The Nighttime Price is Right (Tom Kennedy, 1985-1986)

VTR AIR Prod Notes/Description Grade/Source/Call Number
9/9/85 #001 Lucky Seven/Grocery Game/Danger Price
(Premiere Episode)
1985 Plinko/Race Game/Double Prices (car) C+/GSN/GS-485
5/85 Punch a Bunch (Huge win)/Money Game/Most Expensive B-/GSN/GS-485
6/85 Range Game/Grand Game/Race Game
(Some big malfunctions in Race Game)
8/85 Lucky Seven/Clock Game/Secret X A/GSN/D202.04
Money Game/Most Expensive/Shell Game /GSN/TPIR7A.03
Any Number/Pick a Pair/Range Game /GSN/TPIR8.07
Safe Crackers/Switcheroo/One Right Price /GSN/TPIR10.01
Switcheroo/Danger Price/Range Game
(First ever perfect win on the first try in Switcheroo)
10/85 Lucky Seven/Race Game/Grand Game B-/GSN/GS-485
Lucky Seven/Shell Game/One Right Price
(Double Overbid)
Safe Crackers (car)/Plinko/Most Expensive /GSN/TPIR13.03
Lucky Seven/Plinko/One Right Price
(Showcase with models finding reasons to join the Foreign Legion)
Any Number/Pick a Pair/Safe Crackers
(Showcase with “Little Known Fan Clubs”)
Grocery Game/One Away/Take Two
(Gene Wood announces)
Golden Road/Hi-Lo/Double Prices
(Episode with a Golden Road win for over $46,000)
5/31/86(?) #170(?) Golden Road/Cliff Hangers/Double Prices
(Tom Kennedy’s last nighttime show?)