The Price is Right – Season 23 (1994-1995)

VTR AIR Prod Notes/Description Grade/Source/Call Number
9/12/94 #9261D Three Strikes/Barker’s Markers/Grand Game/Range Game/Secret X/Lucky Seven
(23rd Season Premiere/Barker’s Markers DEBUT/Gena Nolin announced as the new permanent Barker’s Beauty)
2/6/95 #9451D Lucky Seven/Grand Game/Side by Side/Credit Card/Pathfinder/Safe Crackers
(A black sheet is covering audience seats on both ends of the studio/TNPiR 94 confusion mentioned during the ticket plug)
2/22/95 #9473D Freeze Frame/Card Game/Joker/Magic #/Pick a Pair/One Away
(Freeze Frame DEBUT)
2/24/95 #9475D Golden Road/Plinko/Check Game/Switch?/Lucky Seven/Super Saver
(Jade Mills wins big)