VTR AIR Prod Notes/Description Grade/Source/Call Number
7/22/91 9/9/91 #8091D Three Strikes +/Swap Meet/Grand Game/Barker’s Bargain Bar/Cliff Hangers/Double Prices
(20th Season Premiere/Swap Meet DEBUT/Mark Goodson cameo)
9/11/91 #8093D One Away/One Right Price/Secret X/Range Game/Dice Game/Grocery Game
(Wednesday episode of 20th Anniversary Week)
10/14/91 #8141D Three Strikes +/Safe Crackers/Bullseye/Clock Game/Secret X/Temptation
(Bob has a hard time with perfect bids in this show, and so do the sound effects people) [3/3/92 repeat]
10/15/91 #8142D Super Ball/Lucky Seven/Bump/Most Expensive/Any Number/Hit Me
(Perpetual Motion Marilyn/Melanie attacks Bob all the way into the clip shows) [3/4/92 repeat]
7/16/91 11/1/91 #8165D Golden Road/Check Out/Squeeze Play/Race Game/Cliff Hangers/Three Strikes
(Bob enters from the left side of the audience)
12/25/91 #8243D One Away/Plinko/Most Expensive/Squeeze Play/Temptation/Super Saver
1/13/92 #8261D Barker’s Bargain Bar/Bonus Game/Three Strikes +/Credit Card/Card Game/Pick a Pair
(Danielle Torres wins a new record high $88,865)
1/16/92 #8264D Make Your Move/Hole in One/Range Game/Poker Game/Plinko/Money Game
(Chip gets stuck in Plinko, but they have a hard time dislodging it because of the plexiglass cover they put over the board)
1/21/92 #8272D One Away/One Right Price/Grocery Game/Squeeze Play/Lucky Seven/Plinko
(Holly and Kathleen can’t seem to get the tarp off a prize in the warehouse showcase)
1/31/92 #8285D Five Price Tage/Pick a Number/Credit Card/Safe Crackers/Grand Game/Dice Game
(Ceremonial 4000th show/Pick a Number DEBUT)
1/8/92 2/18/92 #8312D Barker’s Bargain Bar/Card Game/Shell Game/Swap Meet/One Away/Grand Game 1stGen/GSN(WinTV)/TA-2
2/25/92 #8322D Lucky Seven/Cliff Hangers/Pick a Number (for a car? Bleh.)
(Post Pillsbury Bake-Off Half Hour Episode)
2/21/92 #8315D Check Game/Hole in One/Take Two/Squeeze Play/Cliff Hangers/Any Number 1stGen/GSN/TA-2
2/24/92 #8321D Superball/Dice Game/Most Expensive/One Right Price/One Away/Now or Then 1stGen/GSN/TA-2
2/27/92 #8324D Plinko/Any Number/Switch?/Temptation/Check Out/Double Prices
(Switch? DEBUT)
2/28/92 #8325D Clock Game/Grand Game/Three Strikes +/Danger Price/Check Game/Five Price Tags
(Toni cheats in Three Strikes +, then wins a near record amount on this show, $79,845, including a Porsche)
3/9/92 #8341D Safe Crackers/Spelling Bee/Swap Meet/Pick a Number/Bullseye/Dice Game 1stGen/GSN/TA-2
3/17/92 #8352D Golden Road/Grand Game/Race Game/Pick a Number/Secret X/Dice Game 1stGen/GSN/TA-2
3/18/92 #8353D Most Expensive/Check-Out/One Away/1 Right Price/Plinko/Card Game (RPT 7/31/92) /RPT+C/D188.02
3/19/92 #8354D Credit Card/Hole in One/Switch?/Squeeze Play/Lucky Seven/Cliff Hangers
Features the spectacular putt in “Hole in One” used on the 25th Anniversary Special!
3/23/92 #8361D Switcheroo/Danger Price/Check Game/One Right Price/Three Strikes/Grocery Game 1stGen/GSN/TA-2
3/26/92 #8364D Barker’s Bargain Bar/Temptation/Pick-a-Pair/Make Your Move/Punch a Bunch/Money Game
(All winners come out of the same spot in contestant’s row in this show)
3/27/92 #8365D Clock Game/Pathfinder/Buy or Sell/Pick a Number/Lukcy Seven/Bullseye
(B/Screwed up playing of “Pathfinder”)
3/10/92 4/3/92 #8375D Taped 3/10/92- Make Your Move/Pick a Number/Cliff Hangers/Swap Meet/Hole in One/Check Game 1stGen/GSN(WinTV)/TA-2
4/6/92 #8381D Five Price Tags/Safe Crackers/Buy or Sell/Clock Game/Pick-a-Pair/Money Game (partial) 1stGen/GSN/TA-2
4/7/92 #8382D Barker’s Bargain Bar/Check-Out/Dice Game/Race Game/Pathfinder/Pick a Number
(Kathleen Bradley’s parents are in the audience)
4/9/92 #8384D Golden Road/One Right Price/Hit Me/Range Game/Any Number/Punch a Bunch 1stGen/GSN/TA-2
4/13/92 #8391D Card Game/Grand Game/Make Your Move/Range Game/Secret X/Any Number 1stGen/GSN/TA-2
3/18/92 4/14/92 #8392D Switch?/Lucky Seven/Bonus Game/2 for the Price of 1/Hole in One/Swap Meet
(WinTV airing has the ticket plug left in by GSN/Janice is ill, Kyle fills in)
1stGen/GSN/TA-2, 1stGen/GSN(WinTV)/TA-2
4/15/92 #8393D Safe Crackers/Hi-Lo/Money Game/Take Two/Spelling Bee/Pick a Number 1stGen/GSN/TA-2
4/21/92 #8402D Barker’s Bargain Bar/Temptation/Punch-a-Bunch/Pick a Number/Hi-Lo/Card Game 1stGen/GSN/TA-2
4/22/92 #8403D Any Number/Buy or Sell/Check Out/Make Your Move/Cliff Hangers/Squeeze Play 1stGen/GSN/TA-2
4/23/92 #8404D Most Expensive/Plinko/Ten Chances/Danger Prices/Hi Lo/One Away 1stGen/GSN/TA-1
5/26/92 #8452D Most Expensive/Ten Chances/Plinko/1 Right Price/3 Strikes/Hit Me /OB/D185.02