The Price is Right – Season 3 (1974-1975)

VTR AIR Prod Notes/Description Grade/Source/Call Number
8/74 9/5/74 #1054D Five Price Tags/Race Game/Double Prices
(Third playing of Race Game)
8/74 9/9/74 #1061D Shell Game/Any Number/Most Expensive /GSN/NM-51B.09
9/74 10/7/74 #1101D Lucky Seven/Give or Keep/Double Prices A-/GSN/GS-451
9/74 10/10/74 #1104D Temptation/Grocery Game/Most Expensive /GSN/GS-294
9/74 10/21/74 #1121D Any Number/Hi-Lo/Race Game
(Race Game win in 13 seconds/$88 Double Showcase Winner; $8,129 total)
10/74 10/24/74 #1124D Lucky Seven/Shell Game/Most Expensive A-/GSN/GS-451
10/74 10/25/74 #1125D Give or Keep/Any Number/Double Prices B+/GSN/GS-451
10/74 10/30/74 #1133D Clock Game/Grocery Game/Five Price Tags A-/GSN/GS-449
10/74 11/15/74 #1155D Lucky Seven/Shell Game/Race Game /GSN/GS-249
10/74 11/18/74 #1161D Grocery Game/Five Price Tags/Range Game A-/GSN/GS-449
10/74 11/22/74 #1165D Temptation/Range Game/Hi-Lo
(Contestant hits the button way too hard and nearly knocks the Range Game board over)
11/27/74 #1173D Clock Game/Five Price Tags/Range Game /GSN/GS-146
12/2/74 (?) 12/25/74 #1213D Grocery Game/Any Number/Most Expensive
(Dennis James pinch hits for Bob)
12/22/74 1/24/75 #1255D Give or Keep/Any Number/Most Expensive /SM/D181.08
11/23/74 1/27/75 #1261D Shell Game/Money Game/Double Prices
(Where are the prices in Double Prices? Well, they’re there somewhere…)
12/22/74 1/28/75 #1262D Temptation/Hi-Lo/Range Game
(Laurie goes nuts during the open, she’s been to the show 11 times)
1/75 2/7/75 #1275D Money Game/Shell Game/Race Game B-/GSN/GS-453
1/75 2/12/75 #1283D Range Game/Grocery Game/Money Game
(Bob tells a page never to stop a woman from kissing him, then forgets to ask Johnny for another contestant)
2/75 3/5/75 #1313D Five Price Tags/Double Prices/Hi Lo B+/GSN/GS-453
2/75 3/13/75 #1324D Shell Game/Double Prices/Any Number
(Contestant misses showcase by $100, doesn’t win both showcases)
3/75 3/24/75 #1341D Any Number/Give or Keep/Race Game
(The famous $30/$29 Double Showcase Win)
3/15/75 6/18/75
(delayed from 4/3/75)
#1354D Temptation/Range Game/Grocery Game /SM/D182.01
3/15/75 4/4/75 #1355D Most Expensive/Any Number/Shell Game
(Two car showcase, contestant misses it by a LOT)
3/15/75 4/7/75 #1361D Five Price Tags/Hi-Lo/Double Prices
(Bob is wearing his plaid pants again/Lots of foreign contestants/Jay Wolpert on camera)
3/75 4/10/75 #1364D Money Game/Give or Keep/Race Game
(Bob doesn’t know what a wok is)
3/75 4/15/75 #1372D Lucky Seven/Hi Lo/Range Game A/GSN/GS-445
4/75 5/13/75 #1412D Hi-Lo/Any Number/Double Prices
(Ruphina the psychic carpet woman/Do It Yourself Showcase)
4/75 5/15/75 #1414D Card Game/Grocery Game/Race Game
(Showcase tribute to May 15th/Contestant calls Bob “Bob Baker”)
5/23/75 #1425D Clock Game/Give or Keep/Any Number
(CBS repeat from 2/27/2002 sans first four calldown)
6/16/75 7/4/75 #1485D Temptation/Grocery Game/Clock Game
(Total Clock Game disaster)
6/16/75 7/7/75 #1491D Range Game/Five Price Tags/Double Prices /SM/D182.05
6/16/75 7/8/75 #1492D Shell Game/Card Game/Most Expensive
($47 Double Showcase Winner, a BIG win with $12,776 total)
6/75 7/16/75 #1503D Clock Game/Grocery Game/Card Game
($43 Double Showcase Winner, big winner with a total of $12,540)
6/23/75 7/23/75 #1513D Hi-Lo/Money Game/Range Game
(Molly is crazy!)
6/23/75 7/24/75 #1514D Card Game/Bonus Game/Most Expensive
(Price is Right soap opera… “All My Merchandise”)
6/30/75 7/25/75 #1515D Lucky Seven/Clock Game/Grocery Game /SM/D183.01
7/75 8/15/75 #1545D Temptation/Double Prices/Grocery Game
(The last brown set show) [POOR AUDIO]
8/2/75 8/19/75 #1552D Hi-Lo/Most Expensive/Golden Road (DEBUT)
(Debut of new Rainbow set [yes, this IS it]/Golden Road DEBUT/$21 Double Showcase Winner- $8,682 total)
8/2/75 8/20/75 #1553D Any Number/Range Game/Grocery Game
($8.10 on one purchase in Grocery Game, what a spender)
8/2/75 8/21/75 #1554D Give or Keep/Money Game/Clock Game
(Rewritten fairy tale showcase, the Frog Prince)
8/2/75 8/22/75 #1555D Shell Game/Ten Chances/Most Expensive
(Weird insert of chyron graphics on the closing fee plugs)
8/3/75 8/25/75 #1561D Temptation/Grocery Game/Race Game
(Race Game screwup– technical win/Showcase- Chapter 2 of Nellie Nebish’s Nemesis)
8/75 8/28/75 #1564D
Five Price Tags/Range Game/Race Game
(Three overbids on the third one-bid/$59 Double Showcase Winner; $13,810)
8/75 8/29/75 #1565D
Shell Game/Ten Chances/Most Expensive
(Last show of 3rd season)