The Price is Right – Season 30 (2001-2002)

VTR AIR Prod Notes/Description Grade/Source/Call Number
9/24/01 #1861K Triple Play/Plinko/Double Prices/Grand Game/Squeeze Play/Switch (two cars)
(30th Season Premiere)
10/1/01 #1871K Bonkers/Hole in One/One Wrong Price/Make Your Move/Bullseye/Side by Side
(Bonkers DEBUT)
10/4/01 #1884K Clock Game/Pass the Buck/Shopping Spree/Side by Side/Dice Game/Secret X
(Pass the Buck DEBUT)
2/7/02 #2054K Step Up/Plinko/Dice Game/Double Prices/Cover Up/Pick a Pair
(Step Up DEBUT)
6/14/02 #2215K Step Up/Pathfinder/Barker’s Bargain Bar/Check Game/One Away/Penny Ante
(Last playing of Penny Ante, RIP)