VTR AIR Prod Notes/Description Grade/Source/Call Number
9/14/92 #8491D Three Strikes +/Magic # (debut)/Grand Game/Range Game/Secret X/Lucky Seven
(21st Season Premiere/Magic # DEBUT/Mark Goodson’s final TPiR appearance/One of the longest playings of Three Strikes +)
9/23/92 #8503D Superball!!/Check Game/Dice Game/One Right Price/Any Number/Penny Ante
(Episode with a PERFECT Superball win, including the rarely mentioned $3,000 bonus)
11/2/92 #8561D Clock Game/Master Key/Pick a Number/Magic #/One Away/Super Saver
(Missing Closing Credits)
11/30/92 #8601D Squeeze Play/Cliff Hangers/Temptation/Clock Game/Bullseye/Any Number
(Contestant spins the wheel the wrong way, then gets $1.00 spinning the right way)
6/18/93 #8875D Swap Meet/Hole in One/Pick-a-Number/1 Right Price/Plinko/Dice Game
(Dian Parkinson’s last episode, she says goodbye after Dice Game)