelodeon)Marc Summers198664 - Mod Balls vs. PigskinsA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Nickelodeon)Marc Summers198665 - Razzles vs. Griswolds (Christmas)A+/Amazon
Double Dare (Nickelodeon)Marc Summers198666 - Pop Tarts vs. Potato HeadsA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Nickelodeon)Marc Summers198767 - The Sci Guys vs. The Two AmigosA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Nickelodeon)Marc Summers198768 - Panthers vs. Tapper TigersA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Nickelodeon)Marc Summers198769 - Frantic Furors vs. VulturesA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Nickelodeon)Marc Summers198770 - Dynamic Duo vs. ThrashersA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Nickelodeon)Marc Summers198771 - Terrible Twos vs. HurricanesA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Nickelodeon)Marc Summers198772 - US Express vs. Beach BumsA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Nickelodeon)Marc Summers198773 - The Terrible Twosome vs. The LionsA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Nickelodeon)Marc Summers198774 - Titans vs. No-NamesA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Nickelodeon)Marc Summers198775 - Stooges vs. Seismic GumballsA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Nickelodeon)Marc Summers198776 - Raiders vs. Speed and GreedA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Nickelodeon)Marc Summers198777 - Mustangs vs. HornetsA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Nickelodeon)Marc Summers198778 - Wildcats vs. Mighty MidgetsA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Nickelodeon)Marc Summers198779 - Falcons vs. SweathogsA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Nickelodeon)Marc Summers198780 - Gargoyles vs. GriswoldsA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Nickelodeon)Marc Summers198781 - Gumbies vs. Red DevilsA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Nickelodeon)Marc Summers198782 - Rams vs. TimmelsA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Nickelodeon)Marc Summers198783 - Pros vs. Brat PackA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Nickelodeon)Marc Summers198784 - Whatchamacallits vs. Dream TeamA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Nickelodeon)Marc Summers198785 - Cougars vs. WhodunitsA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Nickelodeon)Marc Summers198786 - The How Abouts vs. The Bone & BiscuitsA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Nickelodeon)Marc Summers198787 - Party Animals vs. DragonsA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Nickelodeon)Marc Summers198788 - The Stud Muffins vs. The Unique DuoA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Nickelodeon)Marc Summers198789 - Alternates vs. Home SlicesA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Nickelodeon)Marc Summers198790 - Square Pegs vs. Twin TowersA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Nickelodeon)Marc Summers198791 - Killer Ricecakes vs. TerminatorsA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Nickelodeon)Marc Summers198792 - Stars & Stripes vs. Urban LunchmeatA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Nickelodeon)Marc Summers198793 - The Moonlighters vs. The LakersA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Nickelodeon)Marc Summers198794 - Run UMS vs. Radioactive BeatniksA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Nickelodeon)Marc Summers198795 - Renegade Professors on Wheels vs. Defending AcesA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Nickelodeon)Marc Summers198796 - Psychedelic Leeches vs. BlazersA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Nickelodeon)Marc Summers198797 - Wilburs vs. StunodsA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Nickelodeon)Marc Summers198798 - The Generals vs. The MumbosA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Nickelodeon)Marc Summers198799 - The Barbarians vs. The PsychiatristsA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Nickelodeon)Marc Summers1987100 - Jetsons vs. Dynamic DuoA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Nickelodeon)Marc Summers1987101 - Know It Alls vs. GreyhoundsA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Nickelodeon)Marc Summers1987102 - The Giggling Goonies vs. The Pink PanthersA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Nickelodeon)Marc Summers1987103 - Potato Head Kids vs. Tomato KillersA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Nickelodeon)Marc Summers1987104 - The Cosmic Kids vs. The Party AnimalsA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Nickelodeon)Marc Summers1987105 - Squawkers vs. Two StoogesA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Nickelodeon)Marc Summers1987106 - Chippewas vs. ArtifactsA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Nickelodeon)Marc Summers1987107 - Determinators vs. UnsinkablesA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Nickelodeon)Marc Summers1987108 - Lucky Dogs vs. Money Hungry TeamA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Nickelodeon)Marc Summers1987109 - Guess vs. UntouchablesA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Nickelodeon)Marc Summers1987110 - The Dare Devils vs. The MCsA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Nickelodeon)Marc Summers1987111 - Space Cadets vs. BruinsA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Nickelodeon)Marc Summers1987112 - Morrison Maniacs vs. Escaped ConvictsA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Nickelodeon)Marc Summers1987113 - The Poison vs. The Recod BreakersA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Nickelodeon)Marc Summers1987114 - The Spartans vs. The Fighting IrishA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Nickelodeon)Marc Summers1987115 - The Italian Stallions vs. The CougarsA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Nickelodeon)Marc Summers1987116 - Wombats vs. WaterbugsA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Nickelodeon)Marc Summers1987117 - Devastators vs. FizzersA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Nickelodeon)Marc Summers1987118 - Dominating Duo vs. BoondogglesA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Nickelodeon)Marc Summers1987119 - The Steamrollers vs. The WarriorsA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Nickelodeon)Marc Summers1987120 - Crusaders vs. Sand FleasA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Nickelodeon)Marc Summers1987121 - The Powerful Piranhas vs. SchlamielsA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Nickelodeon)Marc Summers1987122 - Goonbergs vs. Eager BeaversA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Nickelodeon)Marc Summers1987123 - Cosmic Competitors vs. PatriotsA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Nickelodeon)Marc Summers1987124 - Red Raiders vs. BulldogsA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Nickelodeon)Marc Summers1987125 - The Cure vs. The OutsidersA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Nickelodeon)Marc Summers1987126 - Jaybirds vs. PeanutsA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Nickelodeon)Marc Summers1987127 - Psychopathic Popcorn Balls vs. Psychedelic FursA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Nickelodeon)Marc Summers1987128 - Fish Heads vs. SchizophrenicsA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Syndication)Marc Summers1988129 - The Radioactive Overdeveloped Brains vs. The Winning StreaksA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Syndication)Marc Summers1988130 - Seismic Zonkers vs. Brain TeasersA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Syndication)Marc Summers1988131 - Wannabees vs. Perfect StrangersA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Syndication)Marc Summers1988132 - Jello Swirl Pops vs. Big ToesA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Syndication)Marc Summers1988133 - The Dream Warriors vs. The Supersonic BrainstormsA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Syndication)Marc Summers1988134 - Two Musketeers vs. Thermonuclear Hostess Ding DongsA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Syndication)Marc Summers1988135 - The Toasted Meatballs vs. The Renegade RodentsA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Syndication)Marc Summers1988136 - The Crusaders vs. The Kermit SkyhoppersA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Syndication)Marc Summers1988137 - The Misfits vs. The Slimy Shish-KabobsA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Syndication)Marc Summers1988138 - Dynamite Dudes vs. Gold CanariesA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Syndication)Marc Summers1988139 - The D^5 vs. The Maroon CanariesA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Syndication)Marc Summers1988140 - The Wiz Kids vs. The Wrecking TwoA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Syndication)Marc Summers1988141 - Slime Suckers vs. Wacky Wall WalkersA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Syndication)Marc Summers1988142 - SDD S14D - Tacizzas vs. BlastersA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Syndication)Marc Summers1988143 - The Public Enemies vs. The GooberoidsA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Syndication)Marc Summers1988144 - The Edge vs. HattersA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Syndication)Marc Summers1988145 - The Shims vs. The Crazy Lightning BoltsA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Syndication)Marc Summers1988146 - The Cruisers vs. The Jammin JaysA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Syndication)Marc Summers1988147 - The Party Animals vs. The Masters of DisasterA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Syndication)Marc Summers1988148 - Dangerous Duo vs. ChallengersA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Syndication)Marc Summers1988149 - Psychopathic Peas vs. Dirty DestroyersA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Syndication)Marc Summers1988150 - Entrepreneurs vs. EgomaniacsA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Syndication)Marc Summers1988151 - Raiding Graduates vs. TroublemakersA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Syndication)Marc Summers1988152 - McCloskey's Mafia vs. In OrbitA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Syndication)Marc Summers1988153 - The Flying Vikings vs. The Odd CoupleA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Syndication)Marc Summers1988154 - Ozones vs. LongshotsA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Syndication)Marc Summers1988155 - The Smooth Cruisers vs. The GoofballsA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Syndication)Marc Summers1988156 - The Go Go Goobers vs. The AJ ConnectionA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Syndication)Marc Summers1988157 - Head Bashers vs. BustersA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Syndication)Marc Summers1988158 - Head Hunters vs. BoomersA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Syndication)Marc Summers1988159 - Swiftees vs. Wonderful WiseguysA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Syndication)Marc Summers1988160 - Rif Raffs vs. Guesome TwosomeA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Syndication)Marc Summers1988161 - Blue Devils vs. MastermindsA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Syndication)Marc Summers1988162 - The Moon Crickets vs. The Firing SquadA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Syndication)Marc Summers1988163 - Prowling Panthers vs. Radical WarriorsA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Syndication)Marc Summers1988164 - Tortellinis vs. RefillsA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Syndication)Marc Summers1988165 - The Fluffer Nutters vs. The Bug PeopleA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Syndication)Marc Summers1988166 - The CMDs vs. The ChompstersA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Syndication)Marc Summers1988167 - Skyscrapers vs. Crushing DuoA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Syndication)Marc Summers1988168 - The Drens vs. the StropsA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Syndication)Marc Summers1988169 - The Hot Pink Penguins vs. The Sewage ShootersA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Syndication)Marc Summers1988170 - Purple Platypuses vs. DingdorksA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Syndication)Marc Summers1988171 - Thrashers vs. Thunder RacersA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Syndication)Marc Summers1988172 - Thunder vs. LightningA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Syndication)Marc Summers1988173 - The Fat Oxen vs. The Cool CobrasA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Syndication)Marc Summers1988174 - The Spuds vs. The King CobrasA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Syndication)Marc Summers1988175 - The Sushis vs. Salt & PepperA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Syndication)Marc Summers1988176 - Earthquakes vs. Chocolate & VanillaA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Syndication)Marc Summers1988177 - Cosmic Sparks vs. Slimey WormsA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Syndication)Marc Summers1988178 - Slimeballs vs. ThunderwolvesA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Syndication)Marc Summers1988179 - Blue Barons vs. Red FalconsA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Syndication)Marc Summers1988181 - Dynamic Force vs. Ink SpotsA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Syndication)Marc Summers1988182 - The Devastating Crew vs. The Trash CompactorsA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Syndication)Marc Summers1988183 - The Dirty Destroyers vs. The Cooperative KaoticsA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Syndication)Marc Summers1988184 - The Nicks vs. ExpressionsA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Syndication)Marc Summers1988185 - Couch Potatoes vs. Mischief MakersA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Syndication)Marc Summers1988186 - Donna's Kids vs. ApachesA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Syndication)Marc Summers1988187 - The Anthrax vs. The Squid SquadA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Syndication)Marc Summers1988188 - Psychedelic Maniacs vs. MustachiosA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Syndication)Marc Summers1988189 - Mad Mountaineers vs. ChowderheadsA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Syndication)Marc Summers1988190 - The Posers vs. The Green SlimesA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Syndication)Marc Summers1988191 - The Smashed Bananas vs. The Nutty BuddiesA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Syndication)Marc Summers1988180 - The Spunky Spartans vs. The DoflippiesA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Syndication)Marc Summers1988192 - Deadheads vs. Freak OutsA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Syndication)Marc Summers1988193 - Chump Changes vs. Chilly ChillersA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Syndication)Marc Summers1988194 - Wackos vs. Off the WallsA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Syndication)Marc Summers1988195 - Twin Trouble vs. Copper ToppersA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Syndication)Marc Summers1988196 - The Belgian Waffles vs. K-Jen SpiceA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Syndication)Marc Summers1988197 - The Dynamic Duo vs. The Awesome TwosomeA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Syndication)Marc Summers1988198 - Thunder & Lightning vs. Frantastic TaramedicsA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Syndication)Marc Summers1988199 - The Dominating Duo vs. Airborne DictatorsA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Syndication)Marc Summers1988200 - Blue Slimers vs. Red DevilsA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Syndication)Marc Summers1988201 - Eliminators vs. Psychedelic Cream TeamA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Syndication)Marc Summers1988202 - The Screaming Eagles vs. The Dream TeamA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Syndication)Marc Summers1988203 - Humongous Hippos vs. Sweet SensationsA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Syndication)Marc Summers1988204 - The Bob Cats vs. The Bionic Brussel SproutsA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Syndication)Marc Summers1988205 - Gyros vs. Dictionary DudesA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Syndication)Marc Summers1988206 - The Barneys vs. The Wild OnesA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Syndication)Marc Summers1988207 - The Screaming Meatballs vs. Shamalama Ding DongsA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Syndication)Marc Summers1988208 - Gruesome Twosome vs. Roaring High TidesA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Syndication)Marc Summers1988209 - The Wallbangers vs. The AgitatorsA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Syndication)Marc Summers1988210 - The Rude Dudes vs. The Whiz KidsA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Syndication)Marc Summers1988211 - Nuclear Puppies vs. Red HotsA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Syndication)Marc Summers1988212 - Peanut Gallery vs. Bala BashersA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Syndication)Marc Summers1988213 - The Breakfast Club vs. The Snoozer DoozersA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Syndication)Marc Summers1988214 - Other Team vs. Live WiresA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Syndication)Marc Summers1988215 - The Tremendous Two vs. The Slimy ShadersA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Syndication)Marc Summers1988216 - Silver Eagles vs. JaguarsA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Syndication)Marc Summers1988217 - The Slime Squad vs. The Jaw BreakersA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Syndication)Marc Summers1988218 - The Mechanical Messups vs. The Wild WeirdosA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Syndication)Marc Summers1988219 - Whippersnappers vs. Psychotic BananasA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Syndication)Marc Summers1988220 - Pasta People vs. Ro JosA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Syndication)Marc Summers1988221 - East-West Connection vs. Two Wonders of the WorldA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Syndication)Marc Summers1988222 - The Crazy Critters vs. Burton ExpressA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Syndication)Marc Summers1988223 - Big Boppers vs. Radical RaisinsA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Syndication)Marc Summers1988224 - The Elite Evolution vs. The Slime BallsA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Syndication)Marc Summers1988225 - The Demolitions vs. The EnergizersA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Syndication)Marc Summers1988226 - Center Squares vs. Totally Tubular TwosomeA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Syndication)Marc Summers1988227 - Wit Pains vs. Ghastly GoobersA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Syndication)Marc Summers1988228 - The Peacemakers vs. The DevilsA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Syndication)Marc Summers1988229 - Ultimate Two vs. Flying EyeballsA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Syndication)Marc Summers1988230 - The Panthers vs. The Red Hot RedskinsA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Syndication)Marc Summers1988231 - Out of the Blue vs. The VulcansA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Syndication)Marc Summers1988232 - Swanky Fellows vs. Flaming EmvelopesA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Syndication)Marc Summers1988233 - The Zucchini Misers vs. The VipersA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Syndication)Marc Summers1988234 - The Money Munchers vs. The Terminating TwosomeA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Syndication)Marc Summers1988235 - The DD Connection vs. Screaming EaglesA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Syndication)Marc Summers1988236 - Bayside Bombers vs. ChargersA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Syndication)Marc Summers1988237 - High Voltage vs. Radical RedsA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Syndication)Marc Summers1988238 - The Pacers vs. Salt & PepperA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Syndication)Marc Summers1988239 - Digital Jitters vs. Wall Street JournalsA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Syndication)Marc Summers1988240 - The Crazy Critters vs. The WonderbirdsA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Syndication)Marc Summers1988241 - Hollywood & Vine vs. Wacky WeaselsA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Syndication)Marc Summers1988242 - Lightning Bolts vs. Cream PuffsA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Syndication)Marc Summers1988243 - Mobilizers vs. Chernobyl ChildrenA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Syndication)Marc Summers1988244 - The Silly C's vs. The Master BlastersA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Syndication)Marc Summers1988245 - The Chizelheads vs. The Colaborating CrusadersA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Syndication)Marc Summers1988246 - The California Sunbeamers vs. The Super SonicsA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Syndication)Marc Summers1988247 - CSDD SCW3-2 - Dogit Crew vs. EntrepreneursA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Syndication)Marc Summers1988248 - Public Enemies vs. Illegal EaglesA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Syndication)Marc Summers1988249 - Chauvinists vs. FeministsA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Syndication)Marc Summers1988250 - Hot Pursuit vs. Spaghetti & MeatballA+/Amazon
Double Dare (Super Sloppy)Marc Summers1987The Difference vs. Funky Preppies1stGen/GAS
Double Dare (Super Sloppy)Marc Summers1987M&Ms vs. The Hellcats – “Hey! Robin Speaks” A/GAS
Double Dare (Super Sloppy)Marc Summers1987Super Solvers vs. ChampionsA-/GAS
Double Dare (Super Sloppy)Marc Summers1987Tubbs vs. Crocketts (Miami Vice Day) A-/GAS
Double Dare (Super Sloppy)Marc Summers1989The Messy Brain Busters vs. The Brain Freaks (Premiere)A/GAS
Double Dare (Super Sloppy)Marc Summers1989Sweaty Palms vs. The Athletic Foot Duo A-/GAS
Double Dare (Super Sloppy)Marc Summers1989The Fruity Pockmarks vs. The Convulsive Tadpoles – Salute to “I Love Lucy” A-/GAS
Double Dare (Super Sloppy)Marc Summers1989Denominators vs. Sewer Babies 1stGen/GAS
Double Dare (Super Sloppy)Marc Summers1989The Marauders vs. The Dirty Swabs 1stGen/GAS
Double Dare (Fox Family)Marc Summers1988Winward vs. Reilly A-/OC
Double Dare (Fox Family)Marc Summers1988Lou Ferrigno vs. Weird Al1stGen/Splat
Double Dare (Family)Marc Summers1990The Kandy Kanes vs. The Holders A/GAS
Double Dare (Family)Marc Summers1990Episode with celeb captains Jaleel White and Candace CameronA-/GAS
Double Dare (Family)Marc Summers1990FDD210A – Goop Busters vs. Avengers 1stGen/Splat
Double Dare (Family)Marc Summers1990FDD233L – Hard Rockers vs. Hoosier Hot Shots1stGen/Splat
Double Dare (Family)Marc Summers1990The Lima Beings vs. Mojo Magic B/OC
Double Dare (Family)Marc Summers1990Tasmanians vs. Ghoulies A-/OC
Double Dare (Family)Marc Summers1992Killer Kanes vs. Terminators A/OC
Double Dare (Family)Marc Summers19924 Short Texans vs. Granite Toast A-/OC
Double Dare (Family)Marc Summers1992FDD303A – Mean McQueens vs. Windy City Players 1stGen/Splat
Double Dare (Family)Marc Summers1993FDD320J – Tournament of Champions A-/OC,
Double Dare - The Kangaroo CupTom Jennings1990Stinky Shoes (USA) vs. Slip ‘n Sliders (AU) B/Nick
NBA All Star Double DareMarc Summers1992SpecialA-/OB
Double Dare 2000Jason HarrisAwesome Andersons vs. Blue Wave A/GAS
Double Dare 2000Jason HarrisRed Flyers vs. Crushers A/GAS
Double Dare 2000Jason HarrisRed Rockets vs. Blue Angels A/Splat
Double Dare (Koshy)Liza KoshyFirst 28 aired episodesA/Nick