VTR AIR Prod Notes/Description Grade/Source/Call Number
9/11/89 #7331D Make Your Move/Plinko/Barker’s Bargain Bar/Double Prices/Three Strikes +/Grocery Game
(18th Season Premiere; Make Your Move DEBUT)
1stGen/GSN (Win TV)/TA-2
10/24/89 #7392D Golden Road/Super Saver/Most Expensive/Bump/Plinko/Money Game B/OC/GS-540
12/12/89 #7462D 2 for the Price of 1/Hit Me/Money Game/Range Game/Punch a Bunch/Any Number
(2 for the Price of 1 DEBUT/Slight tracking problems)
2/12/90 #7541D Golden Road/Clock Game/Grand Game/Safe Crackers/Dice Game/Give or Keep
(Error during the showcases results in both contestants winning their showcases)
2/21/90 #7552D Lucky Seven/Punch a Bunch/One Right Price
(Post Pillsbury Bake-Off half hour episode)
4/23/90 #7641D Bonus Game (car)/Most Expensive/Squeeze Play/Check Game/Dice Game/Grand Game
(Debut of “Summer Fun” home viewer showcase)