VTR Prod Notes/Description Grade/Source/Call Number
12 minute pitch film for this version of the show, featuring Mark Goodson and Dennis James demonstrating the different prototypes of games, and has a clip of Dennis filling in on Let’s Make a Deal.
(Counts as 1 episode in a trade)
Dennis James episodes
9/4/72 #006N Grocery Game/Any Number/Double Prices (with 2 prizes) A-/SM/TA-2
8/11/75 #125N One Right Price/Any Number/Grocery Game A-/SM/TA-2
3/2/76 #154N Five Price Tags/Race Game/Range Game
(Very clean copy)
3/1/77 #193N Money Game/Grocery Game/Clock Game
(Painful Grocery Game loss)
Bob Barker episodes
3/12/80 #300N Money Game/Cliff Hangers/One Right Price
(Last Syndicated episode, in production order anyway)