The Price is Right – Season 2 (1973-1974)

VTR AIR Prod Notes/Description Grade/Source/Call Number
8/19/73 9/24/73 #0561D Bonus Game/Money Game/Range Game
(2nd Season Premiere)
8/20/73 9/25/73 #0562D Five Price Tags/Grocery Game/Double Prices A-/GSN/GS-448
8/20/73 11/29/73
(delayed from
#0563D Mystery Price (DEBUT)/Any Number/Clock Game
[SM copy has time code on screen]
/GSN/TPIR24.05, /SM/D181.05
8/27/73 10/1/73 #0571D Grocery Game/Any Number/Clock Game
[Timecode on screen]
9/9/73 10/9/73 #0582D Lucky Seven/Mystery Price/Most Expensive
(Short-lived Mystery Price, with weird overdubbing of music)
9/23/73 10/26/73 #0605D Five Price Tags/Hi-Lo/Range Game
(Halloween Showcase)
9/24/73 11/1/73 #0614D Grocery Game/Five Price Tags/Double Prices A-/GSN/GS-451
10/21/73 11/13/73 #0632D Any Number/Give or Keep/Double Prices A-/GSN/GS-448
10/21/73 11/14/73 #0633D Temptation/Grocery Game/Most Expensive A-/GSN/GS-448
11/25/73 12/3/73 #0661D Lucky Seven/Give or Keep/Double Prices
(Johnny makes a rare early-days on-camera appearance)
12/17/73 1/14/74 #0721D Temptation/Hi-Lo/Range Game
[Timecode on screen]
12/17/73 1/15/74 #0722D Give or Keep/Any Number/Clock Game
[Timecode on screen]
1/6/74 1/21/74 #0731D Lucky Seven/Mystery Price (car)/Most Expensive
[Timecode on screen]
1/13/74 1/31/74 #0744D Lucky Seven/Mystery Price/Most Expensive B+/GSN/GS-453
1/74 Hi Lo/Five Price Tags/Clock Game B-/GSN/GS-453
2/3/74 3/8/74 #0795D Temptation/Hi-Lo/Clock Game
(Bert Convy cameo to plug “Tattetales”)
4/22/74 5/24/74 #0905D Grocery Game/Any Number/Most Expensive
[Timecode on screen]
4/28/74 5/28/74 #0912D Any Number/Bonus Game/Double Prices
(First show with Any Number name on the board/Lenora wants a kiss before Bob does anything at all)
4/28/74 5/29/74 #0913D Temptation/Hi-Lo/Race Game
(Timecode on screen)
6/17/74 7/9/74 #0972D Range Game/Five Price Tags/Hi-Lo A-/GSN/GS-449
6/23/74 7/12/74 #0975D Temptation/Hi Lo/Double Prices
($1 overbid in the showcase)
8/74 8/9/74 #1015D Card Game/Give or Keep/Range Game /GSN/GS-268
8/74 8/15/74 #1024D Hi-Lo/Money Game/Double Prices B/GSN/GS-442
8/5/74 8/16/74 #1025D Any Number/Give or Keep/Clock Game
(Repeated 2/24/98 on CBS after the Bake-Off; SM version is another still edited copy of the 2/24/98 Bakeoff repeat)
/SM/D194.03 and /RPT/TPIR10A.03