The Price is Right – Season 22 (1993-1994)

VTR AIR Prod Notes/Description Grade/Source/Call Number
9/14/93 #8882D Most Expensive/Check-Out/Ten Chances/Switch?/Plinko/Dice Game
(Plinko sign is broken on this ep, $25,000 just flashed on the screen while introducing the game)
11/30/93 #8992D Credit Card/Pick-a-Number/Pathfinder/Barker’s Bargain Bar/Hit Me/Lucky Seven
(Crocodile Dentist game bites Bob!)
12/24/93 #9015D 3 Strikes+/Grand Game/Make Your Move/Switch/Pathfinder/Check Game B/OB/GS-518
1/21/94 #9045D Five Price Tags/Clock Game/Range Game/Most Expensive/Temptation/Hit Me
(Ridiculous bids during Clock Game)
1/25/94 #9052D Switch?/Pathfinder/Pick a Number/Buy or Sell/Grand Game/Ten Chances
(Bob is caught reading Janice’s book “Husband Lover Spy” when the doors open)
2/14/94 #9081D Joker/Race Game/Lucky Seven/Squeeze Play/Grocery Game/Money Game
(Joker DEBUT)
2/22/94 #9092D Lucky Seven/Plinko/2 for the Price of 1
(Post Pillsbury Bake-Off Half-Hour Episode)
5/10/94 #9202D Lucky Seven/Side by Side/Check-Out/Barker’s Bargain Bar/Three Strikes/Plinko
(Side by Side DEBUT)
5/20/94 #9215D Spelling Bee/2 for the Price of 1/Range Game/Buy or Sell/Money Game/Penny Ante
(Geraldo Rivera makes a cameo appearance)
Two clips of a Poker Game almost-foul-up and Secret X not cooperating, both with Roger coming on-camera /OB/NM-44A.01