The Price is Right – Season 14 (1985-1986)

VTR AIR Prod Notes/Description Grade/Source/Call Number
9/9/85 #5791D 14th Season Premiere with a message from Mr. Goodson!
Lucky Seven/Now and Then/Barker’s Bargain Bar/Race Game/Safe Crackers/Punch-a-Bunch
(End Credits cut off, Taped from WinTV)
 1stGen/GSN(WinTV)/TA-2, B-/OB/TA-2
9/13/85 #5795D Clock Game/Hole in One/Bump/Poker Game/Money Game/Balance Game
(Bump DEBUT… or is it Blump?)
10/15/85 #5842D Superball!!/Barker’s Bargain Bar/Three Strikes/Race Game/Range Game (car)/Hi-Lo
(Bob recognizes the death of Johnny Olson at the end of this show)
11/8/85 #5875D Super Ball/Range Game/Three Strikes/Bump/One Away/Grand Game B-/OB/TA-2
11/11/85 #5881D Grocery Game/One Right Price/Deluxe Dice Game/Barker’s Bargain Bar/Secret X/Money Game (Gene Wood is interim announcer/Debut of “Christmas Wishes” Home Viewer Showcase) B-/OB/TA-2
1/10/86 #5945D Bump/Hit Me/Temptation/Safe Crackers/Cliff Hangers/Dice Game
(Rich Jeffries is interim announcer, and BOB EUBANKS stops by to plug The New Card Sharks)
1/20/86 #5961D Superball!!/Deluxe Dice Game/Most Expensive/Range Game/Any Number/Grand Game
(Bob Hilton is the interim announcer)
2/17/86 #6001D Master Key/One Right Price/Take Two/Clock Game/Temptation/Bullseye
(Rod Roddy’s first PERMANENT episode as announcer/$54,772 record win)