The Price is Right Primetime Specials (1986, 1996, 2002-2008)

VTR AIR Prod Notes/Description Grade/Source/Call Number
8/14/86 #001P Primetime Special #1
Most Expensive/One Away/Plinko/Clock Game/Hole in One/Take Two
8/21/86 #002P Primetime Special #2
Lucky Seven/Race Game/Grand Game/Range Game/Punch a Bunch/Any Number
[Has a hilarious Lucky Seven goof]
8/28/86 #003P Primetime Special #3
Clock Game/Hole in One/Money Game/Race Game/Punch a Bunch/One Away
9/4/86 #004P Primetime Special #4
Lucky Seven/Plinko/Danger Price/Grand Game/Temptation/Range Game
[Danger Price is botched up]
9/11/86 #005P Primetime Special #5
Any Number/Superball/Most Expensive/Grand Game/Race Game/Shell Game
[Maryella faints after winning her showcase with two cars]
9/18/86 #006P Primetime Special #6 (The last one)
Superball!!/Money Game/Danger Price/Plinko/One Away/Clock Game
7/24/96 8/23/96 #0001S 25th Anniversary Special
Lucky Seven/Plinko/One Away
6/13/02 #005SP Salute to the US Army
Plinko ($40,000 win)/Temptation/Make Your Move/It’s in the Bag/Lucky Seven/Double Prices
2/5/03 #008SP First Aired Million Dollar Spectacular
Golden Road/One Away/Punch a Bunch/Squeeze Play/That’s Too Much/Grocery Game
2/12/03 #009SP MDS #3
Triple Play/It’s in the Bag/Clock Game/Lucky Seven/Range Game/Cliff Hangers
4/9/05 #020SP Golden Road/One Away/It’s in the Bag/Coming or Going/That’s Too Much/Push Over
[Million Dollar Spectacular/$105,000 prize won in Golden Road]
4/16/05 #019SP Half Off/Lucky Seven/Clock Game/Cover Up/Grocery Game/Double Prices /OB/D207.02
5/17/07 #023SP Bob Barker’s 50 Years in TV Salute
Triple Play/Half Off/Plinko