VTR AIR Prod Notes/Description Grade/Source/Call Number
9/12/83 #4991D Range Game/Danger Price/Phone Home Game/Barker’s Bargain Bar/Bonus Game/New Card Game (12th Season Premiere/Phone Home Game DEBUT) A/GSN/TA-2
9/14/83 #4993D Safe Crackers/Phone Home Game/Most Expensive/Three Strikes/Cliff Hangers/Money Game A/GSN/TA-2
9/15/83 #4994D Golden Road/Double Prices/Pick a Pair/Clock Game/Plinko/Poker Game A/GSN/TA-2
9/19/83 #5001D Superball!!/Three Strikes (5 Digits)/Most Expensive/Blank Check/One Right Price/Grand Game A/GSN/TA-2
9/22/83 #5004D Squeeze Play/Phone Home Game/Barker’s Bargain Bar/Blank Check/Five Price Tags/Danger Price
(Bob send a contestant back to her seat to bid)
10/12/83 #5033D Range Game/Phone Home Game/Squeeze Play/Danger Price/Any Number/Cliff Hangers
(First $10,000 cash award win in Phone Home Game/2nd IUFB missing due to GSN error)
10/20/83 #5044D Safe Crackers/Phone Home Game/Most Expensive/Double Prices/Bonus Game/Three Strikes ($13,000 Phone Home Game win/Opening missing) A/GSN/TA-2
10/27/83 #5054D New Card Game/Punchboard/Double Prices (car)/Take Two/Ten Chances/Bullseye
(Ten Chances contestant doesn’t want to be there!)
10/31/83 #5061D Super Ball/3 Strikes/Barker’s Bargain Bar/Poker Game/Clock Game/Grand Game A/GSN/TA-2
11/1/83 #5062D Golden Road/Double Prices/Now and Then/Range Game/Trader Bob/Dice Game
(Debut of repainted Dice Game board)
11/2/83 #5063D Master Key/Take Two/Most Expensive/Safe Crackers/Any Number/Hit Me
Bob has Linda and Cynthia do a Price is Right cheerleader routine in CR, Hilarious showcase with Johnny Olson as a Damsel in Distress
11/4/83 #5065D Squeeze Play/Hole in One/One Right Price/Walk of Fame (DEBUT)/New Card Game/Bonus Game (Walk of Fame DEBUT… and it doesn’t go very well) A/GSN/TA-2
11/9/83 #5073D Hi-Lo/Clock Game/Plinko/One Right Price/New Card Game/Walk of Fame A/GSN/TA-2
11/10/83 #5074D Temptation/Double Prices/Grand Game/Range Game/Master Key/Race Game
(The famous Holly v. Exercise Equipment blooper)
11/14/83 #5081D Give or Keep/Walk of Fame/Three Strikes/Safe Crackers/Squeeze Play/Penny Ante
(Debut of the warm and fuzzy “Home for Christmas” home viewer showcase)
11/29/83 #5102D Lucky 7/Hit Me/Blank Check/One Right Price/Shell Game/3 Strikes (five digits)
(Bob keeps complaining about the phone company)
12/6/83 #5112D Master Key/Clock Game/Walk of Fame/Barker’s Bargain Bar/Any Number/Pick a Pair
(Janice wrecks the train/Turntable turns too far)
12/16/83 #5125D One Right Price/Deluxe Dice Game/Grocery Game/Most Expensive/Money Game/Cliff Hangers (Home for Christmas home viewer showcase winner is called at the end of this show) A/GSN/TA-2
12/22/83 #5134D Temptation/Trader Bob/Double Prices/Take Two/Dice Game/Now and Then
12/23/83 #5135D Master Key/Squeeze Play/Walk of Fame/Safe Crackers/Bullseye/Three Strikes
(CHRISTMAS EPISODE/Secret Service Agent inquires about Johnny printing $1,000 bills, uh-oh)
1/5/84 #5144D Blank Check/Plinko/Most Expensive/Range Game/Ten Chances/Pick a Pair
(Plinko problems– two chips stuck, one dropped… not quite how you’re supposed to drop it/Plinko sign now on turntable)
1/10/84 #5152D Blank Check/Danger Price/Hole in One/Double Prices/Bonus Game/New Card Game
(WHERE is Susan?  It’s the famous Susan Derbeck/Dupont incident)
1/11/84 #5153D Master Key/One Right Price/Take Two/Clock Game/Ten Chances/Bullseye 1stGen/GSN/TA-2
1/12/84 #5154D Safe Crackers/Check Out/Money Game/Race Game/Punch a Bunch/Barker’s Bargain Bar
(Debut of new Race Game curtain?)
1/16/84 #5161D Blank Check/Plinko/One Right Price/Take Two/Money Game/Hi-Lo A/GSN/TA-2
12/12/83 1/26/84 #5174D Most Expensive/Phone Home Game/Poker Game/Safe Crackers/Money Game/Cliff Hangers /OC/D201.01
2/8/84 #5193D Lucky Seven/Hit Me/Safe Crackers/Take Two/Master Key/One Right Price
(The infamous Ethel dreams of being in the hayloft with Bob)
2/21/84 #5212D Money Game/Cliff Hangers/Clock Game
(Post Bake-off 1/2 hour episode)
4/9/84 #5281D Golden Road/Grocery Game/Double Prices/Balance Game (DEBUT)/Poker Game/Safe Crackers (Balance Game DEBUT) C-/OC/NM-146.02
5/25/84 #5345D Temptation/Grocery Game/One Right Price/Poker Game/Safe Crackers/Switcheroo
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