VTR AIR Prod Notes/Description Grade/Source/Call Number
9/20/99 #1181K Any Number/Let Em Roll/Double Prices/Most Expensive/Plinko/Money Game
(28th Season Premiere/Let Em Roll DEBUT/Chantal’s last appearance on TPiR, and Nikki Ziering’s first)
9/27/99 #1191K Lucky Seven/Plinko/Barker’s Bargain Bar/Push Over/Hi-Lo (caffinated player)/Cover Up (perfect win) (Paul is the first ever wheelchair contestant) 1stGen/OC/TA-2
10/6/99 #1203K Golden Road/Clock Game/Plinko/Double Prices/Grocery Game/Range Game (car)
(Debut of new Golden Road look/Register in Grocery Game malfunctions/Bob goofs in the showcase showdown)
10/14/99 #1214K Most Expensive/Any Number/Punch a Bunch/Barker’s Bargain Bar/Hole in One/Double Prices 1stGen/OC/TA-2
10/18/99 #1221K Money Game/One Wrong Price/Bonus Game/Squeeze Play/Three Strikes/Grand Game
(Bob seems to think 35+70=100 in the 1st Showcase Showdown)
11/1/99 #1241K Money Game/Plinko/Buy or Sell/One Right Price/Check Out (car)/Push Over 1stGen/OC/TA-2
11/5/99 #1245K Most Expensive/Punch a Bunch/Ten Chances/Switch?/Cover Up/Penny Ante
(Contestant mix-up; Bob digs into his pocket for cash when Manuel has to go back to his seat)
11/15/99 #1261K One Wrong Price/Ten Chances/Punch a Bunch/Squeeze Play/Penny Ante/One Away 1stGen/OC/TA-2
11/19/99 #1265K Lucky Seven/Swap Meet/It’s in the Bag/Push Over/Money Game/Cliff Hangers
(Bob’s first show back after his surgery/Showcase podiums left out from the last show during the open)
11/22/99 #1271K Card Game/Squeeze Play/Plinko/Clearance Sale/Double Prices/Hole in One
(Hilarious Hole in One player/$22,000 Plinko win)
12/2/99 #1284K Three Strikes/Squeeze Play/Pick a Pair/Most Expensive/Plinko/Card Game
(Christopher is way too excited/Credit roll left in for dedication at the end)
12/20/99 #1311K Clearance Sale/Pathfinder/Squeeze Play/2 for the Price of 1/Let Em Roll/Range Game
(CHRISTMAS SHOW/Double Overbid)
12/21/99 #1312K Money Game/Pick a Pair/Buy or Sell/Double Prices/Line Em Up/Plinko
(CHRISTMAS SHOW/2nd Double Overbid this week)
12/22/99 #1313K Most Expensive/Three Strikes (Big Win!)/Grand Game/Switch?/Cliff Hangers/Cover Up
12/23/99 #1314K Lucky Seven/It’s in the Bag/Push Over/Easy as 1-2-3/Bonus Game/Card Game
(CHRISTMAS SHOW/3rd Double Overbid of the week)
12/24/99 #1315K Barker’s Bargain Bar/One Away/Punch a Bunch/One Right Price/Any Number/Check Out
1/3/00 #1321K Spelling Bee/Dice Game/One Wrong Price/Barker’s Bargain Bar/Card Game/Now or Then
(The wonderful Rob Rosa wins Spelling Bee; Future “Breaking Bad” star Aaron Paul is a contestant; Jeff Parsons, Marc Green and Randy Amasia are in the audience)
1stGen/RPT/TA-2 (summer repeat)
1/4/00 #1322K Grocery Game/Ten Chances/Swap Meet/Squeeze Play/Pathfinder/Switch?
(2nd show of the year , Jeff, Randy an Marc are in the audience again)
1/26/00 #1343K Master Key/Clock Game/Clearance Sale/Range Game/It’s in the Bag/2 for the Price of 1 (car)
(First Double Showcase Winner of this season)
2/7/00 #1351K Check Game/Pathfinder/Buy or Sell/Squeeze Play/Let Em Roll/One Right Price
(Check Game now has Y2K compliant checks)
2/18/00 #1365K Freeze Frame/Spelling Bee/One Right Price/Push Over/Ten Chances/Hit Me 1stGen/OC/TA-2
2/22/00 #1372K Golden Road/Plinko/Most Expensive/Double Prices/Pick a Pair/Money Game
(Most expensive prize ever offered to date on TPiR, but it wasn’t won)
2/25/00 #1375K Flip Flop/Pathfinder/Swap Meet/2 for the Price of 1/Hit Me/Cover Up
(Flip Flop DEBUT)
3/2/00 #1384K Switcheroo/Shopping Spree/Flip Flop/Clock Game/Let Em Roll/One Right Price
(Perfect Switcheroo win)
3/3/00 #1385K Push Over (car)/Race Game/Plinko/Hi-Lo/Check Game/One Away 1stGen/OC/TA-2
3/28/00 #1402K Golden Road/Plinko/Most Expensive/Now or Then/Money Game/One Right Price
(New carpet at the Big Wheel)
4/5/00 #1413K Make Your Move/Hole in One/Freeze Frame/One Wrong Price/Dice Game/Secret X
(Fellow fan Brad Francini is a contestant)
4/6/00 #1414K Swap Meet/Ten Chances/Cliff Hangers/Push Over/Let Em Roll/Switch?
(First perfect show of this season)
4/17/00 #1421K Freeze Frame/Spelling Bee/Switch?/Poker Game/Cover Up/Bullseye 1stGen/OC/TA-2
4/18/00 #1422K Clock Game/It’s in the Bag/Dice Game/Flip Flop/Most Expensive/Switcheroo
(Switcheroo is won on the first try for the first time in 15 years)
4/21/00 #1425K Lucky Seven/Plinko/Barker’s Bargain Bar/Race Game/Any Number/Pick a Pair 1stGen/OC/TA-2
5/5/00 #1435K Lucky Seven/Most Expensive/It’s in the Bag/Squeeze Play/Cliff Hangers/Ten Chances
(Bob gets picked up after a Ten Chances win)
5/9/00 #1442K Range Game/Temptation/Pick a Pair/Most Expensive/Plinko/Money Game 1stGen/OC/TA-2
5/10/00 #1443K Lucky Seven/Punch a Bunch/Clearance Sale/Now or Then/Line Em Up/Double Prices
(2nd Double Showcase Win of the season)
5/11/00 #1444K Fortune Hunter/Bullseye/Dice Game/Squeeze Play/Cliff Hangers/One Away 1stGen/OC/TA-2
5/12/00 #1445K Push Over/Three Strikes/Grand Game/One Right Price/Secret X/Any Number 1stGen/OC/TA-2
5/15/00 #1451K Shopping Spree/It’s in the Bag/Card Game/Bonus Game/Money Game/Double Prices A/OC/TA-2
5/16/00 #1452K One Wrong Price/Dice Game/Grocery Game/Squeeze Play/Plinko/Cover Up
(Contestant is called, but he’s in the restroom)
5/18/00 #1454K Lucky Seven/Make Your Move/Grand Game/Clock Game/Range Game/Master Key A/OC/TA-2
5/23/00 #1462K Push Over/Let Em Roll/Barker’s Markers/Cliff Hangers/Barker’s Bargain Bar/Dice Game
(Nikki gets killed by a box of Geritol and an easy Dice Game Win)
5/24/00 #1463K Lucky Seven/Clock Game/It’s in the Bag/Swap Meet/Switcheroo/Double Prices
(Switcheroo is won again on the first try)
5/26/00 #1465K Check Game/Hole in One/Freeze Frame/One Right Price/Secret X/Any Number
(3rd perfect show of the 28th season)
5/31/00 #1473K Three Strikes/Most Expensive/Bullseye/One Right Price/Punch a Bunch/Money Game 1stGen/OC/TA-2
6/1/00 #1474K One Wrong Price/Cliff Hangers/Temptation/Flip Flop/Dice Game/Grocery Game
(Absolutely hysterical Temptation contestant/One Wrong Price game play missing due to special report)
6/6/00 #1482K Make Your Move/Pathfinder/Grocery Game/Double Prices/Danger Price/Dice Game 1stGen/OC/TA-2
6/8/00 #1484K Shopping Spree/It’s in the Bag/Any Number/Range Game/Switcheroo/Most Expensive 1stGen/OC/TA-2
6/9/00 #1485K Safe Crackers/Spelling Bee/Push Over/Penny Ante (Dosen’t Work)/Clock Game/Cover Up 1stGen/OC/TA-2
6/12/00 #1491K Easy as 1-2-3/Let Em Roll/Flip Flop/One Right Price/Plinko/One Away 1stGen/OC/TA-2
6/13/00 #1492K Any Number/Cliff Hangers/Swap Meet/Grand Game/Money Game/Pick a Number
(3rd Double Showcase Winner of this season by a slim margin)
6/14/00 #1493K Lucky Seven/One Wrong Price/Bullseye/Double Prices/Punch a Bunch/Ten Chances
(Last new show before summer repeats, but not the season finale)
9/26/00 #1512K Five Price Tags/Flip Flop/One Wrong Price/Race Game/Let Em Roll/Squeeze Play
(62nd perfect show?)
9/29/00 #1515K Lucky Seven/Easy as 1-2-3/Hi-Lo/Push Over/Spelling Bee/Side by Side
(28th Season Finale)