VTR AIR Prod Notes/Description Grade/Source/Call Number
5/27/86 9/8/86 #6171D Safe Crackers/Any Number (Play Along)/Grand Game/Clock Game/Double Prices/Switcheroo (15th Season Premiere) 1stGen/GSN(WinTV)/TA-2
6/86 9/11/86 #6174D Danger Price (Play Along)/Add Em Up/Plinko/One Right Price/Money Game/Pick-a-Pair
(Add Em Up DEBUT)
10/1/86 #6203D Card Game/Plinko (Play Along)/Race Game/Squeeze Play/Three Strikes/Pick a Pair
(Ceremonial 3000th show, but was really the 2997th)
7/2/86 10/6/86 #6211D Money Game/Check Out/Squeeze Play/Most Expensive/Shell Game/Ten Chances
(Shell Game cheater)
9/1/86 10/7/86 #6212D Danger Price/Add ‘Em Up/Plinko/Double Prices/Three Strikes/Now and Then 1stGen/GSN(WinTV)/TA-2
9/86 10/10/86 #6215D Bump/Poker Game/Hole in One/Blank Check (Play Along)/Secret X/Any Number
(Director Marc Breslow gets a sendoff from the crew in the form the credits stopping just before he leaves the show (and I wish he was still on the show today))
9/16/86 10/27/86 #6241D Barker’s Bargain Bar/Bullseye/Add Em Up/Race Game/Card Game/Give or Keep 1stGen/GSN (WinTV)/TA-2
10/86 11/10/86 #6261D Grocery Game (Play Along)/One Right Price/Dice Game/Barker’s Bargain Bar/Secret X/Money Game (First look at the Home Viewer Showcase “The Christmas Party”) A-/GSN/TA-2
11/24/86 #6281D Bullseye/Add Em Up/Safe Crackers/Take Two/Double Prices/Switcheroo
(from 7/21/87 repeat)
12/10/86 #6303D Double Prices/Safe Crackers/Hole in One/Race Game/Card Game/Bonus Game 1stGen/GSN/TA-2
12/11/86 #6304D Shell Game (Play Along)/Most Expensive/Add ‘Em Up/Bump/Penny Ante/One Away 1stGen/GSN/TA-2
12/22/86 #6311D Superball!! (car)/Bump/Range Game/Take Two/Grand Game/Card Game
12/23/86 #6312D Double Prices/Hole in One/Poker Game/Squeeze Play/Dice Game/Cliff Hangers
12/24/86 #6313D Any Number/Barker’s Bargain Bar/Plinko/Danger Price/Now or Then/One Away
1stGEn/GSN/TA-2, /OC/GS-366
1/5/87 #6321D Grocery Game (Play Along)/Temptation/Squeeze Play/Take Two/Punch a Bunch/Money Game (Double Showcase Winner) 1stGen/GSN/TA-2
1/6/87 #6322D Lucky Seven/Danger Price/Plinko/Bump/Add Em Up/Pick a Pair 1stGen/GSN/TA-2
1/8/87 #6324D Master Key/Range Game/Race Game/Most Expensive/Any Number/Hit Me 1stGen/GSN/TA-2
1/9/87 #6325D Safe Crackers/Ten Chances/Bullseye/Double Prices/Shell Game/One Away
(A price is accidentally revealed in Ten Chances)
1/12/87 #6331D Danger Price/Clock Game/Hole in One/One Right Price/Three Strikes/Secret X 1stGen/GSN/TA-2
1/13/87 #6332D Five Price Tags/Range Game/Take Two/Barker’s Bargain Bar/Hi-Lo/Money Game
(Bad commercial edits)
1/15/87 #6334D Lucky Seven/Plinko/Race Game/Squeeze Play/Penny Ante/Temptation
(Temptation malfunctions)
1/16/87 #6335D Now… or Then/One Away (4 digits)/Poker Game/Range Game/Switcheroo/Most Expensive A/GSN/TA-2
1/21/87 #6343D Range Game/Bump/Hole in One/Poker Game/Shell Game/Three Strikes
(Bob Boden’s birthday is mentioned)
1/22/87 #6344D Golden Road/Give or Keep/One Right Price (Play Along)/Danger Price/One Away/Bullseye (Bob’s “Don’t let this dark hair fool ya” comment again) 1stGen/GSN/TA-2
1/23/87 #6345D Most Expensive/Pick-a-Pair/Money Game/Race Game/Punch a Bunch/Card Game 1stGen/GSN/TA-2
1/26/87 #6351D Superball (car)/Range Game/Poker Game/Bump/Three Strikes/Check-Out
(Features a funny showcase about what the models do with their paychecks)
2/4/87 #6363D Barker’s Bargain Bar/Phone Home Game/Any Number/Poker Game/Cliff Hangers/Deluxe Dice Game (Kyle fills in) 1stGen/GSN/TA-2
2/5/87 #6364D Card Game/Plinko/Danger Price/Bump (Play Along)/Ten Chances/Penny Ante 1stGen/GSN/TA-2
2/9/87 #6371D Give or Keep/Three Strikes/Race Game/Squeeze Play/Temptation/Grocery Game
(Janice can’t get a dishwasher open in Temptation)
2/10/87 #6372D Clock Game/Hole in One/One Right Price/Take Two/Secret X/Any Number 1stGen/GSN/TA-2
2/18/87 #6383D Safe Crackers/Hole in One or Two/Bump/Race Game/Cliff Hangers/Money Game 1stGen/GSN (WinTV)/TA-2
3/25/87 #6435D Temptation/Plinko/Clock Game/Double Prices/Pick a Pair/Range Game (car) A+/OC/GS-520
3/31/87 #6442D Five Price Tags/Clock Game/Take Two/Double Prices/Now or Then/Add Em Up
Clay claims to have never seen Clock Game, then does beautifully with it
4/1/87 #6443D Lucky Seven/Danger Price/Phone Home Game/Barker’s Bargain Bar/Any Number/Cliff Hangers (April Fool’s show with another April Fool’s showcase) A_/OC/TA-2
3/9/87 4/7/87 #6452D Check Game/Pathfinder/Poker Game/Barker’s Bargain Bar/Deluxe Dice Game/Grocery Game
(Pathfinder DEBUT)
1stGen/GSN (WinTV)/TA-2