VTR AIR Prod Notes/Description Grade/Source/Call Number
9/14/87 #6561D Master Key/Barker’s Bargain Bar/Clock Game/Race Game/Grand Game/Card Game
(16th Season Premiere)
10/14/87 #6613D Lucky Seven/Check-Out/Poker Game/Double Prices/Temptation/Plinko
(Bob’s last show with tinted/dark hair)
10/15/87 #6614D Most Expensive/Three Strikes/Punch-a-Bunch/Take Two/Pick a Pair/Any Number
(Bob’s grey hair debuts, confusing viewers because this is a Thursday show)
10/30/87 #6625D Master Key/Range Game/Most Expensive/Race Game/Grand Game/Money Game /OC/D205.01
12/7/87 #6681D Credit Card/Hit Me/One Away/Most Expensive/Plinko/Any Number
(Credit Card DEBUT)
1/88 2/11/88 #6754D Card Game/Clock Game/Phone Home Game/Most Expensive/Secret X/Deluxe Dice Game
(Bad storm in CA results in empty seats in the audience/weird source tape edit, Card Game results missing)
2/16/88 #6762D Give or Keep/Lucky Seven/Danger Price
(Post Pillsbury Bake-Off half hour show/Ghosts in picture)
2/26/88 #6775D Golden Road/Bump/Plinko/Most Expensive/Money Game/Hi-Lo
(Bob destroys the original “Encyclopedia of TV Game Shows”)
3/23/88 #6813D Any Number/Take Two/Phone Home Game/Barker’s Bargain Bar/Money Game/Cliff Hangers
(Exec. Producer Frank Wayne’s death is acknowledged at the end of this show)
4/4/88 #6831D Money Game/Credit Card/Phone Home Game/Barker’s Bargain Bar/Lucky Seven/Bonus Game
(Contestant is in the bathroom when her name is called)
4/18/88 #6851D Any Number/Take Two/Grocery Game/One Right Price/Lucky Seven/Shell Game
(The theme tracks runs out while tossing out to the mid-show commercial break/show interrupted by special reports/Everything after 1st showcase is missing due to tape ending)
6/28/88 #6932D Bump/Temptation/Grand Game/Credit Card/Range Game/Master Key
(Ray Combs appears to plug the upcoming debut of Family Feud on CBS/Contestant changes three numbers in Temptation and wins)
7/1/88 #6935D Most Expensive/Plinko/Add Em Up/Take Two/Penny Ante/Any Number
(16th Season Finale/Experimental Chyron Graphics)