VTR AIR Prod Notes/Description Grade/Source/Call Number
9/11/75 #1581D Golden Road/Grocery Game/Most Expensive/Any Number/Range Game/Give or Keep
(3rd Anniversary Week/Experimental Hourlong Show/Sideways Wheel)
[Tracking Problems during 2nd half]
10/20/75 11/3/75 #1661D Golden Road/Grocery Game/Most Expensive/Any Number/Poker Game/Give or Keep
(First Permanent Hourlong Show/Captain Klutz showcase/First Golden Road win) [Slate]
11/26/75 #1693D Temptation/Grocery Game/One Right Price/Ten Chances/Give or Keep/Clock Game
(Thanksgiving showcase)
12/11/75 #1714D Give or Keep/Ten Chances/Double Prices/Temptation/Shell Game/Race Game A-/GSN/D197
12/19/75 #1725D Five Price Tags/Clock Game/One Right Price/Any Number/Race Game/Grocery Game
(Woman misses showcase by $100, ouch)
12/75 12/31/75 #1743D Lucky Seven/Double Prices/Give or Keep/Five Price Tags/Clock Game/Most Expensive
(New Year’s Eve show/Flaky Flick “Kinky Kong”/Bob attacked from rear)
12/6/75 1/6/76 #1752D Lucky Seven/Shell Game/Clock Game/Most Expensive/Card Game/Hi-Lo
(The infamous Crying Guadalupe episode)
B/GSN(WinTV)/TA-2, A-/GSN/D184.01
1/13/76 #1762D Lucky Seven/Shell Game/Clock Game/Most Expensive/Card Game/Hi Lo
(Missing most of opening)
B-/GSN WinTV/GS-455
1/15/76 #1764D Most Expensive/Ten Chances/Bonus Game/Card Game/Range Game/Hi-Lo /GSN/D198
12/22/75 1/20/76 #1772D Temptation/Clock Game/Grocery Game/Ten Chances/Give or Keep/Range Game /GSN (WinTV)/D199
1/5/76 1/28/76 #1783D Lucky Seven/Poker Game/Hi-Lo/Shell Game/Most Expensive/Card Game
(’72 intro music still in use)
1stGen/GSN (WinTV)/TA-2
2/2/76 #1791D Lucky Seven/Shell Game/Most Expensive/Any Number/Range Game/Hi Lo A-/GSN/D190.01
1/13/76 2/10/76 #1802D Lucky Seven/Clock Game/Shell Game/Temptation/Most Expensive/Grocery Game A/GSN (WinTV)/D200.01
1/20/76 2/17/76 #1812D Clock Game/Ten Chances/Poker Game/Range Game/Hi-Lo/Money Game
(Patricia Bernard is in the restroom when she is called)
A-/GSN (WinTV)/TA-2
2/17/76 3/11/76 #1844D Card Game/Hurdles/One Right Price/Any Number/Shell Game/Range Game
(2 $1,000 winners in the SCSD, sped up version of theme used as the win cue)
2/76 3/19/76 #1855D Most Expensive/3 Strikes/Grocery Game/Danger Price/Five Price Tags/Double Prices
(Summer Bartholomew in the audience)
3/11/76 3/30/76 #1872D Hi-Lo/Poker Game/Three Strikes/Card Game/Shell Game/Most Expensive /GSN (WinTV)/D200.02
3/76 4/22/76 #1904D Lucky Seven/Hurdles/Clock Game/Danger Price/Ten Chances/Bonus Game
(Danger Price on the turntable/Bob has a yellow ribbon on his foot due to a sprained ankle… to call the contestants’ attention to it!)
3/76 5/3/76 #1921D Clock Game/Three Strikes/Give or Keep/Double Prices/Five Price Tags/Poker Game
(The infamous Zarie just drives everyone insane)
5/14/76 #1935D Grocery Game/3 Strikes/Clock Game/Most Expensive/Danger Price/Five Price Tags
(“Janice Pennington, This is Your Strife” Showcase)
4/26/76 6/2/76 #1963D Golden Road/Hurdles/Double Prices/Dice Game/Bonus Game/Race Game
(Dice Game DEBUT/Hurdles malfunctions)
B/GSN (WinTV)/TA-2, /GSN/D187.01
5/76 7/2/76 #2005D Lucky Seven/Range Game/Bonus Game/Poker Game/Hurdles/Any Number
(4th Season Finale; Ceremonial 1000th episode)