The Price is Right – Season 27 (1998-1999)

VTR AIR Prod Notes/Description Grade/Source/Call Number
9/21/98 #0821K Golden Road/Clearance Sale/Pick a Pair/Double Prices/Plinko/Lucky Seven
(27th Season Premiere/Clearance Sale DEBUT)
9/28/98 #0831K Cover Up/Check-Out/Take Two/Double Prices/Punch a Bunch/Any Number
(“Dewey, Cheatem and Howe” Showcase)
10/2/98 #0835K Most Expensive/Bullseye/Temptation/Barker’s Bargain Bar/Bonus Game/Card Game
(Part of Showcases cut off by a special report by KCBS)
10/6/98 #0842K Squeeze Play/Ten Chances/Cliff Hangers/Barker’s Markers/Money Game/Pick a Pair
(Two $11,000 winners in the Showcase Showdown)
10/12/98 #0851K Bullseye/Three Strikes/Race Game/Barker’s Bargain Bar/Punch a Bunch/Range Game
(Willie dosen’t believe he wins anything, even though he comes from behind in Three Strikes and wins $11,000 in the Showcase Showdown)
10/15/98 #0854K Clip of the $50,000 Plinko DEBUT
(Only part of show available)
10/23/98 #0865K One Wrong Price/Spelling Bee/Freeze Frame/Squeeze Play/Card Game/Grand Game
(One Wrong Price DEBUT/First 5 seconds of opening missing)
11/2/98 #0881K Make Your Move/Pathfinder/Freeze Frame/Race Game/Grand Game/Lucky Seven
(TPiR theme instead of Walking during the open/59th no win show)
11/12/98 #0894K Clock Game/Master Key/Double Prices/Check Out/Fortune Hunter/Dice Game
(Jamie Hyatt is the first Double Showcase Winner in almost two years/First $500 perfect bid/Contestant rolls the same number four times in Dice Game)
11/17/98 #0902K Shopping Spree/Pathfinder/Magic Number/Squeeze Play/3 Strikes/Grand Game (Repeat)

12/4/98 #0925K Lucky Seven/It’s in the Bag/Most Expensive/Range Game/Secret X/One Away
(Secret X production error results in an win by default)
12/7/98 #0931K Barker’s Bargain Bar/Poker Game/Hole in One/Squeeze Play/Cliff Hangers/Line Em Up
(Poker Game debate)
12/9/98 #0933K Clip of a Corvette win on “Golden Road” /OB/NM-35.03
12/21/98 #0951K Easy as 1-2-3/Check Out/One Away/Race Game/Pathfinder/Squeeze Play
12/22/98 #0952K 12/22/98 (#0952K)- Switcheroo/Freeze Frame/Make Your Move/Grand Game/Line Em Up/Range Game
12/31/98 #0822K Check Game/Pathfinder/Easy as 1-2-3/Barker’s Bargain Bar/Ten Chances/Grand Game
(The infamous Bubba episode/Only perfect show of this season)
1/4/99 #0961K Check Game/Cover Up/Now or Then/One Wrong Price/Card Game/Punch a Bunch
(Jamie Hyatt wins with exactly $6,000 on Check Game, then becomes the 2nd Double Showcase Winner of the 27th season)
1/12/99 #0972K Easy as 1-2-3/Plinko/Temptation/Double Prices/Hi-Lo/Any Number
(Another double $11,000 Showcase Showdown win)
1/19/99 #0982K Safe Crackers/Danger Price/Pathfinder/Squeeze Play/Grand Game/Line Em Up
(Sherry Diamond becomes the 3rd Double Showcase Winner of Year #27)
2/11/99 #1014K Clock Game/Hole in One/Double Prices/Most Expensive/Plinko/Cover Up
(Brian and his infamous low bids during “Clock Game”)
2/24/99 #1033K Master Key/Range Game/Swap Meet/It’s in the Bag/Barker’s Bargain Bar/Money Game
(Armand Legaski becomes the 4th Double Showcase Winner of Year #27)
3/3/99 #1043K Push Over (debut)/Barker’s Markers/Pathfinder/Barker’s Bargain Bar/Dice Game/Now or Then
(Push Over DEBUT)
3/15/99 #1051K Easy as 1-2-3/Spelling Bee/Barker’s Bargain Bar/Double Prices/Hi-Lo/Cover Up
(Monday ep of CBS #1 in Daytime celebration week)
3/24/99 #1063K Lucky Seven/Grand Game/Shopping Spree/Double Prices/Joker/Ten Chances
(Christopher Murphy becomes the 5th and final Double Showcase Winner for this season/Perfect Ten Chances win)
4/8/99 #1084K Credit Card/Now or Then/Dice Game/Barker’s Markers/Secret X (car)/Barker’s Bargain Bar
(Bob has a broken finger and a very noticeable bandage)
6/17/99 #1174K Switch/Pathfinder/Push Over/Clock Game/Line Em Up/Grand Game
(27th Season Finale/Chantal Dubay-Beck’s last episode)