VTR AIR Prod Notes/Description Grade/Source/Call Number
9/9/96 #0041K Cover Up/Plinko/Range Game/Side by Side/Lucky Seven/Check-Out
(25th Season Premiere)
10/10/96 #0084K Squeeze Play/Bullseye/Dice Game/Race Game/Secret X/Money Game
(Contestant rolls all four numbers in Dice Game for the first time)
10/15/96 #0092K Range Game/Master Key/Pick a Number/Easy as 1-2-3/Three Strikes/Hit Me
(A contestant barely wins Range Game, thanks to Bob’s generosity that is)
10/21/96 #0101K Barker’s Bargain Bar/Money Game/Shell Game/Range Game/Ten Chances/Penny Ante
(First perfect show of the 25th season)
10/25/96 #0105K Switch?/Spelling Bee/Easy as 123/Side by Side/Check Out/Dice Game 1stGen/OC/TA-2
10/28/96 #0111K Clip of Bonus Game (joined in progress) 1stGen/OB/TA-2
11/1/96 #0115K Safe Crackers (car)/Double Prices/Now or Then/Barker’s Markers/Punch a Bunch/Money Game (Another contestant does not stop in contestant’s row) 1stGen/OC/TA-2
12/4/96 #0163K Safe Crackers/Pathfinder/Freeze Frame/Most Expensive/Three Strikes/Bullseye
(Daniel is very excited, especially when he wins Pathfinder and his showcase/Three Strikes win (before rule change)/PERFECT SHOW) From repeat airing- 12/17/97
12/9/96 #0171K Lucky Seven/Double Prices/Pick a Pair/Barker’s Markers/Cliff Hangers/Any Number
From repeat airing- 12/18/97
12/10/96 #0172K Split Decision/Easy as 1-2-3/Bonus Game/Squeeze Play/One Away/Now or Then
(3rd One-Bid and part on Bonus Game lost to a very useless Special Report)
From repeat airing- 12/19/97
12/11/96 #0173K Make Your Move/Temptation/Grocery Game/Freeze Frame/Barker’s Bargain Bar/Switcheroo
(27 Eggland’s Best episode, over $50 worth of eggs)
From repeat airing- 12/22/97
12/12/96 #0174K Most Expensive/Ten Chances/Hi-Lo/One Right Price/Plinko/Money Game 1stGen/OC/TA-2
12/24/96 #0182K Three Strikes/Grand Game/Shopping Spree/Switch?/Cover Up/Cliff Hangers
(CHRISTMAS EPISODE; Missing second half of Showcases)
12/25/96 #0183K Plinko/Easy as 1-2-3/Money Game/Double Prices/Check-Out/Lucky Seven
(CHRISTMAS EPISODE (from repeat airing))
1/15/97 #0213K Range Game/Five Price Tags/Safe Crackers/One Right Price/Temptation/Now or Then
(Confusion on who wins 5th IUFB)
1/16/97 #0214K Split Decision/Hi-Lo/Easy as1-2-3/Double Prices/Plinko/One Away
(The last playing of Split Decision- with a terrible contestant)
1/17/97 #0215K Freeze Frame/Cliff Hangers/Ten Chances (bad player)/Clock Game/Check-Out (car)/Switch? 1stGen/OC/TA-2
1/24/97 #0225K Spelling Bee/Safe Crackers/Make Your Move/Shopping Spree/Dice Game/Penny Ante
(EASY Dice Game win here, a one, two sixes and the last number rolled exactly right)
3/4/97 #0283K Shopping Spree/Money Game/Hit Me/Barker’s Bargain Bar/Punch a Bunch/Any Number
(The only Double Showcase Winner of the 25th year… at the time, the only double showcase winner for almost 2 years (from summer repeat))
4/1/97 #0322K Make Your Move/One Away/Check-Out/Side by Side/Any Number/Plinko
From repeat airing- 11/28/97
4/9/97 #0333K Lucky Seven/Squeeze Play/Pick-a-Pair/Race Game/Plinko/One Away
(Bob seriously offends women drivers in the audience in this show)
4/15/97 #0342K Credit Card/Cover Up/Check-Out/Double Prices/Money Game/Secret X
(A contestant does the “Bob Barker Shuffle”) From repeat airing- 8/25/97
4/21/97 #0351K Easy as 1-2-3/Bullseye/Any Number/Range Game/Master Key/Clock Game
(Signal cutoff during Clock Game prize descriptions, but the game play is there)
From repeat airing- 8/29/97
4/22/97 #0352K Three Strikes/Barker’s Markers/Cliff Hangers/Double Prices/Hi-Lo/Money Game 1stGen/RPT+C/TA-2
4/23/97 #0353K Squeeze Play/Check-Out/One Away/Most Expensive/Plinko/Card Game
From repeat airing-  9/3/97
5/16/97 #0385K Most Expensive/Any Number/Penny Ante/2 for the Price of 1/Shell Game/Card Game
($80 bid on a hammock/Signal cutoff on winner of 2nd one bid)
6/13/97 #0425K Credit Card/Bonus Game/Lucky Seven/Freeze Frame/Hi-Lo/One Away
(25th Season Finale)