The Price is Right – Season 29 (2000-2001)

VTR AIR Prod Notes/Description Grade/Source/Call Number
10/2/00 #1521K Triple Play/Plinko/Most Expensive/Double Prices/Dice Game/Bullseye
(29th Season Premiere; Triple Play DEBUT)
10/25/00 #1553K Shopping Spree/Money Game/2 For The Price Of 1 (car)/Pick a Pair/Clearance Sale/Five Price Tags /OC/NM-105.09
10/30/00 #1561K One Wrong Price/One Away/Shell Game/Barker’s Bargain Bar/Bullseye/Dice Game /OC/NM-132.04
12/13/00 #1623K Barker’s Bargain Bar/Line em Up/Punch a Bunch/Switch?/Card Game/Hi-Lo
(Janice Pennington’s and Kathleen Bradley’s Last Show)
1/19/01 #1665K Money Game/Push Over/Plinko/Clock Game/Card Game/Penny Ante
(Double Showcase Winner #1 for this season)
2/6/01 #1692K Five Price Tags/Flip Flop/Race Game/Now or Then/Easy as 1-2-3/Money Game
(Double Showcase Winner #2)
3/1/01 #1724K Five Price Tags/Squeeze Play/Barker’s Markers/Bullseye/Dice Game/Freeze Frame
(Squeeze Play has a new paint job, not mentioned)
4/19/01 #1774K One Right Price/That’s Too Much/Grand Game/Buy or Sell/Switcheroo/Squeeze Play
(That’s Too Much DEBUT)
5/1/01 #1792K Clearance Sale/That’s Too Much/Check-Out/Plinko/Dice Game/Double Prices
(Double Showcase Winner #3)
5/14/01 #1811K Any Number/It’s in the Bag/Double Prices/Danger Price/Money Game/Joker
(Double Showcase Winner #4)
5/23/01 #1823K Triple Play/Push Over/Shopping Spree/Grand Game/Master Key/Switch?
(1st winner in Triple Play)
5/14/01 #1824K Make Your Move/Punch a Bunch/That’s Too Much/Barker’s Bargain Bar/Money Game/Bullseye /OC/NM-130B.02