VTR AIR Prod Notes/Description Grade/Source/Call Number
9/14/84 #5395D Shell Game/On the Nose (Baseball)/Squeeze Play/Poker Game/Barker’s Bargain Bar/Grand Game (On the Nose DEBUT) B/OC/TA-2
9/18/84 #5402D Bullseye/On the Nose (Basketball)/Barker’s Bargain Bar/Range Game/Three Strikes/Give or Keep (On the Nose win) A-/OB/TA-2
6/25/84 10/9/84 #5432D Lucky Seven/Now and Then/Double Prices/Clock Game/Trader Bob/Ten Chances
(Dian messes up a rigged pool table in the show, and Bob points it out to her)
1stGen/GSN (WinTV)/TA-2
10/16/84 #5442D Most Expensive/On The Nose (Darts)/Balance Game/Squeeze Play/Three Strikes/Grand Game A-/OB/TA-2
11/28/84 #5503D Barker’s Bargain Bar/On the Nose (Tennis)/Trader Bob/Range Game/Money Game/Penny Ante (Bob shows his awful tennis abilities, contestant almost takes out a stagehand) B/OB/TA-2
12/4/84 #5512D Give or Keep/Safe Crackers/One Away/Barker’s Bargain Bar/Grocery Game/Deluxe Dice Game (One Away DEBUT with no horns) B/OB/TA-2
12/6/84 #5514D Five Price Tags/Car Game/Take Two/Double Prices/Hit Me/Any Number A-/OC/GS-521
12/17/84 #5531D Most Expensive/One Away/BALANCE GAME/Poker Game/Any Number/Hi-Lo
12/20/84 #5534D Double Prices/Clock Game/Hole In One/Race Game/Squeeze Play/Plinko
12/21/84 #5535D Blank Check/One Right Price/Master Key/Walk of Fame/Money Game/Pick a Pair
(CHRISTMAS EPISODE/Bob screws up in Pick a Pair, resulting in a hilarious win)
1/25/85 #5575D Range Game/Poker Game/Phone Home Game/Barker’s Bargain Bar/Any Number/Secret X
(Cameraman Marty Wagner’s birthday)
6/3/85 #5761D Bonus Game/On the Nose (Football)/Range Game/Most Expensive/Money Game/Hi-Lo
(Has bad commercial edits; DOUBLE SHOWCASE WINNER)
6/4/85 #5762D Barker’s Bargain Bar/Hole in One/Take Two/1 Right Price/Balance Game/Card Game A+/OC/GS-519