VTR AIR Prod Notes/Description Grade/Source/Call Number
9/19/06 #3682K One Away/Grand Game/Race Game/Squeeze Play/Money Game/2 for the Price of 1 1stGen/OC/TA-2
9/20/06 #3683K Range Game (Car)/Punch a Bunch/Ten Chances/Freeze Frame/Pass the Buck/One Right Price 1stGen/OC/TA-2
9/21/06 #3684K 1/2 Off/Any Number/Switch/Let em Roll/Bonkers/Barker’s Bargain Bar 1stGen/OC/TA-2
9/22/06 #3685K Cover Up/It’s in the Bag/Clock Game/Cliff Hangers/That’s Too Much/Coming or Going 1stGen/OC/TA-2
7/19/06 10/9/06 #3711K Swap Meet/Stack the Deck/Range Game/Pocket Change/Cliff Hangers/Side by Side
(Stack the Deck DEBUT)
1/10/07 2/16/07 #3885K Flip Flop/More or Less/1/2 Off/Check-Out/One Away/One Right Price
(More or Less DEBUT)
3/5/07 4/4/07 #3943K Lucky Seven/Punch a Bunch/2 for the Price of 1/Squeeze Play/Hole in One/Coming or Going
(Nick, Chris Ventura and I are in the audience for this exciting episode)
1stGen/OC/TA-2, D170
6/4/07 6/12/07 #4032K Push Over/Hole in One/Cliff Hangers/Bonkers/Switch?/Cover Up 1stGen/OC/TA-2
6/4/07 6/13/07 #4033K Check Game/It’s in the Bag/More or Less/Freeze Frame/One Away/Barker’s Bargain Bar 1stGen/OC/TA-2
6/5/07 6/14/07 #4034K Triple Play/Clock Game/Grand Game/Easy as 1-2-3/Money Game/Coming or Going 1stGen/OC/TA-2
6/6/07 6/15/07 #4035K Lucky $even/Plinko/Range Game/Double Prices/Grocery Game/Any Number
(Bob’s Last Show)