The New Price is Right (Doug Davidson, 1994-1995)

VTR AIR Prod Notes/Description Grade/Source/Call Number
9/12/94 #001 Money Game/Race Game/Magic #
(Premiere of the Davidson version)
10/94 Clock Game/Ten Chances/Cliff Hangers
(Digital Clock Game <sigh>)
10/12/94 Plinko/Safe Crackers/Lucky Seven A-/OB/GS-445
Clock Game/Temptation/Squeeze Play
(4 digit prizes in Electronic Clock Game/Doug really rushes Temptation along, also bad for the show)
Danger Price/Lucky Seven/Shell Game /OB/NM-77.06
One Away/Clock Game/Cliff Hangers /OB/NM-77.07
Safe Crackers/Three Strikes/Make Your Mark
(Doug tries to cheat the contestant in Make Your Mark)
Squeeze Play/Hole in One/Danger Price
(Echo, Echo, Echo showcase/Last episode??)