VTR AIR Prod Notes/Description Grade/Source/Call Number
9/11/81 #4175D Any Number/Hit Me/Most Expensive/Race Game/Dice Game/Shell Game
(Friday show of 10th season premiere week/Audience all wearing buttons to commemorate it)
10/16/81 #4225D Lucky Seven/Danger Price/Punch a Bunch/Most Expensive/Ten Chances/Bullseye A-/OC/TA-2
10/29/81 #4244D Give or Keep/It’s Optional/Safe Crackers/Double Prices/Grocery Game/Any Number 1stGen/GSN/TA-2
11/6/81 #4265D Barker’s Bargain Bar/Hole in One/Clock Game/Poker Game/Secret X/Dice Game B-/OC/TA-2
12/17/81 #4314D Give or Keep/It’s Optional/Race Game/Squeeze Play/Ten Chances/Grocery Game 1stGen/GSN/TA-2
12/28/81 #4331D Clock Game/Card Game/Punch-a-Bunch/Barker’s Bargain Bar/Hi-Lo/Money Game
(The guy working the turntable in this show must have dozed off slightly, before “Clock Game”, he lets it run a little too long)
1/12/82 #4352D Lucky Seven/Most Expensive/Bullseye/Clock Game/Give or Keep/Money Game 1stGen/GSN/TA-2
1/28/82 #4374D Lucky Seven/Barker’s Bargain Bar/Check-Out/Race Game/Give or Keep/Any Number
(Check-Out DEBUT)
1/26/82 3/4/82 #4424D Lucky Seven/Shell Game/Most Expensive/Poker Game/Hurdles/Any Number
(The infamous Cookie is a contestant, she mauls Bob after winning Shell Game)
1stGen/GSN (WinTV)/TA-2
4/20/82 #4492D Card Game/Trader Bob/Range Game/Race Game/Ten Chances/Penny Ante
(When not to bid $1, when the other contestant is only $9 off)
6/1/82 #4552D Barker’s Bargain Bar/Ten Chances/Hit Me/Squeeze Play (which has technical problems)/Switcheroo/Double Prices A/GSN/GS-506
6/3/82 #4554D Lucky Seven/Clock Game/Pick a Pair/Take Two/Card Game/Bonus Game
(Bert Convy appears to plug TattleTales again)
6/4/82 #4555D Give or Keep/Race Game/Three Strikes/Safe Crackers/Bullseye/Any Number
(Barbara Hunter’s Birthday is acknowledged/Theme runs out in the open)