VTR AIR Prod Notes/Description Grade/Source/Call Number
6/6/79 8/27/79 #3361D 5 Price Tags/Poker Game/Range Game/One Right Price/Bullseye/Dice Game [WinTV]
(Season premiere)
6/11/79 8/30/79 #3364D Give or Keep/Money Game/Race Game/Squeeze Play/Hole in One/Clock Game 1stGen/GSN (WinTV)/TA-2
9/13/79 #3381D Bullseye/3 Strikes/Clock Game/One Right Price/Bonus Game/It’s Optional
(Malfunction in It’s Optional)
9/17/79 #3391D Safe Crackers/Ten Chances/Shell Game/Squeeze Play/Hole in One/Take Two
(Missing contestant during the opening)
9/19/79 #3393D Golden Road/Give or Keep/Double Prices/Race Game/Grocery Game/Money Game
[Johnny’s “Go to Helena” retort]
8/28/79 10/23/79 #3442D Safe Crackers/Hole in One/Clock Game/Most Expensive/Secret X/Temptation 1stGen/GSN (WinTV)/TA-2
11/14/79 #3473D Grocery Game/Double Prices/Three Strikes/Range Game/Any Number/Bonus Game
(Johnny gets a pie in the face during the credits)
11/5/79 11/30/79 #3495D Safe Crackers/Danger Price/Hole in One/One Right Price/Ten Chances/Secret X 1stGen/GSN (WinTV)/TA-2
11/19/79 12/19/79 #3523D Grocery Game/It’s Optional/Most Expensive/Range Game/Give or Keep/Money Game A/GSN (WinTV)/TA-2
12/25/79 #3532D Clock Game/Switcheroo/Most Expensive/Race Game/Grocery Game/Dice Game /GSN/D187.02
2/4/80 #3533D Danger Price/Range Game/Hole in One/Double Prices/Bonus Game/Temptation A-/OC/TA-2
12/79 2/27/80 #3573D Any Number/Take Two/Hi-Lo/Squeeze Play/Cliff Hangers/Dice Game
(Bob kicks Squeeze Play/$2 Double Showcase Winner)
3/80 4/22/80 #3652D Any Number/Hurdles/Poker Game/Barker’s Bargain Bar/Cliff Hangers/Money Game
(Barker’s Bargain Bar DEBUT)
3/31/80 4/29/80 #3662D Lucky Seven/Take Two/Penny Ante/Most Expensive/Ten Chances/Trader Bob
(Trader Bob DEBUT)
1stGen/GSN (WinTV)/TA-2
5/29/80 #3704D Grocery Game/Temptation/Clock Game/Squeeze Play/Cliff Hangers/Money Game A-/GSN WinTV/GS-459
6/20/80 #3735D Hi-Lo/Lucky Seven/Poker Game/Barker’s Bargain Bar/Money Game/Cliff Hangers
(Vanna White is a contestant, but doesn’t bid very well)
6/26/80 #3744D Golden Road/Shell Game/Barker’s Bargain Bar/Danger Price/Ten Chances/Hi-Lo
(Crazy contestant keeps grabbing and bending Bob’s finger)