VTR AIR Prod Notes/Description Grade/Source/Call Number
1956 Early DAYTIME episode with a plug for Twenty-One (on a TV Guide cover featuring Charles Van Doren) 1stGen/GSN/TA-2
5/31/57 Sanderson/Michael/Barnett/Miller
Early Cullen Daytime episode
7/5/57 Kraft/Bivens/LaPlante/Gillion
Early Cullen Daytime episode
7/19/57 Jung/Obidzinski/McTague/Leion
Early Cullen Daytime episode
10/28/57 Very early Primetime Episode- Panel: Rice vs. Legato vs. Lutes vs. Estifano A-/GSN/TA-2
11/4/57 Rice/Forget/Svoboda/Maziarz
Early Primetime episode [Mrs. Svoboda’s husband plays football for the NY Giants]
12/2/57 Bowmaster/Michelson/Holman/Butt A/GSN/D204.02
12/9/57 Holman/Gardner/Harlow/Derrick A/GSN/D204.03
1958 Returning Champ: Karen O’Brien with $7,129 1stGen/GSN/TA-2
1958 Returning Champ: Betsy Ann Smith with $31,001 1stGen/GSN/TA-2
7/29/59 Millican/Livingood/Zale/Marks
[Merv Griffin guest hosts]
8/5/59 Marks/Campbell/Lewis/Bunting
[Merv Griffin guest hosts]
12/2/59 Panel: Priest vs. Echlov vs. Heleg vs. Carson A-/GSN/TA-2
3/9/60 Jensen/Dexter/Cameron/Sullivan
[Roger Tuttle announces]
6/60 Panel: Jones, McCann, Dillon, McMurtry
(Contestant slips and curses during the interviews at the start of the show, then he falls over after winning a prize later in the show)
1961 Arlene Francis fills in for Bill Cullen B/GSN/TA-2
2/61 Henehan/Isaacson/Rice/Pine 1stGen/GSN/TA-2
10/61 Pinelli/Stone/Sherman/Konner 1stGen/GSN/TA-2
10/61 Wimer/Stoeffel/Sweeney/Jineda 1stGen/GSN/TA-2
7/26/63 Milke/Ritner/Ramsey/Tattrie A/GSN/D204.07
8/30/63 Reyes/Landers/Settle/McNally
Next to last NBC nighttime show
9/6/63 Reyes/Fears/Robertson/Peterson
NBC Primetime Finale, a great show, with a few laughs
10/63 ABC episode with special guest panelist Pat Carroll 1stGen/GSN/TA-2
6/26/64 Russell/Gasser/Burnette/Audrey Meadows (ABC nighttime) B/KIN/GS-411.04
8/7/64 ABC episode with guest panelist Rita Moreno A-/GSN/TA-2