The Price is Right – Season 24 (1995-1996)

VTR AIR Prod Notes/Description Grade/Source/Call Number
9/11/95 #9641D Golden Road/Plinko/Barker’s Bargain Bar/Double Prices/Pick a Pair/Lucky Seven
(24th Season Premiere)
10/27/95 #9705D Cover Up/Plinko/Make Your Move/Most Expensive/Dice Game/Grocery Game
(Holly Hallstrom’s last show, no mention is made)
1/17/96 #9813D Shopping Spree/Side by Side/Spelling Bee/One Right Price/Three Strikes/Bullseye
(Shopping Spree DEBUT)
1/26/96 #9825D Range Game/Split Decision/Punch a Bunch/Most Expensive/Ten Chances/Super Saver
(Brian gives back $5,000 on the Punchboard for $10,000)
4/1/96 #9921D Five Price Tags/Freeze Frame/Switch?/Credit Card/Cover Up/Pick a Pair
(Stagehands answer a question: Is that truck V-6 or V-8?)
4/25/96 #9954D Easy as 1-2-3/Plinko/Cover Up/Double Prices/Pick a Pair/Lucky Seven
(Easy as 1-2-3 DEBUT)